“Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.”
-- Warren Buffett, One Of The World’s Richest Men

Earn Back Your Time Freedom By Building A Bootstrapped Business...
And Meet Others Who Are Doing The Same.

In Just 90 Short Days… Bootstrap A Business With Your First Paying Customer… Then... Scale It To 1 Sale Per Day.

You Can Start In 2 Hours A Day, Without An Idea & Without Experience… And You Can Do It Without Risking Your Family Or Your Career...

What would you do with multiple streams of income? I asked my friends the other day...

Earn Back Your Financial Independence If you’re interested in starting something on the side, getting it to $1,000 a month, and then scaling to $10,000 and beyond… this program is for you.

Dave Followed The Foundation Framework & Created UseProof.com - Now Over $200,000 A Month.

“I still remember reading The Foundation Sales Letter at a coffee shop and then pulling out my credit card to enroll. My friend was mocking me as I bought. Fast forward 4 years and he is still in the same place, while I bootstrapped a multi-seven figure SaaS business. Thank God I trusted my intuition over my friends judgement.”

-- Dave Rogenmoser, Foundation Graduate, Creator of UseProof.com

How Much Are You Currently Selling Your Freedom For? To get started, first we have to admit... at some point we did give up our freedom to the system. For approval, for safety, for love, for whatever. We allowed the hammer of the world to nail us down flush with the rest.

“You want to start a business? That’s crazy, don’t you know 95% of them fail?”

To them you say, “No. Depending on my job as the only source of income is what’s risky. I want to diversify my income so my future is actually safe if one of them dries up.”

What if you could earn back your freedom as an adult?
At The Foundation we believe in working to earn our freedom. Not having it handed to us. Not pushing a button. But building the skills. Facing the fears. Retraining our brain.

If You Got Injured Tomorrow & Couldn’t Work, What Would You Do? If you had more than one source of income, you wouldn’t have to worry.

In order to earn back your freedom from the system, you’re going to have change & face a series of challenges most people run away from.

If you are willing to face them, you will become the kind of person who builds multiple sources of income via bootstrapping businesses.

··· It All Starts With The First Sale...

··· Here's How To Make Your Own First Sale... Sitting across from you is your potential first customer… but your hands are shaking… your voice is fragile as you make the ask for the first time… “So, do you think this would be a fit for you?” The air is thick with silence in the room…

And then after a pause, the potential customer says “yes”... and you ask for their credit card.

That’s when everything shifts for you. And you wonder how it happened...

Like anything. Learning fundamentals and practicing. You just followed our scripts and templates, you practiced over and over with our community until you had it dialed… and then one day… it happened.

And it was at this point you realized that selling is not an innate talent, it is a skill you can practice. And that’s when your life shifts…because you got…

Your First Sale!
You do this process manually with your first customers... so you can get instant feedback and solidify the sales message before you go to the work making the website or automated sales funnel. Because once you know how to sell it… the website becomes your salesman.

At The Foundation we believe in doing our first sales human-to-human, before we automate. It’s what gives us the long term edge.

Each successful Foundation graduate started where you are now...with zero products and zero customers. As full time employees, gigging musicians, photographers, chemical engineers, athletes, programmers, stay at home moms, or parents.

Through The Foundation Process they were able to contact a market, find an idea, sell that idea, build the product, and then scale their business.

But that entire process started with one potential customer, and then another, and then another.

See, you want to be weary of the entrepreneurship programs out there who try and sell you a silver bullet to bypass the work that is required to build a fundamentally solid business that produces a reliable source of income.

Businesses built the right way, with hard work, last.

Businesses built with schemes, gimmicks, and magic buttons fail.

Caution: If you’re buying into a program that leverages another platform to help you make money, you’re at the will of that platform. You must learn true independence.

Most people are intimidated by the idea of building a business. But once you learn it, you’ll see it’s a straightforward process like anything else.

All you have to is contact one person willing to talk... and we show you how to do that in the first 7-days of The Foundation.

So now you have a destination. Earning your freedom through building sources of income. But it’s still hard. That’s why we made a map for you.

Here’s The Map To A Fundamentally Solid Business & Income Streams
To transform and succeed, you’ll need a deep holistic no B.S. approach. We focus on teaching you the step-by-step tactics, the high level strategy, the deep inner game, and the core psychological beliefs to become successful.

Building your first income stream follows a series of 4 steps.

Without following these 4 steps, you’ll get stuck. So pay attention.

The First Step Is Becoming The Brain Of Wealth.
You’ll know you’re successful when... your nervous system rejects exchanging time for money.

In this step you’ll start priming your brain to think like the wealthy in concrete specific ways, not bullshit spiritual abundance ways.

In this section we’ll teach you specific business models, and show you examples until your brain can instantly recognize epic opportunity and seize it.

The Second Step Is Becoming The Miner.
You’ll know you’re successful when... you can find and sell ideas in a matter of hours, whenever you want.

In this section well teach you the strategy, the approach, and the scripts you can follow so you can go out into the world and find and sell ideas, without the fear of rejection stopping you, and without selling in a sleazy way.

The Third Step Is Becoming The Humble Product Creator.
You’ll know you’re successful when... you can build any idea into a product that delivers a result to your customers.

Here you’ll learn how to outsource and negotiate with experts to get your product made with limited financial risk to you.

The Fourth Step Is Becoming The Gardener.
You’ll know you’re successful when... you can scale a fundamentally solid business to one sale a day or more.

If you’ve followed steps one through three you will have built a fundamentally solid product that is ripe for growth.

Here you’ll learn about sales funnels and how to scale. This module on scaling really fucking rocks. In one training video, you’ll learn how to set up a sales funnel from an expert who sells 800+ products per day.

The goal of these four steps is to reliably bring a business to $1,000+ per month. These fundamentals are so completely solid… some students use these skills to scale to $100,000 per month.

All so they can earn back their freedom and escape the gravitational pull of exchanging time for money forever.

··· We Call These 4 Steps
The 4 Aspects Of Self To Build Wealth
Have you ever wondered why you haven’t become rich and wealthy yet? And why it comes so easily to others and not to you? It has nothing to do with your age, current income or position in life. It’s because your brain hasn’t been built correctly.

In The Foundation, we will help you install “The 4 Aspects of Self To Build Wealth” … and they will become a part of your new personality.

A personality that seeks and creates new streams of income as naturally as breathing.

Instead of failure stopping you… instead of the fear of rejection stopping you… you just kick ass.

Do correctly once, and have it forever.

“The 4 Aspects of Self To Build Wealth” is the only map I’ve seen that honestly demonstrates how to do this without disappointing people or putting forth false expectations.

Caution. Please remember to go slow when building these aspects of yourself… if you take the time, you can rebuild your entire sense of self permanently. To become the kind of person who builds multiple sources of income as a way of life.

··· Get A New Brain. In addition to the 4 aspects of self… you’ll be re-writing the software of your brain to a positive sense of self using proven tools.

We've taught thousands of new Entreprenurs how to transform their self image and clear their deepest belief systems. This allows you to reach your fullest potential in the face of crippling fear and self sabotage.

No other program in our space online goes in as much depth to support the mindset-aspect of Entreprenurship as much as The Foundation.

If you haven’t been told this yet, building wealth is a truly mechanical process. Yes. Simple. Mechanical. It is the emotional muck that f*cks us up. And it is truly mind blowing how fast you can move once you get rid of this emotional weight.

So how does The Foundation help you begin the seemingly daunting journey to building multiple income streams?

··· Brass Tacks - Here’s What You Get
Content, Tools, and Mentorship
An Action-Oriented Checklist: Bite sized tactics to maximize action and minimize time consuming content. We don’t waste your time with long videos. Every piece of content is optimized for speed. Follow our checklist system and depending on the situation get a PDF, an audio, or a flowchart. This gives you what you need to do when you need to do it, fast. Take the course all from your iPhone or Android on the way to work.

Inner Game Tools That Work When Your Stuck: If you’re ever stuck, use our “How To Kick Ass When Your Getting Your Ass Kicked Toolbox.”

1. The 7 Distinctions For Finding Your Way When Nothing Is Working.

2. How To Remove Crippling Emotion That Leave You Paralyzed.

3. How To Overcome Mindset Strain When You Can’t Write That Email Or Make That Call.

A Community Of Successful Hard Working Entrepreneurs Who Share The Same Values: You’ll get a cutting edge message board built for 2018 broken into sections so you can find exactly what you need and get your questions answered by world-class mentors.

If you value freedom over a paycheck, personal growth, expansion, and expressing yourself you’ll find yourself at home here.

Whether you are just starting, or are established, you’ll find yourself at home. We have a community at all stages of business growth to help encourage and support your development.

Experienced Mentors: Post a question to our experienced mentors (who are running 6 & 7 figure businesses) and get it answered when you’re stuck. If you could only pick between a book, a course, or a mentor. You’d always want to pick a mentor first. They are the most valuable resource you can have.

··· Entrepreneurship Is Often A Lonely Endeavor,
Could This Be Your Tribe?
When we struggle to lose weight we can ask our fit friend for help.

When we have trouble finding a job we can ask our employed friends for a referral.

When we have a fight with our significant other, we can confide with friends and family who have been through something similar.

These are all common struggles most people grapple with in their life and can provide a wealth of experience.

But when we struggle to start our own business, there are few people we can ask for help.

Even worse, most people around you may actively resist your desire to change. Not because they want to see you fail, but because they love you and want to protect you. To keep you safely in a job with benefits and 2 weeks of vacation a year. That’s called people advising you based on their belief systems.

Being surrounded by people who don’t share your thoughts and desires sucks.

Come and join a community of high achievers who believe the same things you do.

··· How Much Is The Foundation? ··· ··· If You Apply Yourself, In 4 Years You Could Have A Million Dollar Business We have over 13 millionaires who’ve graduated our program, and they built those businesses starting as employees in 4 years.

That’s the fast track to a million.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US Is This The Right Fit For Me?

If you’re already successful in at least one field, and you have a stable source of income, this is a perfect program to build another stream on the side.

If you do not have a stable source of income, then we recommend taking a course on consulting so you can make money fast. Then you can come back and build assets that produce income without your time.

You Have 7 Days To Find Your First Idea & Sales Letter

Can you take action while still afraid? If not, this will be a hard course for you. You’ll need to face fears everyday. But it’s more enjoyable when you’re building an epic life as a result!

As soon as you join, you will be given a series of tasks to complete over 7 days. At the end of 7 days you’ll have found your first idea and written your first sales letter. Then we recommend you keep practicing from there.

Come in and try it out.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US Our Guarantee We have created over 12 millionaires and hundreds of other success stories. I know this process works. You can rely on it. But a word of caution: This process only works when you’re ready and committed to taking action.

If you are half hearted in your effort, you will be disappointed in the results.

To get the most out of your time in The Foundation we recommend a 5 month commitment to become a master income stream builder.

But you wouldn’t have read this far if your weren’t committed :-)

Let’s do this,

-- Dane

PS - This quote rocked me...

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
-- Warren Buffett

Do you want to take Warren Buffett's advice? Whether you buy our program or go elsewhere... in order to build income streams you need to build the skills and mindset for it. We focus heavily on skill development here. With the skills built, you can do so much more. That’s why we have people that graduate and become millionaires and industry leaders in their field.

It’ll take a complete 100% commitment to developing a new sense of self. Different from the one you have now.

And if you join us, you won’t be alone.

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