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Discover How To Build A Software Company From Scratch…
Without Any Idea, Coding Skills, Or
Risking Your Money Into Development

  • ? Do you want to be able to start a business from nothing? I'm talking about having money flow into your life, almost at the snap of your fingers...
  • ? Do you want money coming into your bank account passively? Month after month...year after year...steadily rising...
  • ? Do you want to build a business that runs on its own? One that keeps growing...with or without you?

Dan Maxwell

Dear Entrepreneur,

It's Dane Maxwell here -- co-founder of The Foundation -- the home for entrepreneurs starting from nothing.

In a few moments, I want to share with you some of the most important lessons I've learned in business…

Lessons that have allowed me to become completely financially stable, before turning the age of 30.

Lessons that have freed my worries about money, and allow me now, to focus only on the more important things in life.

Lessons that have given me complete confidence in starting profitable businesses from scratch, sometimes within just a matter of weeks.

Before that, I wanna give you some background about me, in case you don't know my story.

Since 2005, I've started 6 profitable software companies,
Without writing a single line of code myself...

And to date, the most successful software -- Paperless Pipeline, is pulling in over $75,000/month in revenue.

The best part is, my role in the company only requires me to check in once every three months to look at the numbers...while the company continues to grow month after month, almost completely hands off.

In fact, since 2012, the company has grown from $40,000/month to $75,000/month with very little of my involvement -- since all my time and energy goes into The Foundation.

I've travelled the world… and come back to my bank account, seeing the numbers grow in my time away.

I've done the Four Hour Work Week thing...and sipped Mai Tais on the beach, doing nothing all day…

And I've surfed, sailed, and jet skied the freshest waves in the world.

The life sounds great, and I'm grateful for it...but I've found what really makes me happy -- what really makes me fulfilled, is helping people escape lives they hate...escape jobs they hate...and lead lives they love instead.

So that's why I co-founded The Foundation with Andy Drish...because the work we do with budding entrepreneurs actually changes lives, as I get to see it happen year after year, in real time.

I'm in a really good place now...

However, things were very different when I first got started in business.

How I started building software companies
With just $123.20 to my name.

When I first started the entrepreneur thing, I fell flat on my face many more times than I'm proud to admit.

By far, I'd say the "ugliest" part of my journey was back in 2006, when I thought I was hot stuff...buying and flipping websites off Flippa.com...making a couple grand here and there, with a tiny bit of hustle.

Then one day, after getting a bit too confident...and a bit too careless...I lost everything.

My bank account emptied out to $123.20, after buying a website for $12,000. It was supposed to earn me a few hundred dollars a day on autopilot.

The dude who sold me the website was running some fishy stuff on it, so he could put the site up on Flippa for a high price.

When I bought it from him, and plugged my Google Adsense ID to get some cash coming in from ads...

Google banned me almost instantly, and I didn't earn a single penny off that "investment"..

It was then that I realized the most important lesson I ever learned in business:

You can't shortcut your way to success…
And you can't use "get rich quick" stuff
To become financially stable.

To build a business that thrives, and grows your income steadily...you have to work hard and provide win-win situations for your customers.

I looked back and realized the stuff I was doing… was all about looking for magic bullet solutions to get rich. I wasn't really creating any value for the world.

And a result, everything I did failed.

I actually thought really hard about throwing in the towel with becoming an entrepreneur. I didn't think it was for me.

For many weeks...I felt stuck no matter what I was doing.

None of the ideas I came up with felt "good enough" to turn into a business...

Everyone I was reading about online was succeeding, except for me…

And none of the books I read really gave me any actionable stuff.

It wasn't until I stumbled across a book called "SPIN Selling", by Neil Rackham, where things really started taking a turn.

In a nutshell, the book taught me that you don't need an idea to start a business.

(Neat fact: every single business I started using my own ideas failed miserably… while the ones I didn't come up with myself, are still thriving healthily today.)

All you need is to talk to people, and find out out what problems they have… so you can figure out a solution for them, that they're happy to pay for.

From then, I took off and built six profitable software companies from scratch, in the real estate niche...without even being a realtor myself.

After building the first company, I began to systematize the process so I could replicate it, and build businesses almost completely on demand, with no hesitation or doubt.

In fact, the birth of Agent Care Center, a software I started that helps real estate brokers retain agents...took place over just a few days

From the extraction of the idea, to the development of the minimum viable product.

And because everything was working so well for me, I shared my process with a few of my friends, and they saw success with it too, not long after putting it into action.

Now you may be thinking…

"That's great...why don't you just keep building software until you never have to work again, and then retire forever?"

And my answer is...I'm at a place in my life now where I don't have to work another day.

Actually, I reached this point many years ago, and lived the life where you only work 4 hours a week, and travel the rest…

And it wasn't for me.

It was depressing, and I had to do something about it.

I did a lot of internal work on my own, and also with a handful of amazing coaches…

And I realized that what matters most to me, is community and contribution.

It's what makes really me happy, deep in my heart, and allows me to sleep soundly at night.

That's why I teamed up with my good friend, Andy Drish, who also built successful businesses starting from nothing.

We decided to go on a mission, to share the exact process of starting a business from nothing with the entire world.

Our work is embodied in The Foundation.

It was simple really. I joined the Foundation because I wanted the "fast-track" route to building a SaaS solution. Job done. Delivered. In spades.

If you value your time, get this. It's simple.

Of course, you can take the "DIY" route and bootstrap your education.

In that case, get 'Running Lean'. Get 'The Lean Startup'. Get 'The Startup Owner's Manual'. Get 'The Lean Entrepreneur'. Get 'Lean Analytics'. Get 'Lean UX'. And get 'Business Model Generation'.

It'll cost you $100 or so. But get ready for months and months and months of frustrating mind numbing crazy-ness of trying to "join the dots".

... and that's just the "lean" methodologies. That doesn't account for how to actually find a developer for your badass SaaS solution. How to rig the "deal" in your favor. And most importantly ... how to setup your marketing machine and how to reach the best customers.

If you're smart, and you want the A-Z blueprint with a kick-ass community to boot, this will be a no-brainer for you. Stop pissing about and pull the trigger. Invest in the Foundation.

Andre Chaperon
From: Spain

"The Foundation made it possible for me to find and create solutions for some of the country's most loved brands and corporations. I get to wake up everyday and help multi-multi-multi-million dollar companies from home."

Amy Kauffman
From: USA

"Before starting the Foundation, I had 3 business ideas that went wrong. I lost effort, I lost time and I lost money. It blew my mind to discover that people actually found a way to build a solid SaaS even if you are not a tech geek and don't have tons of cash to invest. It was not effortless, but it's extremely rewarding."

Adrian Moga
From: Romania

What Is The Foundation?

The Foundation is the six month online program for entrepreneurs who want to start and scale a software business, completely from scratch, as quickly as possible.

You'll learn how to rapidly extract profitable business ideas, get paying customers without a product, hire developers to build it for you…

And ultimately, predict the success of your next product, before you ever risk time or money building it.

Most importantly, you'll have a network of talented entrepreneurs to help you when you're stuck, share results with, and propel you forward into action.

Keep reading below, and see how The Foundation will help you build a business...

Phase One -
How To Start Profitable Companies From Scratch, Over and Over…
Using The Mindset Of Entrepreneurship

What We Believe

  • We believe profitable ideas come from Finding The Pain in markets.
  • We believe there is an unmet need in every market, you just have to dig deep enough to find the pain.
  • We believe not in being "the expert," but in being an expert at finding the pain, defining the pain clearly, and then putting experts in place to solve that pain.
  • We believe money is abundant to those who Find The Pain and cure it.

When I got started in entrepreneurship I knew nothing.

It was hard.

I almost gave up. I almost started looking for a job. But I didn't. And with $123 to my name, I stuck in there. It took 12 long months of misery in my parents basement trying to figure things out.

I didn't have any of the tactics or strategies we now teach. I was alone.

If you're just getting started and it feels overwhelming, difficult, or almost impossible.

I know. I was there.


These are all of the things I wish I would have known when I was starting out.

If you're looking to start your own venture and you want to do it with confidence…

Where do you start?
How do you know what to really focus on?
How can you face the failures along the way?

It's all in your mindset.

Burn all of my businesses down to the ground...

Take everything away from me...

Make me start from nothing...

And I'll rebuild it all. Bigger, badder, and faster than before.

Why? How can I make this claim?

Because of the mindset.

As the founder of six profitable software companies in the past decade...I can tell you that this is what will make or break you, as an entrepreneur.

This section is a game changer for your mind. The coup de grace.

Would you like to make the move from employee to entrepreneur?

Would you like to know how to predict success before you risk anything?

Would you like to know the way to start a business when you have nothing?

If you answered "yes", this training for mindset is perfect for you.

In this phase, you'll find out:

  • How to combat procrastination that comes up as an entrepreneur, so you can grow your business quicker. This is taught by Andy, along with Peter Shallard, who Forbes dubs the "Shrink For Entrepreneurs". He has a better understanding of entrepreneur psychology better than anyone we know.
  • How to discover your WHY. There's an old saying that goes "when you have a strong enough why, the how figures itself out". You'll be able to discover your WHY, and feel a unique sense of "business invincibility". This comes from having supreme clarity with your WHY.
  • How to use uncomfortable emotions as a "compass for entrepreneurship". The journey of entrepreneurship involves a rollercoaster of emotions. Fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, and many more. It's normal. You'll learn how they can be used to give you direction in building your business, instead of allowing them to be hurdles, like for most entrepreneurs.
  • And much, much more (there's over 325 minutes of footage here alone, that's been tweaked and refined over the past 3 years)...

You'll learn how to rewire and retrain your mind around starting a business so you can learn to fail and persevere.

In my mentorship of over 1000 entrepreneurs, I've noticed the single biggest distinction between success and failure rests in the mindset.

"I used to feel like being an entrepreneur was just a dream, but through The Foundation I have learned that it can be my reality. The Foundation helped me see that I was born to be an entrepreneur. I am now working on my first business, and also building an entrepreneurial organization in my local community. I couldn't have done this without the support and knowledge that I gained through The Foundation!"

Don Traxler
From: USA

Discover How To Make Money With Words:
The Copywriting Module

You're going to be learning early on about copywriting, because it's the highest leverage skill to hone as a business owner in this generation.

To illustrate the power of copywriting -- Jay Abraham, the marketing maven who works with multi-million dollar companies in the world...once made $10,000 per month, for 12 months, by changing one word in a sales pages for a consulting client.

And they were more than happy to pay him that, because they made multiples more than what they paid him.

With 5 full length HD videos, you'll become a persuasion artist in print without being sleazy or pushy - no matter what your current experience level is…

And the experience you gain from learning copywriting will give your communication skills a quantum leap…

Making it easy and effortless to build relationships, and negotiate with business owners...who will ultimately become your clients.

During this phase, you'll be partnering up with members inside the Foundation to co-learn copywriting together.

No one is left behind.

Phase Two -
How To Find & Select Profitable Ideas…
Even When You Have Nothing,
Using Idea Extraction

What We Believe

  • We believe profitable ideas come from Finding The Pain in markets.
  • We believe there is an unmet need in every market, you just have to dig deep enough to find the pain.
  • We believe not in being "the expert," but in being an expert at finding the pain, defining the pain clearly, and then puttingexperts in place to solve that pain.
  • We believe money is abundant to those who Find The Pain and cure it.

If you've ever wanted to create a product, but you didn't have any idea on what to build… idea extraction will change all of that.

Inside the Foundation, you're not alone. You will follow a framework tested and used by over 1000 entrepreneurs. You get to stand on the shoulders of 1000 others before you.

You only get the stuff that works.

Idea extraction is a focus on Finding The Pain in people's lives.

Through that pain, we develop solutions and charge money for them.

During Idea Extraction, You'll Get...

  • 3 real world idea extraction exercises to practice on your own plus 3 idea extraction role play sessions with other members before you dive into in the real world.
  • A 44 page PDF report detailing the 12 phases of idea extraction. Condensed with no fluff. This includes all of the "how to" stuff you need to rock. Scripts, emails to blast, subject lines to use, and a series of carefully scripted questions over 400 past members have tested to extract profitable ideas.
  • Three idea extraction MP3's with Dane. A pool cleaner, a podcaster, and Andrew Warner of Mixergy. You'll get to hear all 3 idea extraction sessions in action. You get to see idea extraction and price anchoring in action. Study these to re-create your own success.
  • The 4 or 5 layer deep framework. The most painful and profitable ideas are hidden 4 layers deeper than the first response you hear. How do you get 4 layers deep? Not by asking questions.
  • Outsourcing the pain:
    How to outsource setting up idea extraction phone calls so all you do is spend time on the phone extracting ideas.

After successfully extracting your ideas and selecting the most profitable one, you are ready for phase three, Building The Prototype.

"After learning idea extraction and finding a painful product idea people wanted, I was able to pre-sell 10 customers in under 24 hours. The first 4 sales I got while I was sleeping."

Phil MacNevin
From: Canada

Phase Three -
Sketching The Solution In 7 Days Or Less…
So Your Customers Will Trust You…
And Pay You Upfront

What We Believe

  • We believe in getting paid before we build a product. We believe in minimizing risk by having customers fund as much of our development budget as possible.
  • We believe in being passionate about solving painful problems, instead of picking an idea we are passionate about.
  • We believe in picking ideas that have the most pain, the least development budget, are quickest to market, and have the highest revenue potential. A masterful skill to pull off.

If you're like me… you've probably stressed about building a product no one wants to purchase.

That's why we build prototypes in less than a week to test an idea, before we spend months building it.

This is many of the members favorite phase.

Under phase three, you'll be trained by world renowned user interface designer Amir Khella, and successful Foundation student Carl Mattiola.

Amir helped to design the user interface for Google Docs and many other popular interfaces.

Carl designed TeslaMotors.com.

Between these two, you will become a UI pro.

The simplest user interfaces rule the world.

It's why the iPhone took over, why Google still dominates the search engine space, and why Dropbox owns filesharing.

Simple, clean UI's.

In my opinion, this is the most one of the critical skills for the 21st century.

You'll not only learn it - but become a master.

And the most exciting part is that if you can use PowerPoint or Keynote, you can learn to create a user interface.

This section is broken into seven modules with sixteen sub categories.

While these 7 modules may seem overwhelming, it takes one hour to teach all 7.

That's it. Just one hour.

While most companies take months to design a UI, Amir Khella can do it in a single weekend.

Yes. Amir can do this entire phase in a couple days. But for the first timer, 7 days is possible.

In this phase, you'll get:

  • How to design a complete user interface in 7 days from start to finish.
  • The 7 modules for designing a user interface starting from the user story to a beautiful end product. By following these 7 modules, all of the uncertainty and fear when designing a UI is silent. It becomes straight forward and fun. We use the same 7 modules to design our latest software products inside the Foundation for ourselves.
  • The co-creation process. How to involve your customers so they tell you exactly what they want. Eliminating the guesswork for you.
  • In addition, you'll get 4 examples from successful students. You'll journey with Carl to see how he designed the user interface for ClinicMetrics.com from scratch. You'll see how he went from an empty canvas to a fully loaded UI.
  • Then you'll see 3 different UI breakdowns by Carl. You'll see how he rips apart three separate user interfaces to see how he thinks, so you can re-create success with your own.
  • By getting the theory, the practice, and loads of examples, you'll be creating your first user interface in a few days. It's a lot of fun :-)

You'll be under the care of great hands in this phase.

"Before the Foundation, I had no idea what to build, let alone how to create a UI. But with the mindset and material, I was able to build the UI in 5 days and pre-sold $3650, all without writing a single line of code."

David Cristello
From: USA

Phase Four -
How To Get Your Customers To
Fund The Development Of Your Software...
Using Pre-Selling

What we believe

  • We believe that objections are buying indicators, and once addressed, create sales.
  • We believe in creating products that add value to the world.
  • We believe that rock solid marketing is 95% research.
  • We believe if we develop our mindset of marketing, we will never be dependent on anyone else for our income.
  • We believe that "direct response" marketing is the language of millionaires.
  • We believe in using direct response marketing to sell software.
  • We believe in using "event based" marketing to crush procrastination and force action when we are uncomfortable.
  • We believe we are doing a disservice to the world if we don't do everything in our power to educate, inform, and convert customers to our offerings.

If you want to build products that sell... this phase will show you the way.

If you are nervous about how to ask for money or sell something, that's ok.

We were too when we started out.

It goes away with practice :-)

Gone are the days of building a product nobody wants. We don't do that ‘round here.

If you are caught building the product before getting pre-sales, you will be kicked out of the Foundation.

We don't allow self-sabotage here.

If you've got an idea. It's simple.

Don't build it until someone has purchased it in advance.

While pre-selling software is a relatively new concept, the concept of pre-selling itself is very old.

And the world is catching on.

Pre-selling has become "a thing" now.

Kickstarter.com pre-sold over 100 million dollars of products last year. The world is ready for pre-selling more than ever.

And in this phase, you'll pre-sell software before it exists.

This is the phase most students struggle with, which is why we've invested heavily in extra resources to help you this year.

We have 4 entrepreneurs teaching pre-selling: Andy Drish, Carl Mattiola, Josh Isaak, & Geordie Wardman.

Andy will be teaching you the mindset for pre-selling a ski mountain (Yes. A $40 Million ski mountain was pre-sold and he will share the story for how).

Carl will showing you how to make an info-pack, that gives your clients something tangible to trust you with.

Josh & Geordie will be showing you how to sell it.

Why 4 teachers?

I want you learning from many different minds in this phase.

Pre-selling is broken into two core modules. By the end of phase four, we plan for you to have successfully pre-sold your first product in advance.

Module One -
Creating The Info Pack (Or Marketing Website)

Now that you've gotten your prototype built, it's time to sell it by wrapping some copy around it.

Carl is the official stud of info-pack creation.

Creating the info-pack (or website) is part art, part science.

To build an info pack you'll be trained on how to get inside the minds of your customers and use words to influence them perfectly. This is all done with class and integrity.

Bottom line: You'll know how to build an info-pack that creates buyers.

After Carl's info-pack training, you'll know the answers to questions like...

  • How do you know what to say to sell customers?
  • Where do you put those words for maximum impact?
  • How do you put the pricing together for maximum profit?

Once you complete creating the info-pack, it's time to get some pre-sales.

"By following the steps in the pre-sales guide I was able to collect money from 13 customers in 3 weeks."

Ian Serlin
From: USA

Module Two - Pre-Selling Your Product

This is the beast for many. Asking for money is a difficult skill to pull off.

How do you do it without being pushy or sleazy?

What if you've never asked for money before in your life?

How do you ask for money when a product doesn't even exist?!

By the end of this phase you will be able to ask for money and get it.

A bold promise.

But stick with me, and you'll transform your beliefs about money forever.

Pre-Selling Your Product is broken down into 6 steps.

First, you'll train in the proper mindset for addressing fears, talking about money, and asking for it. It's a rich section.

Second, you'll practice validating an idea before asking for money. Getting validation before you present your offer is perfect so you don't have to get rejected.

Third, you'll practice handling objections. Objections are actually buying indicators.

Objections handled are sales made.

We'll show you how to do this from a loving space, not with slick sales tactics.

The first three steps are going to be deep mindset shifts for you with plenty of role playing and practice.

After you've role played, practiced, and reversed your limiting beliefs around asking for money, it's time to get into the real world and do the final three steps.

Fourth, you'll learn how to make contact and setup the appointment for your pre-sales call. Specifically... who to contact, and the best messaging to get a response.

Fifth, how to run a call. The 8 steps you'll move each pre-sales call through. This is done step-by-step so you don't have to stress about screwing up. You'll know what to do at each step along the way.

Sixth, staying in touch. By doing this correctly and using our proven email scripts and follow up templates, you'll turn one sale into three or more while building trust.

Nice work :-)

Now that you've extracted an idea, selected the most profitable one, built the prototype, and pre-sold it.

With the money from pre-sales, it's time to invest in building it.

"Feels good to get a pre-sales check before I ever build a product!"

Amy Kauffman
From: USA

Phase Five -
How To Have Your Software Built With Your Pre-Sales

What We Believe

  • We believe hiring an "A Player Developer" is the second most critical piece to a successful software company. Screw this up and you're in deep trouble.
  • We believe in releasing the product as early as possible and with as few features as possible, while still being useful.
  • We believe in cutting features away for the first version until it's scary.
  • We believe the first version should be released in 12 to 16 weeks (max) of development time.
  • We believe in spending little or nothing for development.

If building software and hiring developers intimidates or scares you, phase five will calm that.

In the first foundation, one successful member could barely use Facebook. By the end of the program he had created his first software product.


If you can use Facebook. You can build your own software product.

How do you build remarkable products customers love to buy? How do you beat out the competition?

Answer: By defining the pain better than your customer or competition can.

Once you have defined the pain in clear detail, the solution almost presents itself.

Once you have extracted an idea, built the user interface, built the info-pack, and pre-sold your product.

It's time to build it :-)

Building the product can eat up money if you don't hire the developer correctly, manage them properly, and cut out features like a boss.

The average software project goes 300% over time and over budget.

This means if you get a quote from a developer for 12 weeks and $10,000, expect to spend 36 weeks and $30,000 in the end.

Scary, yeah?

Not if you follow a process.

This year we are bringing in one of the biggest bad boys I've ever met in software development.

And while he prefers to remain anonymous here, he has spent millions on software development, lost over $200,000, and been screwed a number of times. He knows how to save you ten's of thousands in mistakes when you begin building.

  1. The first critical piece to building your product is cutting the feature list down.
  2. The second is hiring a skilled developer.
  3. The third is managing them to increase their productivity.

The most challenging task is hiring a developer. Really good developers are tricky to find if you don't know where to look. But we can show you how it's all done.

During Phase Five, You'll Get…

  • Programming language tests for you to give a developer to see if they are actually good. Most developers sound amazing on paper until you give them a test and see how they perform. We find that 2 out of 10 developers end up passing the test. That's an 80% chance you hire a bad developer if you don't give them the test.
  • Templates for how to post a job description to hire the best developers. Almost everyone screws this up on their own. Writing sales copy to sell a developer is the same as writing copy to sell a customer. "A Player Developers" aren't motivated by poorly written job descriptions. There's more to it than you think. They want unique work that matters, and you have to communicate that.
  • Negotiation strategies to get developers and designers working happily for affordable rates. Many previous students didn't risk a single dollar for development because they negotiated correctly.
  • Three full examples of students who built their software products. How they cut their feature list, hired their developer, and got the product built on time and on budget.
  • My 16 point checklist to hire A-Player Developers. You can use this to cross-reference developers before hiring them. It puts you in a position of power and inspires developers at the same time.
  • There's a lot to do in this phase, which is why we hired the best expert I could find to teach it.

You'll get our full step-by-step process to guide you through the journey.

You'll be in good hands here, even if you've never developed software before.

Now it's time for the final phase.

"I never thought of myself as the software building type. I am a photographer! However this was truly the next step for me since I wanted more freedom in my life. And with the help of this training even I could do it. I found a developer that I totally love, presold my product before it was built, and had the first version up and running in 8 weeks!"

Esther de Boer
From: Netherlands

Phase Six -
How To Scale Your Business To Six (Or Even Seven) Figures

What we believe

  • We believe that making money is the ultimate form of voting. We believe that people vote for things not with their words, not with their opinions, but with their cash.
  • We believe that people pay for what they value. We believe that if do not make money, it is our fault, and not our customers being stupid.
  • We believe that the secret to making money is to ask for it. That's why we make offers.
  • We believe that making money is glorious, fun, and exciting.
  • We believe that the skill of asking for money... of making money... is one of the greatest and most challenging skills on the planet. We welcome that challenge.
  • We believe that excess wealth is a sacred trust to be managed for the betterment of mankind.
  • We believe that not every potential customer is a good fit for our product, and turn away the people who would be better served elsewhere.

You can be as successful as you want to be in your business. You can make as much or as little as you like.

If you want, you can blow it up like Troy Lavinia, or keep it smaller if you wish.

In this phase, you'll launch your product, collect testimonials, and finally, begin scaling to the masses.

During this phase I've asked my friend Nathan Latka to come teach scaling. He is the founder of Heyo.com.

Nathan left college and then hired his college professor to come work for him (Nice dude!)

He's proficient at scaling companies, raising money, and maximizing the lifetime value of a customer.

Now... we don't believe in raising money to get started, but raising money after you've become profitable feels better. Nathan can educate you on this perspective.

You can build a business to six figures based on feel, but scaling into the millions is a matter of metrics.

It's all metrics.

During Phase Six, You'll Get…

  • The mindset of scaling report. 22 condensed pages of the best strategies I've used to scale my companies using nothing but metrics.
  • The marketing channels report. How to find new & profitable marketing channels to increase customer growth.
  • The three phases of collecting superb testimonials for increased sales. Including how to extract, collect, and rewrite testimonials. Most people collect testimonials like chumps. I'll show you the ninja approach on how to get testimonials with epic price anchors and other goodies.
  • Launch day: How to do a webinar and go for the close. A 3 step process to pull off a webinar even if it's your first time.
  • How to fully leverage your best "champion users" to speed up the growth of your company. I've used champion users to spread the message for every single business I've ever been in. I don't do the marketing, I let my champion users do it for me.
  • 3 case studies on how students went from $1,000 to $10,000 a month - including every step in between.

Phase Six will be a lifelong journey for you, and you'll get the tools you need to get started.

Two things I see entrepreneurs screw up more than any other area are 1) under pricing their product, and 2) making sloppy offers.

The tactics you learn about pricing, offers, and scaling will pay for your entire Foundation tuition.

You will have both of these areas completely handled when you finish with phase six.

"I was in the very first Foundation program 2 years ago. My product now does over $300,000 a month in revenue."

Troy Lavinia
From: USA

In Addition To The Six Phases,
You're Also Going To Be Enrolled Into
The Foundation Masterminds

A magnificent quote the most successful entrepreneurs share and live by, goes something like this:

"You are the average of the five people you're around the most" - Jim Rohn

And as someone who's built six software companies from scratch over the past decade, I have to say…

Having the right people around you is the closest thing to a "magic bullet" you can have, for achieving whatever you want in business.

You see, most of us have an innate desire to fit in...it's a mechanism I think we're born with (it probably helped us survive in the tribal days).

And this desire can either be used to make things really easy for you, or make things extremely difficult.

Your success has everything to do with
Who you surround yourself with.

If you hang around with people who bitch and moan about their jobs all day...

And drink their sorrows away...

And would rather go through life complaining about how hard things are all the time..

You'd likely become that type of person too.

Energy, attitude, and passion are osmotic. They flow steadily from person to person, like how a grumpy person can bring down the energy of an upbeat room.

However -- imagine if five of your best friends are CEOs of seven figure companies...who love the work they do...and know how to maneuver themselves through the challenges of business…

You'd likely become that type of person too.

That's why you're going to be included into mastermind with 11 other entrepreneurs straight at the beginning of the program. They will have passed our application process, and be driven to build a SaaS business in the next six months, just like you.

You're going to be immersed into a strong group of peers...all starting a business from scratch.

Think of it as "networking on steroids" -- where else in the world can you quickly meet 11 other driven entrepreneurs, dedicating their lives to building a successful software company in the next six months?

And because we review applications before allowing people to join The Foundation -- you're literally getting the best of the best around you.

Also, you're going to be connected with a Foundation Mastermind Leader: a Foundation alumni who has been through the program within the past three years.

Your Mastermind Leader will be there for you and your team, as you go on the journey of getting your software company up and running.

He or she will be available to you directly through Slack -- a web and mobile app designed specifically for seamless group communication, that integrates with Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and a whole lot more… (we actually use it ourselves at The Foundation)

You'll also be having regularly scheduled group calls with "hot seat sessions", where your business will be the center of attention -- to get feedback from other students, and your mastermind leader.

With all the support and expertise you'll be given...your business will have a "jet pack" on that will take it off the ground in no time (as long as you put in 110% effort).

Here's what some of our entrepreneurs have to say about some of the mastermind leaders:

Josh really spent the time to get to know me and identify my strengths and weaknesses. He guided me through the dip many times, and was brutally honest with me. He listened and told me the things I needed to hear (no bullshit). He is caring and did a great job at helping me identify my next action steps.

Quan Tran
From: USA

Dave has been spectacular. I've met a lot of people who claim to be professional or life coaches. Dave has exceeded every expectation I had for the mastermind leaders. He was supportive when he needed to be, and motivating when it was appropriate. Every call left me inspired and motivated to take the actions that I previously had difficulty identifying.

Andreas Unterschuetz
From: USA

Because she had gone through the same stages just a year ago, she was able to encourage us through similar sticking points. Whilst I may have done a lot of the talking (facilitated by her questions), it's her ability to ask the thought provoking questions, listen, and guide our thought process to the next step that is key.

Tsen Wharton
From: United Kingdom

What Can You Expect At The End?

You'll have a number of new things in your life.

  1. You may build a business from scratch like Carl Mattiola, John Logar, and Cathryn Lavery.
  2. You could have a software company ready to scale to the six or even seven figure mark.
  3. Possibly a positive financial return on your investment in the course. This depends heavily on how much effort you put in.
  4. A sick network - dozens of new entrepreneurial friends you'll be in touch with regularly.
  5. Tangible skills like negotiating, copywriting, product creation skills, and of course... nunchuck skills.
  6. Freedom from limiting beliefs and internal destructive chatter, so you can build a profitable business.
  7. Increased confidence around others.
  8. A transformed life :-)

A number of successful students have created the means of themselves to quit their jobs, after going through The Foundation. However, we're not encouraging that you quit your job immediately, if it posses a risk to your financial well-being.

That being said, our alumni have been able to complete the program, even while working "regular jobs".

Our hope for you is that quitting your job becomes a no-brainer after completing The Foundation, since your business will be making you more money than your full or part-time income.

What Does The Foundation Cost?

Let's talk about the investment for tuition in this program…

If you want to build a software product right now, you have five options:

  1. Learn how to code yourself. Take a few classes, or get a degree in computer science. This will take a few years, and thousands of dollars to do. It can work if you love to code. The problem is, you'll still be missing the three most important skills. Idea Extraction, Marketing, and Sales. We don't code, we hire it out.
  2. Apply and get accepted into a tech incubator. Be forced to raise money and give up at least 10% or more of your company, work 12 hours a day and live on ramen noodles. If the thrill of being in a tech incubator sounds exciting, you can always go this route.
  3. Go to a conference on software or tech. Learn a few actionable techniques, meet some awesome people and implement what you learn when you get back. It'll probably cost $2,000 to $3,000 for the week or weekend. The key here is to keep your momentum up when you get home.
  4. Join a mastermind. If you can find a good one, you'll have to apply and be accepted. This is your best shot, but it's challenging. It'll cost you $10,000 to $20,000 a year to be apart of the group.
  5. Do it on your own. This is possible. I did it. It took seven years and $200,000 of development dollars to figure out. You could be luckier than me though. The chaos, uncertainty, and loads of mistakes you'll make are actually fun for some to go down this path.

None of these options are ideal. And that is why we created The Foundation.

With the Foundation, you finally have a new option that makes sense. Someone to personally guide you down a predictable, proven path to building a software company.

Mentors to work with who've done it, coaches to help you get unstuck, a community who will hold you accountable, and a framework that will pull you towards results.

With that said, here is everything you'll have inside The Foundation.

Enrolling Into The Foundation…
An Investment In Your Future:

6 Payments Of $995 A Month ($6000 Total) Or One Payment Of $4,995 (Save $1000)

Content - PDF's, Videos, Audio's, Examples, Etc...

Six phases including Mindset, Idea Extraction, Sketching The Solution, Pre-selling, Building The Product, and Scaling. Plus a bonus module on Copywriting.

The content inside has come from years of experience in direct response marketing, mindset, and software. This is the most comprehensive course we've ever seen to build a company starting from nothing. And it's all about building software, too.

This is six massive courses wrapped up into an intense six month experience.

Community - Private Online Discussion

Ask any previous member of the Foundation what was the most valuable part of the Foundation… a common response is typically "The Community!"

Building a business is lonely. It's hard to make it through the ups and downs… especially if you're a lone wolf, building a business on your own. Without friends or family who understand what you're doing and why you're so passionate about creating a different life.

It's hard. We've been there.

Having a community of people going through the same experience is what will keep you on track and moving forward. Not to mention, you get to share in all of the best tips and tricks of what people are implementing. You end up making friends for life who have your back… AND you get to learn and grow together through the entire process.

How do we do it?

Accelerated Learning Platform

We've invested hundreds of hours and over $100,000 designing a software program… taking the psychology of learning into the teaching process… this way you won't get overwhelmed.

You simply know what action you need to take next, how to do it, and how to get help if you're stuck.

We believe in taking responsibility for our students results. And this software is paving the way for online educators to begin taking responsibility for helping students when they're stuck.

With this platform, you'll never feel overwhelmed. You'll know exactly what action to take next and how to get your questions answered. You'll have instant access to community support at anytime.

Having a bad day? Reach out.
Stuck with idea extraction calls? Phone a friend.
Hitting a low point (like we all do?) Talk with someone who's been there.

This is where the friendships and bonds are created for life. And when you meet everyone in person at the year end celebration, it'll feel like you've been friends for years.

Mastermind With Mastermind Leader

You'll be automatically enrolled into a mastermind with 11 other entrepreneurs.

Right away, you'll have a very close network of support to bounce ideas off of, and seek advice from too.

Your Mastermind Leader, a trained Foundation Alumni, will be there to show you the ropes... since he or she was just in your shoes in the past 36 months.

They know what it's like to start out.

Let's Talk About Price

You might be thinking "$6,000? Isn't that expensive?"


You wanna know what's expensive?

Wasting tens of thousands of dollars on development cost, building ideas that people don't end up paying for, trying to convince customers to buy a product when they don't really want it, trying to sit around and come up with your own ideas, being surrounded by mediocre people getting mediocre advice leading to mediocre results.

Now THAT is expensive.

And do you know what's even more expensive? TIME. You never get that back. You could spend the next 10 years of your life, procrastinating, starting businesses that never get one paying customer, and chewing the fat because no one is holding you accountable.

Here, you will honestly make more progress in 6 months than you will in 6 years. How old will you be in 6 years time? Is that sort of acceleration worth $5,000 or $6,000 dollars?

You saw your five options to build a software company. None are ideal. What I'm proposing to you is a way out.

A chance to be surrounded by a community who supports you through your ups and downs…

A change to be mentored by people who've actually done it…

A chance to build something meaningful for the world and be compensated handsomely for it…

We are dedicating every day for the next six months to helping our Foundation community succeed.

If I had this option seven years ago when I started, it would have saved me over $200,000 in wasted development costs and likely would have doubled my revenue in the meantime.

If at this point the price is still out of reach for you, then this program is not a good fit. We don't want you stressing about money during the course if its too tight for you. We've designed the price to weed out the folks who are not interested.

I thought I was an entrepreneur. I owned a brick and mortar orthotic clinic and retail store. Two locations and 15 staff. I had a business partner, an accountant, and an IT guy.

Sounds entrepreneurial doesn't it?

On paper I was an entrepreneur, but inside I wasn't.

I never fully stepped into the role. I let my business partner, who was the majority share holder, direct things. I was the doer and he was the visionary. My voice was on mute, I didn't believe I counted and I followed his lead on everything.

After eleven years, I began to slowly crack.

I felt like a caged animal. And it took two more years of being completely unhappy, unchallenged and unfulfilled for me to make a change.

I also spent those two years being anemic, exhausted and experienced multiple bouts of pneumonia.

My body was screaming at me to sell my shares and move on but my mind couldn't fathom leaving. Everyone relied on me. I was needed, wasn't I?

I hesitated around the time commitment of The Foundation, but by the time I received the 'You're in' email from Dane, I had sold my shares, started a 10hour/week clinic for some income, enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition course and had started a blog and podcast.

The Foundation, initially, was a little side project.

A 'let's see where this goes' project.

But as I found a market and a pain and then started sketching the solution, it took over as my full time gig.

By following the content and letting the real me come out, I now have a product in development and $6000 in pre-sales and customers in three different countries.

I know there is a community that's got my back.

I believe in myself and am not afraid to dare and fail; I'll just dare again.

Sandra Connery
From: USA

Join The Foundation

$ 4995

One Time Payment
Enrollment opens Monday
November 10th, 2014, at 2pm Eastern

  • Access To All Of The Foundation Content
  • The Foundation Community Of 300 Entrepreneurs
  • Accelerated Learning Platform
  • 2 Community-wide Calls Per Month
  • Mastermind With 11 Driven Entrepreneurs And Alumni Coach
  • 4 Mastermind Meetings With Alumni Coach Per Month

$ 995 /mo.

Only 6 Monthly Payments
Enrollment opens Monday
November 10th, 2014, at 2pm Eastern

  • Access To All Of The Foundation Content
  • The Foundation Community Of 300 Entrepreneurs
  • Accelerated Learning Platform
  • 2 Community-wide Calls Per Month
  • Mastermind With 11 Driven Entrepreneurs And Alumni Coach
  • 4 Mastermind Meetings With Alumni Coach Per Month

No Guarantees Or Refunds…
Will Increase Your Chance Of Success.

In the past, we had a refund policy because we followed the "normal" thing to do...and "took away the risk".

However, there's 3 reasons why we've taken away our money-back guarantee, and it all ties back to helping you build a business in the six months.

1) Having a large sum of money on the line tricks your brain into succeeding.

When you have skin in the game, you take things more seriously.

With a four figure investment on the table...you're a lot less likely to procrastinate, and eventually let your desire to build a business fade away.

Instead, there will be a constant nagging feeling in the back of your mind...telling you to make the most out of your investment...because we're wired to get value out of whatever we spend.

2) We filter away the wantrepreneurs from the entrepreneurs...so your new network is of the highest caliber.

With the enrollment fee and no refunds, we screen out a lot of people who aren't taking business seriously.

You know the type: they like to read and quote business books, listen to entrepreneurship podcasts, and talk about business passionately...but when you ask them about their business -- they're usually still "getting ready".

Every single person who joins the next class at The Foundation will have invested four figures into their future...with no thoughts of looking back.

And this is exactly who you'll be surrounded with: serious and driven entrepreneurs, dedicated to building a business in the next six months,

3) With no turning back, you've "hacked" yourself into only moving forward.

With no safety net of getting your investment back, your only choice is to actually build a business, to make your enrollment worthwhile.

Do you know how birds learn to fly?

They learn on the way down, after the mother bird pushes them out of the nest…

And once they learn to fly...they know how to fly for life…and they're free forever.

The exact same thing applies to business, and building a software company.

With no chance of turning back...you've taken away your ability to give up.

Your only choice will be to build a business...and once you do it once...you'll know how to do it for life.

And if it happens...you'll be free as well, just like the birds...from financial worry.

"In 6 months I had a positive return on my investment. But that's not what really impacted me. What can I say about my time at the Foundation? Simply, life changing. The skills I learned in 6 months were more valuable than my entire 6 years at university and graduate school. Real skills like how to write killer copy, how to sell, how to find and communicate with a development team and how to smash fear and uncertainty into the ground. The investment in myself with the Foundation was one of the best business decisions I've made in the last 6 years, second only to my decision of leaving the chains of my cubicle."

Geordie Wardman
From: Mexico

"By applying The Foundation's limiting belief content, I went from being scared to even pick up the phone to call a business… to pre-selling 5 customers over two weeks at $349 a month with no info pack and no sales page. Success. It's all in the mind."

Shayne Mott
From: Canada

Do you know how much your mind, heart, and emotions will change when you are the kind of person who can build profitable businesses? Your entire reality will shift.

The real joy of life is in the grueling transformation that has to happen for you to become a successful entrepreneur.

It won't be easy. It won't be pleasant. But it will be a blast.

These six phases are eloquently sequenced to maximize your speed in building a company and to uplift all of the limiting beliefs and identity issues you have been hiding from in your life.

Let's uproot all of it and build you a bad ass company along the way, shall we?

3 Things For You To Keep In Mind:

1) Only 300 Students, More Focus Per Student

For this round of enrollment, we're only accepting 300 students...

So once 300 students enroll, that's it -- until the next time we open up.

And we're doing this because we want to focus more time on a smaller group of students.

2) 300 students enrolled in 23 hours last time.

The last time we opened up enrollment in August, we had over 300 students within 23 hours.

It's likely that as you're reading this page...someone else is enrolling at this very moment.

The sooner you act, and the sooner you enroll...the better the chance you'll secure your spot in the next class, which starts later this week.

3) This chance is rare for most people.

Everything happens for a reason.

Somehow, you've found your way here.

Reading this page, at this very moment.

It's a rare thing to happen, since this page is only live for a few days at a time, throughout the year.

And you're only seeing this if your application was approved.

You probably came across a podcast, interview, or Facebook status that led you to The Foundation.

Only people who are serious about entrepreneurship find out about our program...because we haven't done any mainstream advertising to "spread the word".

And because you're here...right now...I know building a business is meaningful to you.

Six months from now, you'll either have a business, or be on your way to a business…

Or still be where you are today.

It's your choice to decide where you want to be.

I had a massage business that I did alright with, but I was always stuck exchanging time for money, and was just about to start an internet marketing website selling massage related goods when I came across The Foundation.

I immediately realized that this was what I had been looking for.

I went through extreme fear doing idea extraction for 3 months. It was extremely uncomfortable for me as I am a naturally shy person...

Now I am about 1 month away from my first launch of a product for the financial adviser market.

Matthew Long
From: USA

Do you have the desire it takes to do this?

This is typically the section where I'd smack you over the head and convince you to join The Foundation. But frankly, I'm not interested in persuading you to join. I think the more I have to persuade the worse off we are because I don't want anyone who doesn't really want this.

We want to build a movement of entrepreneurs who are looking to live from a set of empowered beliefs, who want to predict the success of their businesses before they ever create a product, and who ultimately want to develop the mindset and skills to create value from thin air.

If you're committed to taking action, facing your fears and stretching yourself beyond what you ever thought was possible...

If you're committed to building a business that gives you freedom AND solves problems that matter in the world...

If you're committed to doing the work it takes to build something awesome...(while finally being supported by a group of amazing friends who support you...)

Then you may have finally found the tribe you've been searching for...

See you on the inside,

Dane Maxwell

P.S. Business is just a skill like any other.

You weren't born knowing how to walk, talk, or ride a bike.

You learned to do them, and became excellent with them after mastering the skill.

Going through The Foundation, you'll become a master at the skill of business.

And starting a business from scratch may become automatic for you...like walking, talking, and riding a bike.

I was looking to build a new business and SAAS appealed to me because of the opportunity it creates. The idea of building a retention based income is a great way to build value as well as profit.

So The Foundation was an obvious choice for me because I wanted to learn about building a SAAS product from scratch with no idea and no product.

I made a whole lot of like minded friends around the world. It's been a privilege to connect and engage with people that want to change their world and the world of those around us.

I've started 2 new companies created 5 software products formed a partnership on a new venture with a Foundation member. Launching a new SAAS in the USA this September.

Had over $300,000 in pre sales and I'm collaborating with some of the most dynamic and exciting entrepreneurs in the world all in six months with The Foundation.

If you are considering joining The Foundation and you want to learn to create, change the way you think feel and what you know about business and life…then get ready for an awesome roller coaster ride that is the beginning of a life changing adventure, that will help you start a business from nothing, with no money, no idea.

That'll enrich your life and the lives of many who'll come to know who you are.

If you say yes to those things and they are important to you then you're saying YES to The Foundation.

John Logar
From: Australia

Join The Foundation

$ 4995

One Time Payment
Enrollment opens Monday
November 10th, 2014, at 2pm Eastern

  • Access To All Of The Foundation Content
  • The Foundation Community Of 300 Entrepreneurs
  • Accelerated Learning Platform
  • 2 Community-wide Calls Per Month
  • Mastermind With 11 Driven Entrepreneurs And Alumni Coach
  • 4 Mastermind Meetings With Alumni Coach Per Month

$ 995 /mo.

Only 6 Monthly Payments
Enrollment opens Monday
November 10th, 2014, at 2pm Eastern

  • Access To All Of The Foundation Content
  • The Foundation Community Of 300 Entrepreneurs
  • Accelerated Learning Platform
  • 2 Community-wide Calls Per Month
  • Mastermind With 11 Driven Entrepreneurs And Alumni Coach
  • 4 Mastermind Meetings With Alumni Coach Per Month

P.P.S. You're at a fork in the road, and have two options -- to decide where you want to be, six months from now...

Option 1: You could try to quiet down the urge inside you to join, and attempt to figure this out completely on your own.

Maybe you'll make it, maybe you won't.

Maybe you'll still be exactly where you are now.

Or maybe you'll be in an even more difficult situation than where you are now...with more bills...more responsibilities...and more hate for the work you do -- with less money.

Option 2: you join The Foundation, and dive into a family of supportive entrepreneurs, who have all started from nothing...and go out of their ways to help you start a software business, in the next six months.

You'll have a place to ask ANY question...no matter how simple or how complex..

You'll have a community to hold you tightly on your path to success...especially when your entrepreneurial journey gets rough, and you get tempted to throw in the towel.

You'll have the wisdom of mastermind leaders who are just 6 months to 3 years ahead of you...and know exactly where you're coming from when you need help.

The choice is yours.

I hope you make the right one.

I was utterly frustrated with my past business results and with my career options.

I was actually terrified of becoming homeless.

I had some coding skills, but no real clue how to make money on my own in the software world.

And I was overwhelmed with shiny object syndrome. I had little confidence in my ability to follow through with anything.

None of my friends had the same entrepreneurial ambitions as I did so it was lonely, and most of my family didn't understand my goals at all.

But I put in the effort, took action, and got results.

I'm confident that I can repeat this process at any time. It's hard work up front but anything worth doing is hard work.

I realized that the Foundation mindset was the most valuable thing I learned. I can see more opportunities and possibilities than I ever could before.

I got an amazing community. I am very confident about stepping into the unknown because I know there's hundreds of people who have my back and have the answers I need.

My mindset and identity shifted as well. I'm a legitimate entrepreneur now and I see things differently.

Since joining I feel like my life is on a different trajectory and it's going awesome places.

Before I was in a scary, insecure place. I went from focusing on what could go wrong to focusing on what could go right and what I could learn when things do go wrong.

I've gotten $1000 in presales and no matter what happens next I know that The Foundation has provided a huge return on investment in how I feel about myself and my future.

Andrew Garrett
From: USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Foundation REALLY that awesome?

Yes. We like to think so, anyway. :-)

We've spent the last three years testing and tweaking all over our content with over 1,000 entrepreneurs from around the world. We've figured out what works when it comes to building a business from scratch… fast.

Of course, this isn't a perfect solution for everyone out there. We've seen it work for all people of all shapes and sizes, but the ones who get the greatest results in our program usually:

  • Have *massive* desire to create a business, and will stop at nothing to reach it.
  • Have been high performers throughout their lives.
  • Have some sort of business experience, either with marketing/sales, design or development.
  • Take relentless action day in and day out, implementing everything they learn.
  • Are at their last straw… this is the final stop before creating a company.

If at least a few of those describe you, you'll likely do well in The Foundation.

With all due respect, the price seems expensive. Why?

Tuition for The Foundation is $6,000 for six months of training. That, my friend, is a steal compared to the other stuff you might see out there.

Consider the alternatives:

  • Starter School "trains you on how to build a web app you care about." It's 9 months long, Monday thru Friday. You're forced to work on it full time (which most people can't do). AND the cost...? $12,000 per QUARTER. $36,000 for the full 9 months
  • RefactorU "accelerates the learning and development of the world's aspiring creatives, makers, and technologists." Essentially, they train you on how to get a better job. The cost to become a web programer through their 10 week course? $13,500.
  • College - I (Andy) walked away from college with $80,000 in debt. And all I got was a degree… none of which applied to learning how to build a business. If I could take a semester and only focus on The Foundation content, it would have saved me 5+ years and tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Other Masterminds - There are plenty of masterminds out there to join. The good ones require you to be a successful entrepreneur and have some sort of cost. We joined Dan Sullivan's mastermind this year. It was $40,000, and we get four days per year with him. A lot of masterminds don't even offer content.
  • Other Information Products - There are a lot out there. The good ones are usually at least $2000. And most of them give you loads of information, and leave you to fend for yourself. We've used them before. Whenever we got stuck, we had no one to turn to. So we ended up buying another program. And then another after that. Thousands down the drain.

We've never seen a program like The Foundation anywhere in the world. A program where you get the content, community and support of a private mastermind to help you along your journey.

To get all of this for six months at $6,000 is extremely fair.

(Also, it takes a lot of resources to run The Foundation. With a staff of 9 full time people, a handful of contractors, and 20+ Mastermind Leaders, it takes quite a bit to keep everything running smoothly, so you can have an amazing experience inside.)

Can my spouse / business partner / significant other join?

Yes. You will only have one username and password to login to our software. You're welcome to share it with your spouse / business partner / significant other so you can go through the content together. Your username and password will also give you access to the community.

Some people reading this may be tempted to take advantage of this, and sign up with a bunch of friends to cut the cost down.

Worry not :-). We can see where logins are coming from. There will be consequences for those who get caught.

We'll make sure it's fair for everyone.

We believe you value what you pay for. You take it A LOT more seriously with some skin in the game. That's why we, ourselves, pay for all our education and masterminds.

How much time does it take?

You need to have 10-20 hours per week. Broken down, it should look like this:

  • A MINIMUM of one hour of focused action every day.
  • For every hour of content you study, there should be five hours of action taken.

80% of your energy focused on action. 20% on consuming content.

If you can't put 10-20 hours per week of work into The Foundation, please don't enroll. You won't be a good fit.

The community is a place for entrepreneurs taking business seriously, with the drive to take action.

What if I have a full-time job?

The most important aspect of The Foundation is consistently putting in one hour of focused action every single day. If you do this, you'll be amazed at the progress you make in six months.

Without a doubt, it's harder with a full-time job. But it's not impossible. Over half of The Foundation students have full-time jobs to attend to. Some even have a full-time job AND a family.

If you have a full-time job, you can put in your hour of action first thing in the morning. And then you can listen to the content on your commute, or during your breaks at work. (Or during work like some of us :P)

Sometimes our constraints turn out to be our greatest gifts.

When you're starting a company while holding a full-time job, the limited time forces you to focus ONLY on your highest leverage activities. There's no time to waste. Some even see it as a blessing in disguise.

By focusing exclusively on the highest leverage activities early as an entrepreneur, you'll be armed with a habit that'll grow your business faster than other entrepreneurs who don't focus their time.

How do I reach prospects for Idea Extraction if I have a full time job?

Simple. Use the timezones to your advantage. If you live in SF, wake up in the morning and call people in NYC. If you live in NYC, do your calls an hour after work to people in SF. We've had entrepreneurs in Europe find customers in the US. There's definitely a way to work around it, as long as you are driven to succeed.

When your "why" is strong enough, the "how" figures itself out.

So as long as you REALLY want it -- a successful business, the passive income, the freedom of time -- the technicalities will find a way to be taken care of.

Do I have to move to the US? Or can I join if I live in Australia? England? Zimbabwe?

Anyone in the world can join The Foundation. We've had students from over 40 different countries join us.

There are two things that become tricky:

  1. We have community calls twice per month that might be at odd hours for you. However, you'll always have access to the recordings.
  2. We have masterminds that meet every single week. With each group, we categorize everyone into a group of people who meet at a time that works for everyone. If you're on the other side of the world, it might be harder to find a time that works for you.

Often what happens is people in other countries tend to band together to create their own mini groups. For example, we've got a big community of people in Australia / New Zealand.

What about the videos where I see everyone hanging out in person?

Once per year, we throw a massive celebration for everyone in The Foundation. Last year 200 people from lots of different countries showed up. Some of the entrepreneurs travelled up to 48 hours to attend. We've got a tight-knit community on the inside, full of love and support.

We had a guest speakers, hot seats, a DJ, blackjack and craps tables, a photo booth and more.

(And you would have gotten to watch Dane and Andy do "The Macarena" on stage… Which is a once in a lifetime opportunity itself :P )

Once per year, we throw this party to bring our entire community together and celebrate the successes we've all had.

The other videos you've seen are likely meetups of our communities around the world. Often, local communities will host meetups to bring together all the local Foundation students. They'll hold each other accountable and share what's working in their businesses.

Do I get 1:1 access to Dane or Andy?

No. You might get some 1:1 time on the community calls or bump into them at a local meet up when they're traveling. You'll definitely get to meet them at the live event. But you won't have any personal one on one time with them throughout the program.

Does the application really matter?

Yes. We reject about 30% of our applicants. We have limited spots inside The Foundation and want to make sure we are welcoming the right people into our community. If you're reading this page, congrats for making it this far :-).

Are we working on one idea as a group, or each working on our own ideas individually?

Each member will be working on their own idea. No one will be working on any ideas but their own. We do not own any of your businesses that you create. Each entrepreneur owns their own idea 100% and all the profits from it.

I'm a web developer, so my biggest problem is finding a profitable product to build and finding a target market to survey. How will your coaching group help me?

As a developer, the easiest thing for you to do is start with code. We want to rewire your brain so instead of thinking code first, you think marketing first.

We will be marketing before any code is ever written. This will be the hardest thing for you to unlearn, and we imagine even harder to try and do on your own.

You don't start with product, you start with a market.

Being in this group will be the best chance you have of changing this perspective because right now that perspective is limiting you from the life you truly want.

I'm in New Zealand, will this work for me still? Should I target companies in NZ here or somewhere else? It sounds pretty enticing to get the first 10 paying customers in six months. What do you envision monthly fees being per customer?

Yes it will work for for you.

We recommend USA or UK problems to solve. Or anywhere where the currency is at least on par with the US dollar.

We like to create products that sell for at least $50 U.S. monthly.

That's what we will be discussing when we talk about how to pick from the list of ideas you've extracted from a market. It'll be exciting :-)

Why no refund or guarantee?

We've talked about it above, but we can mention it here again.

1) Having skin in the game makes you take it more seriously.

Whenever you put your hard-earned money towards something, you always feel compelled to get the most out of it.

For example, when I go on vacations and spend money on flights, hotels, and excursions… I have a certain level of expectation for what kind of experience I'll have.

Actually… WHILE I'm on vacation, I'll always have a thought in the back of my mind to make the most out of it, since I paid for it.

The same thing happens when you invest in yourself. You "trick" yourself into making the most out of it.

In this case, you'll be "tricking" yourself into building a wildly successful SaaS business.

2) We only want people who are committed inside The Foundation.

By having a no-refund policy, every single entrepreneur inside The Foundation you'll meet will have zero thoughts of turning back.

They're in, and they're committed.

You'll be surrounded by entrepreneurs who aren't just "playing" business.

They're taking it seriously, and they've shown it by investing in themselves, with no desire to back out.

3) You strategically position yourself into ONLY being able to move forward.

The choice of changing your mind… the choice of giving up… the choice of saying "maybe next year" will no longer be options.

Your only choice will be to march forward. By enrolling, you're committing to your success, with no intentions of turning back.

Choices are what make us feel stuck in life. They lead to indecision.

Big no-no for business.

By narrowing down your choice to JUST being committed, you'll be ready to go full force into one direction: success as an entrepreneur.

Who shouldn't join The Foundation?

As we said above, if you can't commit to kicking ass 10-20 hours each week, you're probably not a good fit.

Building a recurring revenue SaaS business can provide a sweet life of passive income and mobility when you've got it up and running. But you have to put in the work to get it there.

We're not here to trick anyone into thinking this is easy or "get rich quick". It's not.

However, for those who put in the work, take action, and get results… well… just look at the businesses and lives of Carl Mattiola, Troy Lavina, and John Logar, among many others.

These entrepreneurs from The Foundation never have to worry about money again, because of the skills they've honed building their businesses.

A Closing Comment From Troy Lavinia (A Husband, Father and Entrepreneur Doing The Foundation In His Spare Time)

I learned about the first Foundation from Andrew Warner's interview with Dane on Mixergy and I was part of the Foundation for the full 6 months. I can say without reservation that it was a great experience and well worth the money - I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here are a few points about Dane and the group that might be helpful for people considering this in the future...

  • Dane is a righteous dude, a great businessperson, and an excellent teacher. I can say, based on the six months I spent with him, that Dane is the real deal and everything you could want from someone leading this type of group. Overall, he has excellent energy and passion for what he is teaching and he has an altruistic approach to life. I would call Dane a "Bill Russell" - that is, he seems to have the life-view that he will be successful by making those around him successful. As an entrepreneur, whether it is in hiring employees or finding advisors like Dane, this is the type of person you want to associate yourself with.
  • Dane's execution was just as impressive as his intention - he is an excellent teacher, brought on specialists to help in areas where expertise was needed, and he was always available to answer questions, offer resources, and make sure every member of the group was moving in the right direction and had everything they needed.
  • Community: Great group of people; excellent energy. It was my first experience surrounding myself with a group of entrepreneurs all with a common purpose. It was a surreal group of people - everyone (who made it past the first 1 or 2 months) was very serious and dedicated; they were also willing to share ideas, offer help, and provide a great support system to anyone who needed it.
  • Blueprint for success: What Dane offered in this course, I believe, is a blueprint for success. NOTE, that is not a GUARANTEE of success; but it is a blueprint and methodology that you can use to be successful with agile entrepreneurship or with a new product or service idea; OR, at the very least, a methodology for vetting a new idea to find out quickly if it will not be successful, before spending a significant amount of money on it.
  • REPEAT: this course gives you the recipe for success and the support system you need to learn new concepts and maximize your chances of being successful. YOU NEED TO BRING TO THE TABLE: great energy, altruism (you should be willing to give to the group as much as you take from it), unwavering commitment to "doing your work" (as Pressfield would say), commitment to the process, open-mindedness to learning new things and pushing yourself to places where you may be a bit uncomfortable (e.g. if you do not have cold-calling experience).

My results:

My product generated $5,000 in the first month and now generates over $300,000 a month. And I got it built entirely for free. (Which normally would have cost $20,000 to develop.)

Because of the Foundation, I have been able to successfully launch a technology platform sold into the hedge fund market. The group helped me in my product development plans and developing a sales and marketing plan that has been very successful so far.

Using the idea-generation tactics in the first two months, I was also able to come up with (what I think is) another excellent business idea, which I have shelved temporarily in order to continue working on the primary business above.

My recommendation:

If you are an entrepreneur (or an entrepreneur at heart), and have made (100%, no turning back) the decision to commit to being successful as an entrepreneur, but feel you need a stronger understanding of some of the concepts of agile product/service development and an excellent support system of like-minded people to help show you the way when you feel a little lost, this is an excellent, EXCELLENT, vehicle for you.

If you have not made that commitment to yourself, then this is not for you.

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  • Access To All Of The Foundation Content
  • The Foundation Community Of 300 Entrepreneurs
  • Accelerated Learning Platform
  • 2 Community-wide Calls Per Month
  • Mastermind With 11 Driven Entrepreneurs And Alumni Coach
  • 4 Mastermind Meetings With Alumni Coach Per Month
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