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  • Use your passions and interests to find an idea people want to pay for
  • What to do when you’re overwhelmed or stuck
  • The process from A to Z for starting from 0 to having a good profitable idea

The Foundation Helps Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs Build Businesses To Maximize Their Freedom And Impact On The World.

1500+ Entrepreneurs

Since 2011, over 1500 have taken the leap into entrepreneurship. They learned more about business and themselves during The Foundation than most do in a lifetime. The Foundation is the place they still call home. Are you next?

Hundreds Of Successful Businesses Launched

They started with no money, no experience and no idea and now they have everything they’ve ever dreamed of. If you’ve got nothing, we’ve got everything you need.

World Wide Community

Wherever you go, there we are. The Foundation supports a network of entrepreneurs across 44 countries. Different languages, different currencies and different lifestyles all trace their beginnings back to The Foundation.

Practice What We Preach

Our most successful students are the ones that will mentor you on your journey. No more false prophets selling you their dreams. We’ve got an army of leaders, mentors and experts with the experience ready to propel you towards yours.

Choose Your Own Path.

Every foundation student starts by learning The Mindset of an entrepreneur. Once you’ve got the strength and confidence to handle any situation large or small in your business, you’re ready to choose your path. We’ll show you how to double down on your strengths and build the business that’s right for you.
Our students have built successful Freelance Businesses, Software Companies, Service Based Businesses, and Physical product businesses. Whatever your dream business is, we’ve got the resources to turn it into a reality.

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The Foundation is a six month intensive program that teaches entrepreneurs how to start a business fast, even if you have no idea, no special skills or limited cash to get started.

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