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Listen. We’d love to tell you we’ve cracked the code on the recipe for entrepreneurial success. That we have the exact blue-print for you to follow to riches.

But the only ones getting rich with that plan are the ones selling it to you.

Here’s the hard truth.

Every single one of our students has failed. Some have failed many times over. They hit walls, stumble over roadblocks, say the wrong things, use the wrong strategies and turn left when they should have turned right.

But what sets them apart from any other program on the planet is that they keep going.


You are no different. You will fail.

There is no doubt around this. This is not our opinion or something we made up. This is fact.

Our process teaches you not justs the tactics you need for success, but the mindset and confidence you need to deal with failure.

This is why we specialize in helping people make the necessary mindset shifts to shift their identity from ‘employee’ or ‘freelancer’ to the identity of an entrepreneur. When you make these shifts at the core ‘identity’ level, they create a ripple effect through your entire life.

Dreamers never learn. Do-er’s never fail.

It might be the hardest six months of your life… but if you make it, everything will change from the size of your bank account to the way you see the world.

You’ll know exactly how to start a business from thin air, so you can do it over and over. You’ll face fears that have held you back your entire life. You’ll understand who you are, why you are here and how you can create the greatest contribution to the world.

And you’ll create a community of friends around the globe, for life, who will be there to support you through all the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey.

So what does your next six months look like?