Can You Really Start A Business From Nothing?

Yes, you can. Here are a few stories of Foundation entrepreneurs who started from nothing.

Carl Mattiola Built Clinic Metrics

Through Clinic Metrics Carl helps Physical Therapists see the health of their physical therapy practice in seconds.

"I have a six figure business, and another one launching… will in short time be 7 figures I’m sure."

- Carl Mattiola , Founder, ClinicMetrics

Amy Kauffman Created Givily

With Givily Amy helps match companies with the right charity or cause so they can give from the heart.

"The Foundation made it possible for me to find and create solutions for some of the country's most loved brands and corporations. I get to wake up everyday and help multi-multi- multi-million dollar companies from home."

- Amy Kauffman, Founder, Givily

Cathryn Lavery Created ClinicHero

Through ClinicHero Cathryn helps chiropractors establish, nurture and grow their professional network.

"Since joining The Foundation I've built a life I don't need to escape from, and one I love to wake up to everyday."

- Cathryn Lavery, Founder, ClinicHero

Josh Isaak Founded ClinicRise

With ClinicRise Josh helps Physical Therapists manage their referrals and figure out the marketing campaigns that deliver patients.

"I started building a software business from scratch with no coding experience. I didn’t come up with the idea myself, and I sold the product to customers before it existed."

- Josh Isaak, Founder, ClinicRise

Sandy Connery Built Connectable

Through Connectable Sandy helps lead based networking groups collaborate, follow leads, review meeting notes, and assist with overall unity.

"By following the content and letting the real me come out, I now have a product in development and $16,000 in pre-sales and now serve customers in three different countries."

- Sandy Connery , Founder, Connectable

John Ndege Created Pocket Risk

With Pocket Risk John helps financial advisors assess financial risk and produce an insightful report for their clients.

"The Foundation was a transformational experience. Before I had all these self limiting beliefs and when I joined The Foundation I realized that so much of what I thought was necessary to meet my personal goals didn't really exist. "

- John Ndege, Founder, Pocket Risk

Jeni Barcelos Founded Namastream

Through Namastream helps yoga teachers create a high-definition virtual yoga studio quickly and affordably.

"I grew such strong relationships with the community -- especially the women. Rarely does a day go by where I’m not talking to someone from The Foundation."

- Jeni Barcelos, Founder, Namastream

Robert & Alex Moutal Created Clarity Wave

With Clarity Wave Robert & Alex help corporations improve their workplace climate and employee happiness.

"I was sick of putting my future in someone else's hands and building someone else's dream... And now I'm in the middle of developing our first product and we're getting a lot of interest from people who want to be a part of our service."

- Robert Moutal, Co-Founder, Clarity Wave

Jeremy Chataline Built Quickmail

Through Quickmail Jeremy helps manage your cold email campaign with automatic follow ups right from your inbox.

"The Foundation taught me what I was missing, sales and marketing. Now I own a 6 figure software business and travel the world"

- Jeremy Chataline , Founder, Quickmail

Troy Lavinia Founded MosiacRM

With MosiacRM Troy helps fund managers streamline their internal proprietary research capabilities.

"I was in the very first Foundation program 2 years ago. My product now does over $300,000 a month in revenue."

- Troy Lavinia, Founder, MosiacRM

Eugene Ting Created MyPlanMap

Through MyPlanMap Eugene helps Financial Planners excel at answering this core question: What have you done for me lately?

"I feel like I'm part of something that feels right, feels real and is aligned with my core. My mindset has changed so much, it's unrecognizable."

- Eugene Ting , Founder, MyPlanMap

Esther de Boer Built Shootzilla

With Shootzilla Esther helps photographers manage their workflow, giving them peace of mind, saving them time and bring them more profit.

" I never thought of myself as the software building type but even I could do it. I found a developer that I totally love, presold my product before it was built, and had the first version up ad running in 8 weeks!"

- Esther de Boer, Founder, Shootzilla

Amar Ghose Founded ZenMaid

Through ZenMaid Amar helps cleaning businesses manage, run and grow their maid service.

"After the first month of The Foundation we felt in control of our own destiny again. Having that network of entrepreneurs helped pushed me into action."

- Amar Ghose , Co-Founder, ZenMaid

Dan Corkrill Built Follow Up Boss

With FollowupBoss Dan helps Realtors respond faster, do more follow up, set more appointments and close more deals.

"The amazing thing about really deeply listening to people, you can come up with ideas your competitors can't come up with themselves because you understand people better."

- Dan Corkrill, Founder, Follow Up Boss

Caitlin Pyle Built Proofread Anywhere

Through Proofread Anywhere Caitlin created an intensive online training for transcript proofreaders

"$41,297 earned since June 3 - unreal. I used to earn about that same amount in a YEAR and actually thought that was my fullest potential."

- Caitlin Pyle , Founder, Proofread Anywhere

Geordie Wardman Founded Wave Review

With WaveReview helps business owners generate more positive online reviews, increase their social review rating and drive additional sales.

"The investment in myself with the Foundation was one of the best business decisions I've made in the last 6 years, second only to my decision of leaving the chains of my cubicle."

- Geordie Wardman, Founder, Wave Review

David Cristello Founded Jetpack Workflow

Through Jetpack Workflow Dave helps accountants manage their entire workflow.

"Before the Foundation, I had no idea what to build, let alone how to create a UI. But with the mindset and material, I was able to build the UI in 5 days and pre-sold $3650, all without writing a single line of code."

- David Cristello, Founder, Jetpack Workflow

While Creating A Life We Love

We believe in building businesses that impact the world while creating lifestyles we love.