Your Transformation All Starts With The First Sale

These Our Some Of The Proud Graduates Of Our Program.

Dan Founded

Follow Up Boss

You Can See Him Before Joining The Foundation, Then His First Sale Ever For Followup Boss…

And Then Him Now Speaking On Stage! (Like a “Boss”)

David Crisello Founded


On The Left Is The Tiny Open Office Where He Started Jetpack Workflow, To The Right You Can See His Now Team Of 11 People And New Office!

Jeremy Chatelaine Founded


On The Left Is him before joining The Foundation, and then his first sale, and then him now on the right.

Cris Urzua Founded


On the left is Cris before joining The Foundation, then his first sale.. and fastforward to his Q1 revenue in 2018 ($314K!), and to the right is his Selling Through Service Conference!

Stephen Bradeen

On Spot Automation

You Can See His First Sale For $565 After Joining The Foundation… And His Monthly Income Now Of $17,611 And Growing! He Can Now Travel With His Girlfriend Because Of His Flexible Schedule.

The Most Shared Free Training Videos From The Foundation


I think Dane is awesome,I love the work he does with Entrepreneurs”

– Vishen Lakhiani


“I never thought your first Mixergy interview would turn into an entire movement for Entrepreneurs

– Andrew Warner


The Foundation is on FIRE.They help starting entrepreneurs find success”

– John Lee Dumas


“The Foundation made it possible for me to find and create solutions for some of the country’s most loved brands and corporations.I get to wake up everyday and help multi-multi-multi-million dollar companies from home.

– Amy Kauffman


The Foundation is awesome for starting entrepreneurs

– Nathan Latka


“I was utterly frustrated with my past business results and with my career options. I was actually terrified of becoming homeless. I had some coding skills, but no real clue how to make money on my own in the software world. And I was overwhelmed with shiny object syndrome. I had little confidence in my ability to follow through with anything. None of my friends had the same entrepreneurial ambitions as I did so it was lonely, and most of my family didn’t understand my goals at all. But I put in the effort, took action, and got results. I’m confident that I can repeat this process at any time. It’s hard work up front but anything worth doing is hard work. I realized that the Foundation mindset was the most valuable thing I learned. I can see more opportunities and possibilities than I ever could before. I got an amazing community. I am very confident about stepping into the unknown because I know there’s hundreds of people who have my back and have the answers I need. My mindset and identity shifted as well. I’m a legitimate entrepreneur now and I see things differently. Since joining I feel like my life is on a different trajectory and it’s going awesome places. Before I was in a scary, insecure place. I went from focusing on what could go wrong to focusing on what could go right and what I could learn when things do go wrong. I’ve gotten $1000 in presales and no matter what happens next I know that The Foundation has provided a huge return on investment in how I feel about myself and my future. 

– Andrew Garret


“I never thought of myself as the software building type. I am a photographer! However this was truly the next step for me since I wanted more freedom in my life. And with the help of this training even I could do it.I found a developer that I totally love, presold my product before it was built, and had the first version up and running in 8 weeks!

– Esther de Boer


“I thought I was an entrepreneur. I owned a brick and mortar orthotic clinic and retail store. Two locations and 15 staff. I had a business partner, an accountant, and an IT guy. Sounds entrepreneurial doesn’t it? On paper I was an entrepreneur, but inside I wasn’t. I never fully stepped into the role. I let my business partner, who was the majority share holder, direct things. I was the doer and he was the visionary. My voice was on mute, I didn’t believe I counted and I followed his lead on everything.After eleven years, I began to slowly crack. I felt like a caged animal. And it took two more years of being completely unhappy, unchallenged and unfulfilled for me to make a change. I also spent those two years being anemic, exhausted and experienced multiple bouts of pneumonia. My body was screaming at me to sell my shares and move on but my mind couldn’t fathom leaving. Everyone relied on me. I was needed, wasn’t I? I hesitated around the time commitment of The Foundation, but by the time I received the ‘You’re in’ email from Dane, I had sold my shares, started a 10hour/week clinic for some income, enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition course and had started a blog and podcast. The Foundation, initially, was a little side project. A ‘let’s see where this goes’ project. But as I found a market and a pain and then started sketching the solution, it took over as my full time gig. By following the content and letting the real me come out, I now have a product in development and $6000 in pre-sales and customers in three different countries. I know there is a community that’s got my back. I believe in myself and am not afraid to dare and fail; I’ll just dare again..”

– Sandy Connery


“I was a little skeptical that The Foundation would be worth the money…would I really be able to start and run a successful business…with real paying customers that are happy to pay? But now I am a “value-seeking missile”…I zero in on value I can provide to others…everything else after that has fallen into place and had become easy.

– Dale Henning


“By applying The Foundation’s limiting belief content, I went from being scared to even pick up the phone to call a business… to pre-selling 5 customers over two weeks at $349 a month with no info pack and no sales page. Success. It’s all in the mind.

– Shayne Mott


Feels good to get a pre-sales check before I ever build a product!

– Amy Kauffman


The Foundation is probably the best money I have ever spent… 1. The process and material. It was fantastic, easy to follow, repeatable and proven to work. 2. The mindset information. My world is now filled with abundance. I see opportunity everywhere and my blinders have been removed in some ways. I have learned the skills to combat and remove limiting beliefs. 3. The community. I will never be alone again. These people are the most supportive I have ever known. home.”

– Kyle McNatt


“Before starting the Foundation, I had 3 business ideas that went wrong. I lost effort, I lost time and I lost money. It blew my mind to discover that people actually found a way to build a solid SaaS even if you are not a tech geek and don’t have tons of cash to invest. It was not effortless, but it’s extremely rewarding.

– Adrian Moga


“I wish I had the emotional awareness tools to support me back in the days of Divx, I’m grateful to know programs like The Foundation exist now

– Jordan Greenhall


“I used to feel like being an entrepreneur was just a dream, but through The Foundation I have learned that it can be my reality. The Foundation helped me see that I was born to be an entrepreneur. I am now working on my first business, and also building an entrepreneurial organization in my local community. I couldn’t have done this without the support and knowledge that I gained through The Foundation!

– Don Traxler


“After learning idea extraction and finding a painful product idea people wanted, I was able to pre-sell 10 customers in under 24 hours.The first 4 sales I got while I was sleeping.

– Phil MacNevin


“Before the Foundation, I had no idea what to build, let alone how to create a UI. But with the mindset and material, I was able to build the UI in 5 days and pre-sold $3650, all without writing a single line of code.

– David Cristello


“I think it was worth every penny. I also loved the ownership that staff took over the students in the course. You really wanted us to succeed!

– Christopher Justin


“In 6 months I had a positive return on my investment. But that’s not what really impacted me. What can I say about my time at the Foundation? Simply, life changing. The skills I learned in 6 months were more valuable than my entire 6 years at university and graduate school. Real skills like how to write killer copy, how to sell, how to find and communicate with a development team and how to smash fear and uncertainty into the ground. The investment in myself with the Foundation was one of the best business decisions I’ve made in the last 6 years, second only to my decision of leaving the chains of my cubicle.”

– Geordie Wardman


“I had a massage business that I did alright with, but I was always stuck exchanging time for money, and was just about to start an internet marketing website selling massage related goods when I came across The Foundation. I immediately realized that this was what I had been looking for. I went through extreme fear doing idea extraction for 3 months. It was extremely uncomfortable for me as I am a naturally shy person… Now I am about 1 month away from my first launch of a product for the financial adviser market.

– Mathew Long


“It was simple really. I joined the Foundation because I wanted the “fast-track” route to building a SaaS solution. Job done. Delivered. In spades.If you value your time, get this. It’s simple.Of course, you can take the “DIY” route and bootstrap your education.In that case, get ‘Running Lean’. Get ‘The Lean Startup’. Get ‘The Startup Owner’s Manual’. Get ‘The Lean Entrepreneur’. Get ‘Lean Analytics’. Get ‘Lean UX’. And get ‘Business Model Generation’.It’ll cost you $100 or so. But get ready for months and months and months of frustrating mind numbing crazy-ness of trying to “join the dots”.… and that’s just the “lean” methodologies. That doesn’t account for how to actually find a developer for your badass SaaS solution. How to rig the “deal” in your favor. And most importantly … how to setup your marketing machine and how to reach the best customers.If you’re smart, and you want the A-Z blueprint with a kick-ass community to boot, this will be a no-brainer for you. Stop pissing about and pull the trigger. Invest in the Foundation.

– Andre Chaperon

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