Why Abundance Is BS For Most People - With Dane Maxwell

Abundance is a fancy concept that people have no idea of. How does abundance actually, really work? And how can you consistently create it? Learn the 5 counter-intuitive steps to abundance.



Podcast transcript:

Starting from Nothing – The Foundation Podcast
Introduction: Welcome to Starting from Nothing – The Foundation Podcast, the place where
incredible entrepreneur show you how they built their businesses entirely from
scratch before they knew what the heck they were doing.
Dane: In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about the skill of abundance. Not
the hocus pocus BS of think positive, or not the hocus pocus BS of just think
abundant, but the actual skill of how you build abundance in around 5 steps. I’m
certain you’ve never heard this step before and I’m certain that by the end of
this episode you will have a great path in front of you to build abundance in the
areas of your life that you don’t currently have it.
This will be the 3rd time I’ve recorded this episode today and I am at a point
where I am just about to say “Screw it, we’re just going to roll with this as it
goes” whether there’s a dog barking in the background, whether there’s
background noise, whether there’s an open house going on next door, if there’s
anything to distract me and sabotage from this episode, it will not stop us this
What I’m going to be talking about today is the essence of abundance. Within
that abundance, we will be talking about what’s happened today for me which is
The essence of abundance episode today, it’s going to be just me, our
Wednesday episodes. I’m going to be speaking … On this Wednesday episode,
I’m going to be speaking deeply into what I consider critical topics for success,
happiness, freedom, and fun in entrepreneurship. It will mostly be off the cuff
and from the heart spoken into this one key idea, in this case abundance.
Three, I’ll be speaking from my own personal experience. These aren’t hardhitting
facts but rather just truths that I’ve experienced personally. I’d love to
hear your feedback and thoughts and the comments on what you think about
this stuff.
These solo episodes are designed for the purpose of making entrepreneurship a
possibility for you. If you already are, which I hope more people. So please share
this podcast with those folks.
Five, the fifth thing – the other four that I mentioned that I didn’t number. Five,
this is all in service of one key thing, your freedom.
Abundance, what is abundance? I’m talking about how I view abundance. I view
abundance as – it’s defined as everything that I sincerely want. What I sincerely
want plus some more. That plus some more is the abundant side. Because I have
that surplus, I’m able to then give it away.
Now, the world from my perspective is designed to be truly abundant. It’s a
fascinating thing. It can be hard to come to terms with. Abundance. Depending
on where you’re at or what your perspective in the world is or if you’re in a
place, especially in the realm of the employee world, the nine-to-five world, that
is not a very – typically not a very abundant place. There is only so much of a
salary you can have. It’s capped. There’s only so much that can be gotten.
There’s only one position to be promoted to. It’s a world that breeds scarcity.
If you’re in that world, that can be really hard to come to terms with the world of
abundance but all you really need to do is look at how many new famous movies
stars, famous musicians, famous businesses, new business ideas, new money are
created every year, you can’t deny abundance when you look at that. You can’t
deny abundance when you see – How many more famous bands can we have
that play music? How many more famous movie stars can we have an abundant
amount, actually? How many more business ideas can actually happen in
abundant amount, actually?
I want to talk about the skill of abundance because abundance is actually a skill.
I’m not going to be talking about the mindset of abundance but the skill of
abundance. I cannot wait to get into this stuff because I am so excited about the
abundance that I’ve created in my life and that I have yet to create in some
areas. We’re going to talk about how it all works in my brain. I’m going to be
thinking out loud and it’s going to be a little bit messy but I’m just so excited to
be here connecting with you today, communicating with you today. These are
some of my favorite days is sitting here talking into this microphone so low and
just letting my mind get to wonder and letting my expression get to come out. I
love to think out loud so thank you for listening.
If you’re doing your laundry as some of you have said, if you’re in your car or
wherever you’ve said, if you’re on a walk, if you’re even maybe working out
listening to my voice, whatever it is you’re doing, I hope that you just let the
energy, the vibration, the inspiration from this just kind of seep in to the
experience going past your brain and the experiential wisdom of your body
where abundance lives.
You see, abundance is a feeling primarily, it’s a feeling where you feel as if you
have enough personally and then also the feeling of enough to share. It’s a really
magical place to be. Abundance – it feels effortless, it feels like you’re in flow, it
feels like things are just working. Because of this feeling of enough, if you really
sit and savor in it, it spawns all sorts of loving goodness and it becomes just this
well-spring of places to be – or not places to be but of feelings to be in. I just love
the concept of abundance.
The greater question and challenge is how do you respond when you don’t have
that feeling of enough. That’s really the thing. That’s really the thing I want to
talk about today is how do you respond when you don’t have the feeling of
abundance. What do you actually do? It’s not enough that these books just tell
you, “Hey, think abundant. Hey, think positive.” What’s the actual skill to get
there? That’s what I want to cover today.
Abundance – I want to talk about abundance as a skill and abundance as a
muscle which means that if abundance is a muscle, you can actually go and work
out abundance to strengthen it. Now, you have to work it. If you’ve worked out
before, you know the first time that you work out can feel kind of helpless.
You’re like your body shaking. You’re really sore the next day. It feels almost
frustrating for even the first week or two. But then, after a couple weeks of
working out, you know what happens? You start to feel stable, you start to feel
solid, and you start to look forward to working out. Practicing abundance for the
first time was similar for me.
Now, the skills of abundance are a focus of attention on one thing, complete and
total presence on that thing, love of that thing, trust of that thing, and the
mastery – ultimately the mastery of the skill. Now, in this case, if you want to
become a great salesman, a great copywriter, a great entrepreneur, a great
software developer, or whatever it is that you feel aligned within your life, that
mastery of a skill requires the focus of attention, presence, a love of the activity,
a trust that you will end up with - whatever outcome you end up with will be
wonderful to you. It’s more of a trust to the actual enjoyment of the process.
If you release the outfit there’s kind of this like little secret ninja trick that I do
where I actually release attachment to the outcome. A trust of the outcome isn’t
like – a trust that no matter whatever happens you’ll be okay is really what I’m –
as I’m thinking through this it’s like – I have goals, I have outcomes that I want
but I’m not attached to those outcomes. I’m not all bent out of shape really like
clinging towards the outcomes. That’s what kind of trust I’m talking about, a
trust that you’ll be okay. Then, ultimately, that mastery of that skill. That’s when
you get to the mastery of the skill that things become abundant.
Abundance is a skill. What prevents abundance in that case? Well, it’s the
opposite thing. It’s the lack of focus. It’s clinging and grasping. It’s panic. It’s lack
of putting a 100% of my energy into something. The less energy I put into it, the
less abundant my results. These are all red flags for me. If abundance is not
present, then one of these things is usually missing.
Do you remember the holiday, Halloween – It’s a dumb question, of course you
do. Halloween. You know the experience of shopping for Halloween costumes?
How stressful sometimes it can be for some and then how enjoyable it can be for
others to shop for Halloween? To some, shopping for a Halloween costume is
like ashy. You just don’t know what to get, it’s hard to pick, it’s just like really
kind of stressful. And then other people it’s like, “Oh my gosh, there’s so many
options. What do I pick?” Or maybe, “There’s so many options, what do I pick?”
And you’re stressed.
But how do you make the process of Halloween abundant? How do you make
the process of picking out Halloween costume abundant? Well, if you focus your
attention on a costume, if you have complete presence, if you have a love of the
activity of looking for that costume, if you have trust that in that process you will
have desired outcome that you want, and also a trust that you’ll be okay if it
doesn’t happen. Then, you start to become a master of the skill of shopping for
Halloween costumes. And now, before you know it, the process of finding a
costume has become abundant. The Halloween hasn’t become more abundant
itself but you have become abundant in this skill of abundance.
If you look at the world, the world is designed to be truly abundant. The world is
designed to be truly abundant. If you look at your health, your wealth, business,
relationships, or your relationship to God or spirituality, if you go down those
five, do you feel abundant in health? Do you feel abundant with wealth? Do you
feel abundant in business? Do you feel abundant in your relationships? Do you
feel abundant in your spirituality – In the realm of spirituality, your relationship
with God? As you sift through those, maybe you have a reaction to one, or more,
or all of them.
Now, if the world is designed to be abundant, then ideally you’d have abundance
in all five of these areas, and maybe there’s other areas too that I’m missing
from this list. These are just the first five that come to mind: wealth, health,
relationships, business, and spirituality or God.
Now, how do you determine if you have abundance in these areas? Well, how do
you feel in each of those areas? Do you have the feeling of enough? Do you have
the feeling of saturated richness and enough in these areas? When you think
about your intimate relationships, do you feel abundant there? When you think
about your wealth, your money, do you feel abundant there? When you think
about your relationship to business, do you feel abundant there? When you
think about your relationship to spirituality or God, do you feel abundant there?
When you think about your health, do you feel abundant there? It’s a great
If the scorecard is to say the world is designed to be abundant, and that’s my
opinion of a fact if that makes any sense, it’s – We’ll just say it’s my opinion that
the world is designed to be abundant. There are some that would probably stir
towards even fact. Now, if the world is designed that way, then this is a great
scorecard. Are you abundant in every area? Do you have that feeling of enough?
Now, we talked about abundance being a skill, focus of attention, complete
presence, a love of the activity, a trust of the outcome, and ultimately the
mastery of a skill. In that mastery of a skill, for me, things have become
Let me make this concrete. I want to tell a story about when I started to get
really, really good at copywriting. Really good at copywriting. Really good was
not my opinion, it was that I was tripling my income.
My first year out of college, I reported to the IRS, I made about $9,000. It’s
mostly with Google AdSense income. I was 21, 22. First year out, work my tail off
nine grand for the year. That’s about $700, $800 a month. That was Google
AdSense income. The next year, I think it was $36,000 that I reported. I was 23,
$36,000, 24 maybe? Then I started studying copywriting.
I focused all my attention on copywriting. I became completely present to
copywriting. I had a love of copywriting; a trust that I would get this stuff, a trust
that I would be okay. That’s my favorite form of trust. In this instance, it’s the
trust that I’ll be okay. In that trust, I had the mastery of a skill copywriting. What
did I do with the master of copywriting? Well, I took the greatest sales letters
ever written and I wrote them out by hand. Just like great artists trace to draw
great art, or great artists go to museums to trace dinosaurs, I traced great sales
I traced great sales copy for an hour every morning consistently. I think I took the
weekends off. I would sit down, and I would put on classical music, and I would
write out by hand, and I would kick my feet up, and I would go super slow
because I’m focused in attention, and I’m completely present, I would go slow, I
wouldn’t rush through it. Oh, I loved going slow. It’s how I got better at certain
guitar pieces, I just practiced so slowly. In that slowness of an hour every day of
creating and tracing – not creating but tracing copy – I started to learn the skill of
As I wrote out by hand, there are so many brain neurons connected to your
thumb, and if you even write in blue ink it’s supposed to be even better for you. I
– whatever. I’ve got some really weird friends that tell me weird things. If I write
out by hand, what happens after a couple of weeks is my hand starts to feel
embedded in my nervous system. I start to feel like a copywriter. I start to feel
my hand, like muscles building in my hand of copy. It’s going up my whole right
arm as I feel it now. It started to transform how I saw the world. It started to
transform how I asked for money. It started to transform how I created products.
Damn, that copy was so good that I wanted to buy every sales – I would copy
every word from these sales letters and I would want to buy these products. I
would want to buy a product on how to ride a motocross bike, on how to play
guitar. There was a sales letter I wrote on how to have better sex. All these
things were just incredible sales letters to write. Each one of these, from the
motocross, to the guitar, to the sex, to the self-defense, to the – I wanted to get
sales letters in every industry. I copied them all – All sales letters I copied were
from John Carlton. Gosh, John Carlton, man, kudos to you brother. You are a
phenomenal copywriter.
I remember the phrases that I copied still to this day. I remember copying a sales
letter about a golfer. One-legged golfer consistently humiliates PGA tour pros as
he drives the ball 400 yards off the tee every time. That was something along the
lines of the headline. I would copy this stuff out. “When you buy my product,
you’ll own the raw power of a bull moose in heat.” I remember that line. I just
remember copying sales letters by hand.
What happened is I focus my attention, I was completely present, I loved the
process, I trusted that I would be okay when I did it, and I learned and master
the skill of copywriting. When I did that, my thought process start to change. I
didn’t just learn copywriting. I learned product creation, product positioning,
how to ask for money, everything about business I learned from copywriting. It’s
kind of – I’m just searching myself to say. It’s that really true that I could say
everything I learned about business I learned from copywriting. I’m getting a
little excited here. Let me take my hoodie off.
My confidence in business grew as my copywriting skill did. I learned how to sell.
My favorite thing about copying and copy by hand is that I learned how to create
products because I learned every great sales letter that I copied had the origin
story of how a product was created I noticed. I started to notice that every single
sales letter I copied, there was an origin story of how the product was created,
and the origin story was always awesome. I started to learn the whole concept
and gamut of how to create products, how to make money, how to ask for it. I
did it for three months.
Now, the year before I was doing copy, I was at the RE/MAX convention.
RE/MAX is a real estate franchise like McDonald’s where you can go to real
estate, and that’s where I built my early wealth. That’s where I became
financially free was in real estate. I am officially a multi-millionaire alone, I
believe, in the real estate space, not even including The Foundation. I did that all
by starting in RE/MAX.
The first year at that conference was miserable. It was not abundant to me. I was
afraid. I didn’t know what I was doing. The next year, about three months before
the conference, I was copying sales letters by hand. I went to that conference
after copying sales letters by hand and I sold more product than I’ve ever sold in
my entire life in person hand-to-hand. Hand-to-hand sounds weird but it’s not
like hand-to-hand combat but like eye-to-eye, man to man, man to woman.
I sat down at a table in RE/MAX conference and this guy sat down he said, “So
Dane, tell me about your product.” I’m sitting around a table of a bunch of other
real estate brokers. I’ve got a chance to sell. But since I understood copywriting, I
knew that the only thing that I had to do is remove objections to get the sale. I
asked him a question back, “Well, what do you need to know to make a
decision?” and the guy said, “Well, nothing. Actually, I’m ready to sign up.” I said,
“Great. Our conversation is over. I’ll send you an e-mail after the conference and
we’ll get things set up.” Sale made.
I’m copying 10, 15 page sales letters to get to conversations like that. I sit down
with another RE/MAX broker in Texas, one of the biggest brokers in Texas, and
after half an hour sitting down with him he says I’m one of the greatest salesmen
he’s ever talked to in his entire life. It all happened from copying copy by hand. I
had the confidence to speak, I was funnier, and I was quicker on my feet. Great
copywriters speak visually so I learned how to speak visually. I learned so much.
The world became abundant to me as I mastered copying. What did I do? Focus
of attention, complete presence, a love of the activity, trust that I’d be okay and
ultimately the mastery of copywriting.
Now, there’s more to this process than just what I’m saying. You don’t have to sit
down and write the sales letter. You write the sales letter then you break apart
each sentence, you dissect each sentence, you figure out what’s going on in each
sentence, you mark certain things as, “Oh, here’s where he’s adding an origin
story. Here’s where he’s pushing a desire button. Here’s where he’s doing a risk
reversal, here’s where he’s adding a visual element.” We have like 30 or so
acronyms of this stuff. We teach this process within The Foundation. You can
also just copy sales letters. You don’t need to join The Foundation to do this
copying copy by hand thing but we do teach a pretty in-depth process within our
course because it’s very important.
Now, what’s my point? Abundance is a skill. If you want to master health, well,
what would you do? You put your complete focus and complete presence to that
activity of health. You would find the books that you would want to read. You
would master diet nutrition. You would master the emotional realm that has
people eating when they don’t want to. You would have a love of the process.
You would trust that you’d be okay in the outcome and you would ultimately
master the area of health.
What about wealth? Well, you pick up books like The Millionaire Mind, The
Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Multiple Streams of Income, The
Ultimate Sales Machine, etc. If you wanted to master business, you pick up the
great business books of all time. Oddly, they’re not even coming to my brain
right now. Books like The E-Myth, The 4 Hour Workweek, Lean Startup, and
eventually The Foundation book.
If you wanted to master relationships, wouldn’t you then put your complete
focus and attention on that? If you wanted to master in the abundant in your
relationship with spirituality or God, wouldn’t you then put your complete focus
in on that? Reading books like the Bible, or if you are in other religions or faith
orientations, whatever those books may be.
But here’s the thing that I’m not talking about that I want to touch on as we sort
of wrap this episode today. We’ve talked about abundance, we’ve talked about
that it is abundant – the world’s abundant in nature. We’ve talked about the skill
for how to actually build and transform abundance. What we haven’t talked
about is a self-sabotage that comes up. You see, you can have complete focus
and complete attention on these activities. If you really want to add fire, fuel to
the fire, the next thing you would want to focus on is, I think, I believe, selfsabotage.
Now, here’s how to get a good, reliable indicator at what your belief system is.
Self-sabotage – I’m talking about your belief systems – self-sabotage is the
unconscious mind making its belief’s a reality. Self-sabotage is the unconscious
mind, your unconscious mind, making its belief’s a reality. If you are a believer
that it’s hard to be healthy, your unconscious mind is going to set up
circumstances, and setup life instances, and setup meals, and setup decisions for
you that reinforce that belief. Self-sabotage is the unconscious making its belief’s
a reality.
If you think that it is hard to make money, or wealthy people are evil, your
unconscious is going to make that a reality. If you believe that business is difficult
or hard, your unconscious is going to make that a reality. If you believe that God
is evil or bad, your unconscious is going to make that a reality. Self-sabotage is
the unconscious making its belief’s a reality.
What are your belief systems to health, wealth, business, relationships, spirit or
God? It’s very simple. You just ask yourself. Health is … what comes up? For me,
in this moment, it changes every day, it changes all the time. I’m in flux. For me,
health is fun comes up. Next, wealth is easy for me. Business is intense today in
this moment, a lot going on in the business world for me. Relationships are scary
incredible. What a funny – that’s funny. I didn’t think that counts. And spirit or
God is amazing. Now, those are good indicators.
If you just go in and you just ask the one sentence, wealth is boom, health is
boom, business is boom, relationships are boom, spirit or God is boom!
Whatever word comes up is a good indicator of what your belief system is and
that belief system is going to reinforce this area. Now, if you want to transform
that area, you can do it instantly, but then you need consistent repetition over
Now, The Foundation is a beautiful container to transform this because if you
noticed that … if people that go to those foreign countries like Australia or – let’s
just say Australia. If you go to Australia for a while … I had a friend who went to
Australia, when he came back he speak Aussie mate. He would speak Australian
and we gave him so much crap for it. Now, he didn’t consciously do that, he
wasn’t practicing the Australian accent every day. Just by being in that
environment, by being in the osmosis of that world, he started to speak that
foreign accent. What if you could just by osmosis be around a group of people
and start to believe these things? That’s what The Foundation can do.
As for The Foundation such a beautiful container, when you get immersed into
The Foundation for six months at a time, you come out with different belief
systems, belief systems that serve you in an abundant world. Now, I’m inclined
to talk about how to transform your identity and I’m inclined to talk about how
to speak into the issues of belief systems on an identity-based level. In order to
do that, you have to know what your identity is. How do you view yourself? How
do you switch out to self-sabotage?
Well, we have an identity re-patterning program within The Foundation that’s far
too in-depth for me to really touch on here. It’s a three-part video where you
find your identity, challenge your limits, reset your limits, and then re-pattern
your identity. But how do you switch out these beliefs one at a time and then
with consistent reinforcement? You do it through a series of asking questions
where you actually can discern and see. If you are really a warrior of life or
brave, courageous person of life then you have a propensity and a desire for
truth. If you do have that propensity, that desire, that yearning for truth, then
you won’t want to sit in your self-sabotaging belief systems forever.
I have many stories of abundance, many stories of students shifting out their
identity. But sadly, today, the day’s busy and long for me and we must end. I
really enjoyed speaking to you on this topic of abundance, the topic of
abundance being a muscle, a skill that you can develop and practice. I hope
you’ve enjoyed this episode. Would you please share it with the world? Share it
on Facebook, share it with a friend.
Please post a comment telling me something that resonated with you so I can
continue these solo episodes. I want to know that they’re resonating with you. If
they’re not, we’ll stop. I’ll stop these episodes if they are not serving. These are
ultimately in service of you.
If you’d like to join our next Foundation program, we’d love to have you, we’d
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This life that is pictured in your mind that you may not be living, we’d love to
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