$30k/mo Solving a Problem for Public Schools – with Andre Feigler

Andre Feigler has always had a passion for kids. Having started off as a teacher, she soon realized that teaching wasn’t for her, but she had a real passion for engaging kids and helping them through education. When she saw the difficulties that schools have in finding inspiring (and the right) substitute teachers, she set up her business, ‘Enriched Schools’. Motivated by her passion for education, Andre’s business is about helping schools to find inspiring substitute teachers who exactly fulfill the individual requirements of the classroom.

In This Interview You’ll Learn...

  • 01:19  How and Why Andre set up ‘Enriched Schools’
  • 09:40  Andre’s belief of going with a hunch and testing it out
  • 12:20  How Andre got her first and second customers
  • 17:07  Andre’s challenges in up-scaling
  • 21:50  How Andre stays motivated
  • 29:15  Why Andre believes that you have to be naïve to be an entrepreneur


Show Notes