Listen to Carl Mattiola Reverse His Limiting Beliefs

In this episode we show you exactly what goes on inside the Foundation. This is a call between Dane and Carl early on in the Foundation last year. Carl walks Dane through his limiting beliefs, then uses the framework we teach in the Foundation to reverse them. For real.

Carl Mattiola is one of the most successful members in the Foundation of last year’s class. His company Clinic Metrics is killing it, but in this call we will look into the limiting beliefs Carl had to reverse (and why) to get to where he is.

You will learn what limiting beliefs Carl reversed as he built his product, and the identity crises he went through.

Before listening, please be advised that both Carl and Dane are vulnerable in this call, which can be uncomfortable in certain situations.


In this interview you'll learn...

  • 2:35 - Reason for the episode
  • 3:10 - Reasons why Dane is successful
  • 4:30 - Carl’s WHY statement
  • 7:00 - Applying “self-awareness”
  • 8:15 - Carl’s dilemma this morning
  • 10:15 - Limiting belief reversal breakdown
  • 14:00 - Carl’s direction
  • 15:50 - Most recent dilemma
  • 19:00 - Further breakdown
  • 24:45 - You’re your worst enemy
  • 27:35 - What Dane would do




Show Notes

Podcast transcript:

Starting from Nothing – The Foundation Podcast
Guest Name Interview – Carl Mattiola
Introduction: Welcome to Starting from Nothing – The Foundation Podcast, the place
where incredible entrepreneur show you how they built their businesses
entirely from scratch before they knew what the heck they were doing. Now
here’s your host, Andy Drish.
Andy: Welcome everyone to Starting from Nothing, The Foundation Podcast. Today,
we have a different kind of show for you.
Earlier this week you heard my interview with Carl Mattiola, one of our rock
star students from last year’s Foundation. If you’ve been watching our videos
and reading our emails, you probably heard us talk about how we help
students overcome limiting beliefs but you might be wondering how do you
actually do that, what’s that all about? In this episode, we’re going to give
you a sneak peek into what goes on inside The Foundation.
I'm super grateful today because Carl has agreed to let us share a limiting
belief call that he did with Dane last year. This is before Carl had anything to
I want to warn you that both Carl and Dane are extremely vulnerable on this
call. So if you're in a place where that’s kind of uncomfortable for you, it
might be good to skip this episode. If you’re totally comfortable with that, if
you want to see what goes on behind The Foundation, and if you really want
to dig in and understand a little bit more about what you would be doing in
our community this year, then this episode is an incredible one.
If you don’t mind, I would love to know what you think. Chris and I, we want
to experiment with episodes that really just change it up here and there and
give you more depth into what we’re up to. If you wouldn't mind shooting
me an email at and just letting me and Chris
know what you thought about this episode. Whether you like it or not, that
would be absolutely incredible.
Thank you and we’ll be talking soon. Here is the episode.
Dane: There’s a very important call that I want you to listen to because it’s the
beginning of what I want to start integrating into The Foundation and it’s selfsufficiency.
This is where you're able to actually help yourself at the moment
where you endure the greatest pain. With that, I have one of the superstars
in The Foundation on the line, Carl. Carl, what’s up?
Carl: Not too much. Just taking a break from work to talk to you.
Dane: This call actually really sparked because Carl sent me a private message. I'm
going to read the private message out loud and then we’ll go from there.
How’s that sound, Carl?
Carl: Sounds good.
Dane: Carl says, “Hey Dane, I got hit with a hard limiting belief this morning. It felt
like a heavy weight on my stomach and chest. I took it to the framework like I
normally do. Most of what you do on the calls is talk people through limiting
As we are all striving to become more self sufficient, or should be, do you
think it would be helpful to others to hear the internal dialogue I had with
myself as I reversed this belief? And then to have you comment on it in hopes
of helping others in The Foundation do the same.
When we talked a week ago, you asked why I think I’d been so successful
extracting ideas. After thinking about it, I really believe I'm successful
because I constantly address these feelings and keep taking action.”
You wanted to share this and also wondered if I thought it would be helpful. I
thought it would be so helpful that’s why I'm doing this call. Can you maybe
zoom out a little bit and talk about why you think you’ve been so successful
at idea extraction and then maybe walk us through how you reverse this
belief that you got hit hard with this morning?
Carl: Okay.
Well, the one call that stuck out to me the most when I first started The
Foundation was the one you had with Troy and how he kind of said he had
this Google Doc where he wrote his direction as to where he wanted to go.
Over time, the person he wanted to be. He read it every day. I did the same
thing. I wrote something up like that.
As I came across these limiting beliefs, I kind of add them to that document. I
read every single one that I’ve gotten over every single morning over again.
As I come across, I try to address them right away.
Dane: You read what every day?
Carl: I read this overall direction kind of document that I put together that says
who I want to be as a person and why, why I want to be that way, what my
goals are. Before I read any of that, I read the limiting belief that I’ve gotten
myself through in The Foundation.
In the beginning before … I joined right when you started going over this kind
of stuff, limiting beliefs, and just understanding and feeling your emotions
and understanding them. Before you went over that, I wasn’t able to sleep at
all. It was crazy. I was freaking out. I was worried that this whole thing was
going to be a huge scam – no offense – and I would totally freak out. I was
nervous about all of it. I kind of addressed that one limiting belief; to the
point where I was doing crazy things like taking an ice bath to try to get to
After I learned the skill that day after I went – I can’t remember exactly which
piece of content was it I went through – I felt better immediately and was
able to sleep. That’s why this all sunk in to me so much and why I continue to
use it.
Dane: Well, what content did you go through? You have to remember that.
Carl: It was basically the content where you said self – It was part of the mindset
content and it was the one where you talked about self awareness.
Dane: It was a video.
Carl: Yeah, it was a video but I guess it was just a video where you're looking –
you're just kind of speaking and talking through a mind map. It may have
changed but that was the one.
Dane: It was on awareness.
Carl: It was on awareness.
Dane: What shifted for you when you watched that?
Carl: As I watched it, I don’t think anything shifted right then. I just took basically
the – I took what you did and put it into practice against the feeling that I was
having right then by understanding what I was feeling and how I was feeling
it. Kind of understanding that was there, knowing it was there, and why it
was there. Kind of accepting that with that and then going – This is before I
even tried any limiting belief reversal type stuff. I was just kind of feeling it,
understanding it, knowing it’s there and why it’s there. You said within five or
15 minutes it would go away and that’s exactly what happened. It was like
magic to me to be on that side. It kind of blew my mind.
Dane: Yeah. Just feeling the feeling after about five or ten minutes it would go
away. Do you have an example?
Carl: I'm sorry, what was that?
Dane: You said if you sit and feel a feeling for five or ten minutes, it would go away.
Do you have an example?
Carl: Yeah. Well, I could take you through the one that happened this morning.
That’s the one that’s the most recently on my mind because it’s kind of a big,
big deal. I had that feeling, a major heavy feeling this morning, charging all
week like I’ve been super excited since our last call when I talked about my
idea and we kind of validated it together a little more. So working on it and
then I had this thing happen this morning. I wish I could tell you what it is. I
had a heavy feeling about it. I'm not sure people could understand why that
would – Some people cry. Felt like it was a setback or a problem. I came to
believe – or I still believe – that it’s just now a limiting belief that I had about
it. That’s why I was having this feeling.
Dane: Before you do, do you happen to have those documents handy, or are you in
a room without a computer? Like the document?
Carl: No, I have my – what documents?
Dane: The document of who you want to be, why you want to become, and the
other one [unclear 00:09:14].
Carl: I have all of it right in front of me.
Dane: Can you read those out?
Carl: Because I figured you …
Dane: Yeah. You figured I would ask about them?
Carl: I figured you’d ask about them, yeah. Sure. I mean they’re long. Is that cool?
Dane: Yes.
Carl: The one’s not that long.
The first one is the correction that I put and I set for myself. In the beginning
of that, it goes through an abbreviation of all the limiting beliefs I’ve gotten
myself through. Do you want me to read those?
Dane: Yes.
Carl: Okay.
My limiting beliefs – I feel these in my chest and my stomach. I’m worried
that this is all fake and I'm not going to get anywhere. You’ve already gotten
somewhere, look at all the calls you’ve made and ideas you’ve uncovered.
I’m concerned that the problems I find in my market will be too complicated
to solve. No problem is too complicated to solve. You can break any problem
down into bite-sized chunks that you can conquer. I'm worried that this is
going to cause me so much stress that it will make me sick and unhealthy.
That’s basically – that’s it.
It’s not going to be easy but now you understand how to reverse a limiting
belief and you can use the limiting belief framework to get through issues as
they come up.
I don’t know if I interest in a high level of energy and keep plugging away in
order to be successful. This is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. Just keep going
day-by-day at your own pace and you’ll keep moving forward.
I feel like no matter what ideas I extract, the product already exists and I will
not be able to compete with them. I'm worried no ideas may exist in this
market. Even if there are competitors, I can beat them by listening to the
customer’s pains and gain a small percent of the market and grow from
there. I'm concerned people will think I'm a sleazy sales guy on the phone.
You’re liberating them with a solution to a problem they wouldn’t have
otherwise found. You're giving them a gift.
I'm often afraid of – This is the biggest one for me, I think. I'm often afraid of
what people think of me if I try new things. I do not want them to see me fail.
I'm afraid of failing. Or I'm not afraid of failing but I'm afraid of letting others
see me fail. This is why I don’t usually share a lot of the ideas that I have or
things that I’m doing with those people. Now, I'm excited about failing
because I know each step and each failure gets me closer to succeeding every
call, every idea, every validation can get me closer to my ultimate goals and
the direction I want to take my life in.
I'm nervous now that I’ve chosen an idea, that my idea will not work out and
people will not want to help me build it. These people gave me this idea by
explaining the pain that they had in their business and deal with and the pain
that they have in their daily lives. This pain is not going away automatically.
They spent the time to walk me through it and in some cases already said if I
build it and it’s fairly priced, they will buy it.
It’s possible this might not work out, but killing the idea by trying to pre-sell it
is better than spending money on it and building it now than losing that
money eventually.
That’s the most recent one I wrote but it doesn’t include the one that I came
across this morning because the one I came across this morning, I didn’t
abbreviate like that and kind of add to my list yet. It just happened. Then
after that, I go through my whole direction. Do you want me to do that as
Dane: Yeah, I think so.
Carl: Is this too long?
Dane: No. I mean is it going to be about as long as the limiting beliefs thing?
Carl: No, this is quicker.
Dane: Oh, yeah, go for it.
Carl: Okay.
My direction. In six months, I want to have a business with ten paying
customers. I want to be at the mansion party and I want to be a success
within The Foundation. Within three years – In general, I want to make my
customers feel awesome. I want my customers to love me and trust me, and I
want to be an honest person. I want eventually to have something like 500
users at $100 a month.
I want to be able to build a business that other people would like to look at as
an example, and I want to spend time helping other people do the same
thing. I want to have more time for myself. I want to have more time to
spend with Sky, that’s my girlfriend. I want to be honest, good, helpful, and
I don’t want to commute anymore. I want to work on my own goals. I want to
be a better friend and stay better connected. I want to be in more contact
with my family. I want to be able to support my family. I want to be free of an
everyday corporate job. I want to be able to surf everyday or go to Tahoe if I
feel like it. I want all of this that could be those things that make me happy.
That’s everything.
Dane: Hell yeah. How does it feel to share all that?
Carl: It feels good; tingly.
Dane: What did you conquer today?
Carl: Today – my idea essentially … I told you about my idea and the back story is
basically it’s for – My industry is the physical therapy clinic industry. One of
the ideas that I came across is basically a way to help clinic owners manage
their clinic or clinics by booking and keeping track of metrics in real time of all
their clinics.
One of the things that I noticed when I was extracting was there was a lot of
people with this. The people who were great to extract off of and that who
are all interested in this idea had gone through some type of business
training. It was mostly through this company called Measurable Solutions, or
at least a couple of them are. They’re actually two of the key people I talked
to going through this.
I’ve reached out to this guy from Measurable Solutions, the guy who runs this
consulting company that teaches physical therapists how to run their clinic. It
gives them an idea of how to be a business. They never got back to me but
one of the therapists I talk to on a regular basis that kind of befriended me
and helped me through all this and given me a lot of ideas and stuff, he went
down there just by chance and met with the guy.
The guy’s actually working on a product exactly like what I extracted. This is a
heavy hit on me because I had hoped that I would be able to work with this
company eventually on this idea. He actually told them that’s why they didn’t
get back to me because they were working on the same idea.
As you might imagine, it kind of hit me hard a little bit because I was like,
“Man, this sucks because some of my main prospects that I'm talking to went
through this program. They don’t know about this product yet but this guy
might be putting out soon and they might go with that over whatever I built.
Who will be the main prospect?” or whatever. That’s what happened.
Dane: Sucks.
Carl: It does kind of suck.
I then took it through the limiting belief framework and I wrote down how I
feel about this. Essentially, I felt a heavy weight on my chest. That’s exactly
how I felt it. I felt weary and nervous because I found out about this major
competition that will be coming my way. Yes, I believe that’s true and I'm
sure it’s true.
How do I feel about it now? This is how I felt about it when I wrote this. I feel
nervous, caution, and weary. I'm actually just reading out loud from the
document, just so you know. I feel it in my stomach and chest. How would
you feel without this feeling? I would feel empowered, strong, in charge, just
like I felt right before I found this out.
I feel this feeling right now because I found out about a huge potential
competitor and I'm afraid they’re a threat to my success. That is why I feel
bad. This competitor is – So then, I guess, I started trying to reverse it. This
competitor is not a threat to my success.
It’s amazing that there is another competitor in this space because it
validates that my idea is a good one and I previously hadn’t been able to find
any competition out there. It validates there’s a strong market for it. I can
beat the competition by paying closer attention to the problem and
understanding the pain of the customer. I can relieve that pain by building
software that truly solves the problem. I can build better software than they
Then I kind of said how do you feel now? I feel better but it feels my top
prospects have gone through this training with this company. They don’t
know that this company – they’re called Measurable Solutions or whatever.
They don’t know that this company is coming out with a product like this. If
they find out, I can easily lose these couple people that I’ve been working
with closely.
What I just did was I had one limiting belief and it kind of narrowed it down
to another which is that I might lose these people that I'm working with to
this other company, this specific people. Then I tried to reverse that limiting
belief. Is it true? Maybe. Maybe it’s true that I blew [unclear 00:21:47] this
How do I feel? I feel better but I still feel nervous. Kind of like something has
been taken away from me. I feel like why are they [unclear 00:21:57] robbed
me of some of my motivation and spirit. I feel this feeling right now as I
realize some of the people I’ve been working with calibrate from pain. When
they find out about this new product, they might choose that instead of
mine, especially since they learned this way of managing from this company.
How would you feel without this feeling? I’d be pumped up again and ready
to charge forward with this idea. Then I tried to reverse that, or I did reverse
it and I said “these prospects might go away with this other product but I'm
working with them on this. I'm addressing their pain.”
On top of it, they’re just two people out of this market of 80,000 businesses.
This firm, this consulting firm, is one of many also. I can compete because I’ll
address the pain that they have and I'm working with them directly so I can
address this pain better. If they do believe it’s not the end of the world
because there are so many others out there. There’s so many other potential
customers out there. That was the last thing I did. After that, I felt a lot
I actually shared this with Mitch from [unclear 00:23:33]. He’s been kind of
like my little therapist that I talk to when I do this sometimes. He kind of
confirms it with me.
After I do that, I usually write down some action that I'm going to take
[unclear 00:23:47] result of reversing it. The actions that I wrote down are I'm
going to continue charging forward, and I'm also going to connect with more
people and try to gain more prospects right now.
Dane: This is badass.
Carl: Is it? I don’t know.
The other thing is that I don’t know how you feel about what I just did or
what I just said. If it’s right or wrong. It helps me to do this and I feel like I can
almost get over anything doing this.
Dane: You can. You are now your own worst enemy, for sure. I mean that in a good
way. You now know you're your own worst enemy and that there’s nothing
else outside of you that can – You now can’t have the excuse that it’s
something external, right?
Carl: Yeah, it’s true.
The danger in that to me is that what if I reverse a belief that’s a legitimate,
like a really legitimate concern? I’ve been thinking about that. That’s
probably unlikely. I also have the support of everybody. We all have the
support of everybody in The Foundation. If this were an idea that wasn't a
good one, or if what I just said would totally going to crush my idea then the
worst I would get is to the point where I try to sell it or I can’t sell it or
something like that. At least other people would pivot by sharing it, other
people are able to kind of – in The Foundation are able to kind of help out.
Yeah, I guess that’s one thing I thought of is that the only danger of reversing
limiting belief like this is that – What if you reverse one that’s legit because
you can almost do that now when you think about that.
Dane: You can almost do what? Sorry, I'm taking notes about our call.
Carl: You could almost reverse a belief that might be a legitimate concern or a
legitimate thing to where you should totally change your course and action
that you miss. Personally, I feel like that’s unlikely because I feel like no
matter what, what this is doing is it’s getting you to continue, it’s getting you
to take action. That’s what I use it for. I use it for getting over shit so that I
can continue on my path to achieve all those things that I read to you in the
beginning of what my goals are.
Dane: Yeah, that sounds – Did you talk yourself out of “Jumping off a bridge will kill
me.” Well, no. “Jumping off a bridge will save my life” would be the opposite.
Carl: Yeah. Yeah.
Dane: I’d give that reasoning. You just apply a little common sense to it and you’d
be good.
Carl: Can I ask a question now?
Dane: Yeah, go for it.
Carl: In what I just went through with this belief I reverse today. After hearing
what I said, how would you perceive? What actions would you take if you
were in my shoes?
Dane: The first thing is this guy’s a consulting shop; he’s not a software company.
Carl: Exactly.
Dane: I think you're going to be able to build a better product.
Now, you're going to have a bitch of a time getting his customers to use your
product over his. The thing that sucks is that most of your people that have
done business training will want this product and those that haven’t might
You might actually end up going after the market that hasn’t had business
training and you might put together a PDF that’s three, four, or five pages on
the basics of how to run your physical therapy practice like a business. Then
use that as your free line content to then up-sell into your package so you
can go after all the physical therapy practices, whereas he can just go after
his students. That’s one thing I would think about.
Is that helpful?
Carl: Yeah, I know it did.
The other thing is that he’s one of several. There are lots of other programs
out there. There are a lot of people who don’t like his program because it’s
scientology based or something. When I reverse this myself, the conclusion I
came to is I should not stop, I should only work harder. I should only take
more action.
Dane: Yeah, I think you're good. Move forward.
Carl: Okay.
Dane: I’ve got to get to a one-on-one.
Carl: Okay. Alright, man. Thanks. I hope other people find this helpful too.
Dane: Yeah, I can’t wait.
If you guys have found this helpful, please reach out to Carl and say thank
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