SFN236 | Purpose Mapping: The Dirty Little Secret of Every High Achiever

SFN236 | Purpose Mapping: The Dirty Little Secret of Every High Achiever

If you’re struggling with your direction or motivation, today’s guest shares action steps you can take to hone in on your purpose.


Craig Filek is on a mission to map the purpose genome of humanity... for humanity. He is the Executive Director of the Purpose Genome Institute and the creator of a psychological technology for unlocking your potential called Purpose Mapping®.


In This Interview I Ask:

  • 2:15 - Where did Purpose Mapping come from?
  • 5:00 - A tangent on philosophy.
  • 11:30 - If people are struggling with purpose, how does Craig help them get carty?
  • 14:30 - When going through the Purpose Mapping process, what’s the biggest challenge that people come up against?


Getting Clarity Through Distinction


The first thing you have to do is start making distinctions – by making distinctions, we start to gain clarity.


1st Distinction: being & doing

  • Being - the way you feel on the inside
  • Doing - everything you can see about someone else
  • Having being & doing gives you the fundamental distinction that every being experiences.


2nd Distinction: Given the way I’m being, are the things I’m doing making me feel better or worse?

  • From that, you can start to navigate your life in the direction of The Good Life.
  • We have Strengths (the way of doing that feels better),
  • Essence (the way of being that feels better),
  • Downfalls (the way of doing that feels worse),
  • and a Shadow (the way of being that feels worse).
  • By aligning with your shadow, the place where it is most painful, you are able to retrieve your “gold,” and your gold is what you’re actually seeking.
  • “The connection between your gold and your strengths is where you find the axis of purpose.”


3rd Distinction: purpose & mission

  • Purpose & mission aren’t interchangeable.
  • Purpose actually means the reason something exists.
  • A mission is something you’re trying to accomplish.
  • People can get their purpose very easily – it’s finding a mission worth committing your life to that people struggle with.


To begin Purpose Mapping for free, visit www.PurposeMapping.com/andy-drish.