SFN232: The Foundation & The Future of Internet Marketing

SFN232: The Foundation & The Future of Internet Marketing

What is necessary to become a successful entrepreneur?

There are a number of factors from dedication, discipline and endless learning...but having the balls to capitalize on (or go out and find) the right opportunity has been the difference in so many stories of the individuals that have gone out and made it.

Recognizing and acting on those opportunities isn’t always easy though. It usually takes a lot of trying and failing at ideas before you find the one that is your ticket to success.

If this sounds maybe a little too familiar you should check out this killer interview with our friend, and Foundation alumni, Phil MacNevin. He tried a little bit of everything before he finally decided he wanted to live a different life...then he scratched and clawed his way into the door of one of the biggest marketers out there.

But the entrepreneurial spirit kept calling and he jumped out on his own...

The story behind his brainchild - LiftMedia - will provide inspiration for anyone looking to start their own business or pursue their dream career.

Check it out and let us know what you think...