SFN194: How to escape corporate servitude by bootstrapping

SFN194: How to escape corporate servitude by bootstrapping


Do you want to escape corporate servitude to add more value and make a greater impact?

Four years ago, Carl Mattiola left Tesla Motors and graduated from The Foundation as one of the most successful people in the class. He was generating $3-4k in monthly recurring revenue for a software product.

Now he is making well over six figures every month as the Founder or Co-Founder of three companies: ClinicRise, ClinicMetrics and Breakthrough PT Marketing.

You can make the leap too. Listen to Carl’s story to discover how The Foundation helped him achieve his goals.


In This Interview I Ask:

  • 4:10 - Why did it make sense for you to join The Foundation?
  • 8:05 - What happened when Carl got in? When did he start feeling momentum?
  • 8:55 - What happened to make it such an emotional shift for Carl?
  • 10:45 - Where does Carl start getting traction with ideation, and when did he get his first customer?
  • 13:25 - Tell me about ClinicMetric’s first customer. When did they pay you? What did they pay you for? What was the product and why did people want to pay you for it?
  • 16:00 - What were the next five months of The Foundation program like?
  • 19:50 - It took a while to get the business to a point where Carl was happy with it. What is that point and how long did it take?
  • 23:15 - What was it like quitting Tesla?
  • 25:15 - Carl quit. Now, instead of 1-2 hours a day, he has 40+ hours a week. Did he continue with the same marketing channels?
  • 26:45 - What changed at Breakthrough PT Marketing that allowed them to command a $10,000 price tag for their course?
  • 29:20 - You’ve mentioned copywriting and marketing. You’ve really become a student of marketing. That seems really critical to what you’ve created over the past four years. What are some of the key takeaways you’ve had from either a mindset shift or a perspective that have really unlocked this level of growth?
  • 35:30 - How long does it take you to become profitable when you are running paid ad traffic?
  • 38:00 - What else do you wish you had done sooner or differently?


Making a Change

“I wasn’t feeling good about what I was doing. I badly wanted to get out there and just take my skills and start selling on my own.”

In 2012, Carl was a project manager at Tesla. For some, that’s a dream job. Carl felt trapped.

Carl felt like crap, and he saw that as a call-to-action. He committed to going all out and joined The Foundation.

Almost immediately, making a change lead to a major emotional shift that gave Carl momentum.


Validating ClinicMetrics

“The business was created by the customers, not me.”

Carl validated 8 ideas before he decided to move forward with ClinicMetrics.

He created a clickable demo of the product: a dashboard displaying all of the metrics that matter for a physical therapy business, the most important of which is staff productivity.

He was just a month into The Foundation when he pre-sold his first customer. He incorporated their ideas, and the ideas of everyone he talked to during ideation, to create the product that physical therapists wanted.

Carl went through ideation, pre-selling his first customer and building his demo while working a full-time job, so he could only commit one or two hours every day.

It only takes a couple hours of consistent work every day to build a validated software product with The Foundation process.


Don’t Do Too Much With The Product

“The biggest mistake everybody is making is, if they get to the point where they’re making sales, they just start to do whatever the customers tells them.”

You want to build what the customer wants – but, at the same time, you have to restrict what it’s going to be. Otherwise you’re going to lose a ton of money trying to build everything.


Creating a $10,000 Value

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the value we provide is worth 10x to 100x what we’re giving them, within a short period of time, if they actually do it … it’s proven to work, and no one can deny it at this point because we’ve had over 590 businesses buy that course and the majority of them have massive success. If they implement, they all have massive success.”

Carl continued to disrupt the physical therapy industry when he and Chad Madden launched Breakthrough PT Marketing. In short, they sell courses and an information product that teach people how to market their physical therapy practice, as a gateway into other things.

It started as a $2,700 course. Now it’s a $10,000 course.

If you look at the case studies that Breakthrough PT Marketing has done for their clients then you will see how it changes their lives completely, and how much value their clients receive when they implement this $10,000 course.


Direct Response Marketing

“The skill of Direct Response Marketing – I can’t think of a more valuable skill.”

Direct Response Marketing involves putting offers out into the world related to a desire that someone actually wants to improve in their life.

People have the opportunity to respond to that, and you can see if it’s working because there is an offer they are either accepting or refusing.

Before you can master the skill of Direct Response Marketing, you have to learn

  • The concept of one-to-many sales
  • How to identify what people want and communicate that to them
  • The best marketing platforms for the audience you are targeting
  • How to build automated sales funnels

If you tap into what people really want and you offer it in a place where many people can respond to it through advertising, then you can automate all of your prospecting. You might even be able to automate the sales.