Beardbrand: Founder Gets it Right After 10 Years of Failed Businesses - with Eric Bandholz

You've heard that every overnight success is 10 years in the making? For today's guest, that saying could't be more literally true.

Eric Bandholz is the co-founder of Beardbrand, a site that caters to the urban beardsman by providing high quality beard oils, mustache wax, grooming kits and more. Eric launched his business in January of 2013 with 3 partners and was able to grow the business to five figures in just seven months.

But it took 10 years of failed businesses to get to Beardbrand.

Eric is really open about the success he's had with Beardbrand - but he doesn't hide the fact that for the last 1- years he's tried to start different businesses and none of them have succeeded.

In This Interview You'll Learn...

  • 5:58  why Eric likes to have partners in business
  • 10:58  why it's more important to build a brand than a product
  • 18:21  how Eric keeps getting press coverage from places like Yahoo! and the New York Times
  • 20:52  the Beardbrand marketing strategy
  • 29:48  how to fight loneliness as an entrepreneur
  • 38:49  the hardest part of Eric's job
  • 40:01  how Beardbrand is building a location independent business even though they sell a physical product


Show Notes