SFN162: Geoff Woods On Strategically Adding Value To Others

SFN162: Geoff Woods On Strategically Adding Value To Others


Geoff Woods is the host of The Mentee Podcast and an alumni of The Foundation, who went from having a 6-figure sales job to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Geoff was going through The Foundation’s “Idea Extraction” process when he realized that SaaS was not a good fit for him. Instead he made a pivot to focus on something he was much more passionate about building, which ended up being his podcast, The Mentee. Because of the guidance from his mentors, Geoff was able to monetize within three months of launch.

In Part 2 of this interview, Geoff breaks down the steps to meet the top influencers in your industry. Plus he fulfills his promise to share the strategies he used to become a contributor on Entrepreneur.com within a mere three weeks, and how you can do it too!


In This Interview I Ask:

  • 2:26 - Take us through the process of what it looked like for you to find your own billionaire mentor.
  • 5:46 - How can you, wherever you are right now, start tapping into people who are lightyears beyond you?
  • 6:57 - How can other people go out and replicate what you’ve done?
  • 8:10 - How did you acquire the energy, conviction and desire to be committed to your actions?
  • 29:25 - Where can I go to receive this type training to replicate what you’ve done?



3 Steps to Strategically Add Value to People Who Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Get Clarity on Where You Need Help

Ask yourself the following questions, and describe each answer in one sentence:

  1. Out of everything you’re working on right now, what is the ONE thing that you need the most help with?
  2. How would you describe the ideal person who could help guide you with your ONE thing?

Tell People Where You Need Help and They Will Rise Up and Support You.

80% of everything you need is already within your circle of influence.” When you share what you’re working on and where you need help, people can’t resist the desire to want to help you. Either that person you talk to will be the person you need, or you plant the seed in their mind so when they come across a person who fits the mold, they’ll consider making that connection.

Example: When you touch based with someone and they ask “What’s up?” you can say, “You know, I realized that I need to surround myself with some really great people who just eat, sleep, breath [topic of expertise].” When you share these needs with the people who care about you, they naturally feel compelled to help you .

Strategically show up every day and focus on adding value to one person at a time consistently.

Ask each person, What are you working on? How can I help you? Know that they will share a piece of information, and even if you are not their answer directly, you may know the person who is able to help. Either way, you plant the seed and that connection will eventually happen.

Never ask a successful person out to coffee to “pick their brain.” This is basically asking them to give you their free time. The answer is obviously no.

The moment Geoff learned to become the person who just look to see how can I add value to them to every relationship, he started to find that people bent over backwards to help him.



How to become a contributor on any publication in three weeks

A common rookie mistake in an attempt to become a contributor on any publication would be to try to connect directly with its editor and pitch them your article.

Instead, Geoff followed his 3-step process:

  1. He became clear on his goal: Geoff wanted to become a contributing writer on Entrepreneur.com.
  2. He started targeting contributing writers. This was the script he used: “Hey, I’m seeking guidance. I see that you’ve written for Entrepreneur. I’m really curious about your journey, and the impact it’s had on you. I’m going through these crossroads in my life, and frankly I wanted to ask for your help. Would you be willing to spend 10-15 minutes with me sharing your journey? I promise I will find a way to add value to you. PS: I already shared your most recent post.”
  3. Finally he was recommended to the editor (which shows incredible valuable). He then asked the editor “Hey, how can I make you look good? What does it take to write a great post?” Then Geoff took the editor’s feedback and went to work.



Playing the “Long Game”

When you meet somebody, you may have a long term hope of how they can help you, but if you just go for the ask, it won’t help you. It’s more rewarding to have a long term relationship.

“[When] you fast forward to the end of your life, it’s going to be the experiences you shared and the people you shared them with.”

Every time you approach somebody, they’re a puzzle piece. You have no idea what role they will play in your life, but you figure out where they need help and you file it away. Over time you start finding pieces that fit together, and when you connect those people, tremendous value is created and ultimately the vision of your life is unfolded.




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Podcast transcript:

Frank Mocerino: Here we go, Welcome to another edition of “Starting from Nothing podcast”. I am your host today, Frank Mocerino. This is part two of a series. You can see we’ve got a rowdy crew today. So we’re bringing back Geoff Woods again. And the first episode and I want to encourage you guys, hit pause, and listen to part one if you haven’t already done it. Geoff takes us through everything that he did to live a six-figure job to become a full-time entrepreneur in 10 months. So what we’re going to focus on with Geoff again today in part two, is how did he shortcut his success to living a six-figure dopp in becoming a full-time entrepreneur in 10 months? Now we’ve also got Ryan Twedt, tactical marketer extraordinaire is on with us as well. Welcome back guys!

Geoff Woods: What’s up?

Ryan Twedt: Welcome Frankie, so good to be here with these two.

Frank: So one of the things that I wanted to get start with is, I was curious if Ryan was wearing pants or not, since his wearing a suit coat. Stay tune cause were going to reveal it at the end of the episode. But Geoff and Ryan, Welcome back! This is a big one! Again part two of part three series, Geoff is going to take us through the process of what it looked like for him to find his own billionaire mentor. And this is something that I am personally excited about, something that I’ve got my penning ready to go. I’ve got my fingers all stretched out, so Geoff, help us understand, how’d you go out there and get this done?

Geoff: Yes, sure. So for those of you by now, I’m assuming you’ve listened up episode one and seriously, what Frank said if you haven’t heard episode one, a lot of this is not going to make sense to you. I’ll start at the end, so we talked a lot about what it takes to get in front of the right people, and there are several occasions when, you know, I was in an event, and I’m just approaching the people around the stage, which frankly, this has been my “golden goose”. I do whatever it takes to get in the right, in the room, in the right events, wherever that means becoming a volunteer, wherever that means, paying thousands of dollars, if that’s what it takes to get a “ticket”. I just wanted to make sure that I was in the right room, cause I knew, proximity was power. And so, when it ended up happening was, actually like two weeks after I launched the podcast. Have you heard of a book “The One Thing”?

Frank: I have. Yeah.

Ryan: I do. I have.

Geoff: Yeah. So, most people listening to this have heard it and if you have and I recommend it, but, Gary Keller, who started “Keller Williams”, is the largest real estate company in the world (the guy is a billionaire) he co-wrote it with his, with his partner Jay Papasan. And it’s all about productivity and… just get the book, it’s good. But Jay got hired to come in to our national sales meeting. And kinda like what happened with Brendan Bouchard is that he came up on stage and instead of sitting in my sit and saying like, “Yay Brendan,” or “Yay Jay,” my ass was out of the seat and I ran to the stage. And by the time Jay hit the ground, I was right there. And I introduced myself to them, I brought them on my podcast because I knew I had to be in a relationship with this guy, and I wanted to leverage my podcast as a way to get to people I’m normally would not have access to. And so I interviewed Jay, he was episode 17 of the Mentee and just followed up with him from time to time, checking and seeing how he was doing, seeing how I could add value to him, and randomly one day send him a tweet, saying to him, “What are you working on?” and “How can I help you?” and he replied back saying, “Gary and I are looking for a CEO for a new company we want to start and publishing” and I said, “Oh Great! I’ve been networking a lot, I know a lot of people who maybe a good fit, let’s have a talk and I’ll connect you with the right person” and, when we got on the phone and spoke, he told me what His and Gary’s vision were. And I was blown away! And I sat in my car in silence for 5five minutes after our talk. And walked into my house, looked to my wife and said, “I think everything’s about to change”. “I think we’re gonna end up moving to Texas”. And I called them back, it was that clear! I actually walked into my office right after that and pressed “record”. Cause I knew it was that much of a defining moment of my life. And in that ended up getting slice into and I think it was episode 57 where I documented the whole journey. But I called Jay back, two days later and I honestly was calling you to share my rolodex with you but I’m your guy so screw everybody else. That started a long process but ultimately I got the job and now I’m here in Austin Texas to the point where, because I launched a podcast. Because I decided to focus on my passion in creating content. Creating courses on the back end of it. I ended up being the guy to have the opportunity to earn the right to be the CEO of this company and be able to call these guys partner. So, let’s fast forward to the end where I’m legitimately have a billionaire mentor. Now let’s go to the beginning, what does this mean for you? How can you, wherever you are right now start tapping into people who are lightyears beyond you? Whether that be millionaires, whether that be billionaires and in the last episode at the end Frank asked me if I had a resource to share with you guys. I told you to find the bestmentors.com. I’d give you an action guide. It was the seven easy steps to me from the top seven influencers in your industry. That’s what we’re going to break down today because this is it. This is the secret to us guys. So, if you don’t have that yet, check it out. You’ll have the copy to go through. How do you want to do this Frank? You drive.

Frank: Yeah, I was just going to say by the way, you can tell Geoff as a podcast superstar because he can essentially interview himself.

Ryan: That’s so good.

Frank: Let’s really launch into it. So, you’ve got this process ironed out because coming from someone who does not yet have a billionaire mentor and you tell me your story. I really connect with the fact you hustled and you took action but in my mind, I can’t necessarily see the steps forward for how I can replicate that. So, share with us, if you would, how can other people go out and replicate what you’ve done.

Geoff: Sure and I think you touched on it really well in the last one, Frank, where you just said it comes down in taking action. It’s not like I started taking action and the result is going to be having the opportunity to partner up with a guy who built the largest real estate company in the world. I just knew in my bones it was the right thing to do. I just started taking action and picking up those breadcrumbs actually led me to an amazing opportunity. But for people to break this down for you, it all starts with getting clarity on where you needed the most help. There’s a reason that you listen to Starting From Nothing. There’s a reason that you’re interested in a foundation whether you’ve gone through it or whether you’re considering or whether or not you’re not considering. There’s something in your life that you recognized needs to change, right?

Ryan: One of the things that I seen you Geoff like we talked about clarity. We talked about action but the three things I saw with you was desire. You had a desire, just a deep desire, and it was powering you through this process and the conviction just to see the end and your clarity on achieving that and just took action and action. You’re committed to that and you’re super consistent like super powers I see from within you. How did you acquire that energy and those skills?

Geoff: Which skills specifically?

Ryan: Not necessarily skills, but the conviction and the desire and using that to be committed to your action.

Geoff: I think a lot of it had to do with the fact and like I mentioned before in the first episode, I had such a compelling why. When your income gets slashed by 40% and you’re wondering how the heck you’re going to pay the mortgage, that’s a pretty good fire. But on top of it, I’ve always been just a student of personal development. I’ve always sought to make myself better. It just seemed natural if that makes sense. You have to get clarity on where you need the most help and so Frank and I are going to roleplay. Out of everything you’re working on right now, Frank, where do you need the most help right now?

Frank: I really need the most help in really the technical marketing side of things.

Geoff: What do you mean by that?

Frank: What I mean by that is let’s take, for example, a guy like Ryan. A guy like Ryan, if you say this is the outcome that I want, I want to have 100 people do this on this day. Ryan can tell you the exact path to get there. If you ask me, how do I get that same thing? How do I build out a specific funnel that’s going to convert people that are on my list or coming into me as leads in some way? I don’t have the technical knowhow in order to be able to do that or even really describe it to someone in a way where I can give them clarity on what it is I’m looking for.

Geoff: Let’s boil that down to one sentence. What’s the one thing that you actually need the most help with right now?

Frank: I mean, ultimately, I think that I know in a gut level that I don’t need to know that specifically. So, what I need at a gut level is I need to know how to attract the best people who are great at the things that are in my blind spot.

Geoff: What’s your blind spot?

Frank: Tactical aspects of marketing.

Geoff: So, you just need to surround yourself with people who are great at tactical marketing.

Frank: That sounds right, yeah.

Geoff: Cool. All right. So, there’s a reason that I wanted to roleplay this because I want people to hear that these are the real questions that I ask myself. These are the real questions you should ask yourself. Out of everything you’re working on right now, what is the one thing that you need most help with and be able to describe it in a sentence. Frank needs help, surrounding himself with people who are really strong at tactical marketing. Now, let me ask you. You’ve already actually done it but just for the sake of the exercise, if you’re to describe the ideal person who could guide you, how would you describe them?

Frank: This is someone who has learned experientially. So, this is someone who has gone out there. This is someone who lives, eats and breathes marketing. This is someone who you’re out having a beer with them on Friday night and it’s 8 o’clock and they won’t shut up about what’s been converting best in their funnels. It’s somebody who loves this stuff, breathes and eats it.

Geoff: Awesome and if you have to describe them in one sentence.

Frank: If I describe that person in one sentence, it would be I want someone who lives, eats and breathes marketing period.

Geoff: Awesome. So, Frank has just done something really powerful. He’s looked at everything that’s going on in his life and he said what’s the one thing I need most help with. He’s identified it. He can articulate it quickly and concisely and he can describe the ideal people to guide him quickly and concisely. You need to go through these same steps. Now, here’s the next thing that you need to do. A mentor of mine shared with me that 80% of everything that you need is already within your circle of influence and I want you to think about that for a second. The fact is that 80% of everything you need is already within your circle of influence is massive. You just now need to start tapping into the relationships you already have. So, the reason number step 1 was to get that clarity is because step 2 is you just have to start talking about it. What I mean by that is how many times do you get on the phone with somebody and it starts like this. What’s up Frank? Not much Geoff. What’s up with you? Not much and the conversation continues. That’s like 99.99% of our conversations and it’s like one day I woke up and said, oh my gosh, this is a missed opportunity. So, when I said what’s up Frank and he says not much. What’s up with you? Instead of saying not much, I made a tweak like Ryan. If I was Frank I’d say, you know Geoff, a lot recently, I’ve realized that I needed to surround myself with some really great tactical marketers and I’m just looking to meet people who eats, sleep and breathe marketing and I would zip my mouth. Here’s what happens in that moment because you might be going alright, this sounds really simple. Here’s what happens. When you share what you’re working on and where you need help, as a human being on a raw level, you want to help people. You can’t help it. Your brain starts to think. Can I help this person? It’s just natural. The first option is that that person happens to be the solution. You just never knew. At which point, boom, drop the mike, you’re done. Well, let’s say that’s not the case. Maybe, they know someone. Did you ever heard of the rule of Six Degrees of Separation? Yeah, I mean you’re just tapping into your degrees. You’re not telling your best friend they’re looking to meet tactical marketers because they’re tactical marketer. You’re telling them because you have no idea how broad their roll decks is. If they happen to know somebody, I promise you. They’re going to consider making that connection. The third option is that you claim to see in their mind. They are not the person. They don’t know anybody but we meet new people everyday and if you come across that person who fits the mold, all of sudden, light bulb goes off and they would consider making that connection. For the fourth options, they do nothing and what did you lose. Now, let me tell you two stories. Well, I’ll tell you the story because in episode one I promised you guys I would share with you how you can become a contributing writer from major publication in like three weeks.

Frank: Buckle your seatbelts. I’m ready to hear this. I’ve got my pen ready.

Geoff: This is lev raging these two things I just talked about. I started the podcast. I tested the fact that it helped me get access to people I normally wouldn’t have access to. It helped me form relationships with people and it helped me find mentors. I wanted to go higher. I wanted to be able to get to the Brendon Burchard’s of the world. I want to be able to get to the Daymond Johns of the world. The John Assaraf’s of the world and I knew just a podcast wouldn’t do it. So, I said alright. I got the clarity. I need most help getting to the A level entrepreneurs and I need to surround myself with people who would know how to get access to them but in this case, I specifically want to become a writer for entrepreneur. It makes sense so far?

Frank: It makes sense. We’re with you.

Geoff: Okay, I got the clarity. Step 2, I talked about it. Every conversation I had I kid you not for a solid week. I found a way to tell people that I was really serious about becoming a writer for entrepreneur and I was looking to meet contributing writers. I knew that if I just went to entrepreneur.com and submitted my application there, they get 30,000 applications a day. There’s no way that would fly. So, who can I surround myself with? How about the people who already went through the process and became writers? So, I just started targeting contributing writers. Within one week of sharing that, I got connected to three writers. Within one week from that, I was connected to the editor. One week later, I was writing for Entrepreneur.

Frank: What? Okay, so, let me break this down a little bit. Once you got connected to the editor, then what? So, ultimately, you’re done the things to put yourself in the exact place that you need to be, talking to the exact person that you need to talk to, then what?

Geoff: Here’s the deal. Everybody who has had some success wants to be able to share with other people. People who are going through the foundation, who have success would love to be a poster child, would love to be a case study because it feels good to help other people, to be that beacon of light. Here are people who have done it and so I simply played it in and sent them an email saying hey, I’m seeking guidance. I see that you’ve written for entrepreneur. I’m really curious about your journey and in fact that it tad on you. I’m going through these crossroads in my life and frankly, I wanted to ask for your help. Would you be willing to spend 10 or 15 minutes with me to share about your journey? I promise I will find a way to add value to you. P.S. I already shared your most recent post.

Frank: Nice. So, you’re essentially setting up what is positioned as an idea extraction call.

Geoff: Bingo. Because it’s not saying hey, I want to be a contributing writer. Can you introduce me to your editor? Hell, no. I’m going, I respect what you’ve done. I read your most recent post. It made an impact. Thank you. I’m going through these crossroads. I need to ask for your help. I’d love to understand more about your journey to becoming a contributing writer. If you’d be willing to spend 10 minutes on the phone with me, I promise I’ll find a way add value. P.S. Here’s how i already added value to you.

Frank: Very cool.

Geoff: I was three for three. I didn’t get a single no. Then, when I was on the phone with them, I was making it about them. I was being more interested in them than trying to get them to think that I was interesting. I sincerely wanted to know why did you want to write for entrepreneur. What are you working on? What are your big goals? Clearly, you’re doing this for a reason because you’re not getting paid. How can I support you in your endeavors? Who do you need to know? I made it all about them to the point they’re like who the heck is this guy. Then, they’re going what can I do for you and I tell them my story. I tell them how I’ve been struggling. I tell them how I’ve been taking action and I tell them how ultimately my goal is to write for entrepreneurial. Honestly, I just wanted to know what’s the right way to proceed. At that point, I’d made so many deposits in that conversation that one of them was willing to say you know what, let me connect you with my editor.

Frank: Brilliant. Alright. Keep taking those down this path. I’m loving the rollercoaster ride. So, now, we’re at the editor.

Geoff: So, here’s the deal. I met the editor and I just said at that point it came from a recommendation, which shows incredible value and I just said hey, I’m really interested. How can I make you look good? I recognized your filtering through pieces all day long and he told me what it took to write a great posing sense. He made a few pitches to me and I put some effort in. I wrote two really great pieces, I submitted, they got approved and the rest is history.

Frank: Alright. Okay, I like it. I want to give everybody a little recap on the rollercoaster ride that we’ve been on so far and add a little bit of commentary. So, the first thing that we spoke about in this journey of finding your mentor is getting clarity on where exactly do you need help. Now, for me personally, Geoff and Ryan, that was actually a light bulb moment because normally when I think about mentors, I’ve never actually thought what do I need or what kind of guidance am I seeking. I always thought of these mentors, this grand thing wherein it’s just somebody who is old, crusty, successful and has done it. I never really broke it down into what’s going on in my life or business or both that I’m really seeking guidance on. So, I think that’s a really important insight that Geoff gave us. So, we talked about clarity, who do you need help from based on what you actually need in your life and where you’re looking to go. Then, the second thing that we’ve talked about so far that is also brilliant is you probably already know someone who either can help you or knows someone who can help you. 80% of this people are already in your circle. So, it’s been great stuff so far. Then, you guys heard about how Geoff actually became a contributing writer for entrepreneur magazine. What else? I can’t write fast enough, Geoff. What else have you done to craft this mentality of being able to find mentors on demand while providing tremendous value to them. Geoff: Here’s the deal. There’s a reason I told you the entrepreneur story because it’s not number 1, I promised to you in the first episode and I want to deliver. But the second is that applies universally. I showed up. I recognized. I set a goal and I showed up looking to strategically add value to the people who could help me along the way and the moment that I learned to become the person who wakes up and every single relationship in my bones I just look to see how can I add value to them. I started to find that people bent over backwards to help me. You know of course I have goals, of course you know when I meet somebody I may have a long term hope of how they could help me. But I know if I just go for the ask, that’s not gonna help and also it's way more rewarding to have a long term relationship. You know you fast forward to the end of your life it's going to be the experiences that you shared and the people you shared them with and I would love to say that a person make a million bucks but I would rather be able to say, “Hey that person helped me make a million bucks and they have been a lifelong friend.” And so I am playing the long game here.

Frank: Okay.

Geoff: And so for you every single interaction that you have how can you start strategically, just asking, you know, what are you working on, how can I help you? Just knowing that they are gonna share some piece of information, the reality is you are probably not gonna be the answer. But like I talked about earlier you don’t have to be. You may know the person or you may not even know the person yet, you could just plant that seed and one day the connection will happen and I will tell you the story of how that happen and this is ridiculous. You ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

Frank: Oh yeah Ryan and I talk about it on webinars all the time.

Geoff: Cool. Have you ever bought his board game Cashflow?

Frank: I have.

Geoff: Okay so when you buy the board game Cashflow, it comes with three audio CDs and when you listen to them one of the cds is Robert Kiyasaki says, “Hey when I have extra money I give it to this guy, Bill Shopoff. Bill invests my money. He makes me a lot of money. Bill talk to them a little bit about financial intelligence.” And I remember listening to this over and over again like this guy,” Bill Shopoff is the bomb.” Well I wanted to get into real estate investing and I was looking at some meet up groups and I saw Bill Shopoff comes to speak tonight and I was like, “Shut the front door. I am going.” So I show up early. I am looking for Bill in the room and I see a guy in the corner who is really well dressed, talking to himself, not talking to himself but standing to him, by themselves and he has a name tag on that says Bill and I recognize it If I wait for him to speak before I approach him there is no chance I will get some time because everybody else is wanna talk to him. And so I approached him and just said, “Hey that was some really good stuff.” And he looks at me and says, “Excuse me?” I said, “Your stuff on the CD from Cashflow the board game, that was some good stuff.” And his whole demeanor changes and he relaxes and goes, “You know what I recorded that 17 years ago and it’s still some of the best stuff I ever produced.” And we started a conversation. And I asked if I could sit down with him and pick his brain (terrible question to ask by the way). Never ask if you could take them to coffee to pick their brain. That’s basically saying, “You are successful, I wanna be successful, you give me your free time, that’s enough.” And he looked at me and said, “I am not sure that’s possible, but every time I come to one of these events I carry one business card with me, and you are the first person to ask, so it’s yours. I can’t promise you anything though.” And I follow it up like a mother and we ended up sitting down face to face. He invested in me for about 45 minutes. At the end I said, “What can I do to help you Bill? Thank you so much for adding value to me I wanna return the favor. How can I help you?” I am some chump, he is a multi, multi, multi-millionaire, what can I possibly do to add value to him? I don’t know. I don’t have the crystal balls so why not ask. And he told me, “You know I play at a pretty large level. If you ever meet any really big time developers, I am always looking for good connections.” I file that away. Four months later I am at an event, I am at the bar and I hear a guy talking about real estate and I go, “Oh you are real estate?” And he goes, “Yeah.” And I say, “Yeah me too.” And we started shooting a conversation and I ask what if he is built anything or what type of projects he has done. Turns out the guy built the Las Vegas city Centre. Steve Win was his direct mentor. This guy was the president of MGM Grand’s real estate division.

Frank: So you happened to cross somebody pretty nice.

Geoff: Happened to cross somebody pretty nice. And so I strategically asked, “What are you working on? How can I help you?” And we just continued the conversation and he ultimately ended up saying, “Hey I clearly play on a pretty large level, I am always looking to meet other big time developers. If you happen to come across any, let me know.” Like yeah right. Who is this kid gonna know?

Frank: Yeah.

Geoff: The next day an e-mail is sent and Bill met Bill. What do you think happened at that moment?

Frank: Well, gave you a lot of credibility because well moreover, more than credibility you gave both of those guys a tremendous gift of an introduction which immediately raise your credibility in both of their eyes. Yeah.

Geoff: And I got an email from one of them said, “How the hell do you know this guy? I thank you so much. If there is anything I can ever do for you, let me know.”

Frank: Wow!

Geoff: You don’t realize the power that you have every single time you approach somebody it’s like a puzzle piece. If I drop the 500 piece puzzle in front of you and asked, and didn’t show you the cover and asked you to tell me what the picture is, you would have no idea. What do you do? You start picking up the pieces and you start trying to fit it together and most often they don’t fit together right away but you keep trying and then you start to find the corner pieces, they start to fit together, it comes together even more and you start to see the image, relationships are the same way. Every time you approach somebody, they are a puzzle piece, you have no idea what role they will play in your life or not at all but you figure out where they need help and you file that away. And then over time you start finding pieces that fit together and when you connect those people tremendous value is created and ultimately the vision of your life is unfolded. It’s how I connected Bill to Bill. That’s how I ended up working with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I just tried to play super connector. Jay said that they were looking for somebody to be a CEO for a publishing company. I said I know people, let’s talk.

Frank: Man.

Geoff: So, you know, I really want to make this tactical and strategic for you all. The reality is that one podcast episode is not gonna show you how you go on and surround yourself with billionaires. You know I do trainings on this type of stuff. But the thing I really wanna leave you with is the fact that if you can get clarity on where you need the most help, if you can start sharing with it consistently and telling people where you need help, they will rise up and support you. And if you can strategically show up every single day in the world, every single relationship, recognizing that it is a puzzle piece and just knowing that if you can focus on adding value one person at a time and do it consistently, opportunities and doors will fly open for you. And you will find yourself surrounded, people going out of their way to support you. If you had asked me just one year ago that I would be in this position, I would have told you, you are freaking nuts. Honestly. I would not think it’s possible. But it was because I just saw that value.

Frank: Man so what I am really wondering now is where can I go to receive this type of training to replicate what you have done. I want some of that tactical stuff.

Geoff: Let’s do this. Let’s do it on the fly. If you guys go to menteepodcast.com/thefoundation I will make sure that I get one of my trainings ready for you guys and it will show you, one the next is gonna be because you know I owe a lot to the foundation, I love Dan and Andy, I love you guys and I really wanna pour into this group. So I will do that for you.

Frank: Brilliant. Okay so you guys know where to go and again what we have talked about so far is clarity, where do you need help, right who is ready in your circle and then constantly be thinking where could this puzzle piece possibly fit. Remember you can’t always see it right away but you have heard Geoff describe the way that these things fit together months after each other and really added value to these two people who ultimately added value to his life. So Geoff is gonna do some awesome training for you guys on more of the strategy and tactic so you can go out and get this done. Geoff thanks for coming on again and laying this on us.