SFN144: How I 'Retired' at 35, Why Money isn't everything and the World of Investment, with Todd Tresidder

Serial entrepreneur and ex-hedge fund manager, Todd Tresidder, officially retired at 35 years old. Having learned the tricks of ho to invest money and grow businesses, Todd has managed to 'retire' and prioritise what is important to him in life. And surprise surprise, it isn’t all about the money. Like anyone who has a passion for something, Todd still works helping people to invest and grow their businesses.

In today’s show, Todd and Frank chat about how to make the most out of the money that you’re making, Todd’s 7 steps to 7 figures and knowing when it’s the right time to take action.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • 01:24 – How to decide when is the right time to invest in outside business
  • 08:18 – How to pick the best places to invest
  • 17:50 – Why time is the most valued asset on the planet
  • 23:02 – The importance of having a team
  • 27:10 – Why you shouldn’t throw money at a problem until you know that it works
  • 27:50 – What drives Todd now
  • 32:35 – Todd’s 7 steps to 7 figures
  • 36:00 – Todd’s daily habits for success
  • 39:19 – Taking action vs consuming information
  • 42:07 – How to learn about investing from scratch
  • 53:02 – When is it beneficial to work with someone else?
  • 54:06 – Todd’s advice for entrepreneurs who are starting out now




Show Notes: