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Can You Really Start A Software Business When You Have Nothing?

Yes, You Can. Here Are Stories Of Entrepreneurs Starting From Nothing

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Josh Isaak

Josh Isaak

Vancouver, British Columbia
Niche Market Private Practice Physical Therapy
Problem Solved Tracking and measuring marketing and managing referral sources.
Solution http://clinicrise.com/
Generating revenues? Yes
Before The Foundation Managing a screen installation company and running a residential painting company
After The Foundation SaaS
Presales $35,000

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I was tied to my city, working in consulting and really wondering if I had what it takes to build my own online business. Then the Foundation came across my path and it was perfect timing.

Hmmm. I didn’t really have a structure and validation process to start a business that would actually make money, so it was tough to figure out how I’d actually get customers and get a business off the ground. I had no clue how to do this. I really think that the value was much greater. I didn’t expect there to be as much value in the ppl i met and the community. My business partner is from the Foundation and now some of my closest friends are.

On the other side though, my mind has changed to understand how hard it is to start a business, and I think people need to hear more about this side of starting a business more. A whole new world. Honestly. Business partner, best friends, location freedom, ability to influence others, adventure. Two businesses that I am really excited about and allow me to travel and live freely. An whole new life. A life I am so so excited to live.

I can’t imagine not getting involved with it. It was meant to be. And I am so super thankful that I did. I honestly couldn’t imagine not being on the path I am now, and I owe a ton of that to Foundation for giving me the process, and the right people in my life to be where I am now.

My mindset has shifted on how to start businesses. A process to start and validate businesses that eliminates a lot of the risk and guesswork out of it. I have a six figure business, and another one launching… will in short time be 7 figures I’m sure.

I get to teach others. I get to travel and have location freedom. I get to connect with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. I get to speak about my learnings at conferences.My whole life is different. I’m living an adventure and I love it. It’s what I’ve wanted and prayed for, and I see it happening and unfolding each day more and more before my eyes.

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Amy Kauffman

Amy Kauffman

Rochester, New York
Niche Market Organizations With Charitable Departments
Problem Solved Inefficient and overwhelming donation request application intake and management, missed data collection and brand-building opportunities
Solution http://givily.com/
Generating revenues? Yes
Before The Foundation CEO of a daily deal platform designed to channel money to local nonprofits
After The Foundation SaaS Baby!
Presales $12,600

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Things were hard before The Foundation because I was uneducated about many things business and most things technology… and all things SaaS.

I didn’t have a mentor. I didn’t have peers to course correct. I didn’t have a support community.

Limiting beliefs? I’d never heard of such a thing before The Foundation, and I surely wouldn’t have thought I had any.

There’s a quote I love, “she believed she could so she did.”

It wasn’t UNTIL The Foundation that I took the time, energy, had the emotional capacity and support system to actually dive into limiting beliefs…

I never hesitated to join. Not once.

An email from Mixergy brought info and a link on The Foundation. I watched the video, saw the price tag and said “I’m in”. That’s a bargain.

It was the first time I looked at something with a serious price tag and said that.

I was frugal — okay stingy.

But the education and result of the 6 month course through The Foundation was a no-brainer and I didn’t hesitate for a second.

If someone is hesitating on joining The Foundation, it’s probably because they’re doubting themselves or how they’ll apply the knowledge, or where they want to go.

I had answers to all of those questions, and I honestly couldn’t believe The Foundation wasn’t twice as much.

From The Foundation, I got..

  • An education on technology
  • Amazing friends and accountability partner
  • Unending support and encouragement
  • Friends who I love to spend time with – laughing and growing our businesses
  • Strategies, techniques
  • Collective brain power
  • Freedom
  • Belief
  • The realization that I’m not alone, won’t be and don’t need to be
  • There are answers everywhere and people willing to help
  • You don’t have to run a SaaS to be an amazing person
  • A deeper awareness of who I am and what I’m all about
  • The ability to communicate in healthy and effective ways
  • The ability to process emotions and thoughts in a productive way

Things have changed since The Foundation…

I am intellectually and emotionally able to build and run a business.

I can talk shop with the big boys.

I can hold my own around any CEO from any size company.

I believe in myself, my abilities, and what I’m bringing to the world.

I see clearly what I give to other people and understand my value in the world.

I have a HUGE network of people/resources I can tap into at any given moment.

I’m not alone.

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Carl Mattiola

Carl Mattiola

San Francisco, California
Niche Market Physical Therapists
Problem Solved Actionable business metrics for business decisions are difficult because of improper tracking.
Solution http://www.clinicmetrics.com/
Generating revenues? Yes
Before The Foundation Working for Tesla
After The Foundation SaaS
Presales $3,800

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Everyday I woke up and went to work for somebody else, I felt like a piece of me died.

I wondered… is this it? Isn’t there something more?

I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but was never sure of how to get started…

My commute used to suck. Forty-five minutes a day each week, five days a week, sitting in the car waiting.

Now… I spend most of my mornings surfing, or playing with my dog.

Surfing totally recharges me, and makes me feel like I’ve taken a full day off, even if I only spend an hour doing it.

It wasn’t easy, and I totally worked my ass off to make it happen.

I created Clinic Metrics to help physical therapy practices monitor their key business metrics, so they can increase revenue, decrease costs, and grow.

I started this business without any idea… the practice owners gave it to me. I had no knowledge of the market, and I didn’t spend or risk any of my own money.

They paid for the product in advance, and I used that money to build it.

The day Clinic Metrics launched, we were doing $2700/month in revenue. In less than a year, it became a six figure business.

Before I started Clinic Metrics, I thought I needed an idea… more money… more education, in order to start a business.

But those were obstacles I created for myself at the time.

I’ve become an entrepreneur who can start businesses from nothing.

In the last 8 months, I’ve started three profitable businesses.

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Cathryn Lavery

Cathryn Lavery

New York, New York
Niche Market Chiropractors
Problem Solved Medical referrals & tracking clinic marketing
Solution http://clinichero.com/
Generating revenues? Yes
Before The Foundation Architect and side business printing posters
After The Foundation Developing and growing Clinic Hero, growing and scaling my printing business
Presales $6,000

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I was working as an architect in New York City. I worked 60+ hour weeks and was pretty miserable at my job.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but all my friends and family were living the conventional career life. Over my 2 years working the architecture job, I became weary of a career filled with unreasonably long hours, short vacations, and a pay scale that didn’t reflect my true value. I didn’t know what was possible or what I was capable of.

Price was probably the biggest obstacle joining The Foundation. it was the most money I’ve ever spent on anything before.

And now.. it’s the best money I ever spent. Since joining The Foundation I’ve built a life I don’t need to escape from, and one I love to wake up to everyday.

Some of my most trusted friends and confidants are from The Foundation, and my social circle has grown immensely.

A year ago, I didn’t want to be the sum of the 5 people I was spending time with (no offense).

Since joining The Foundation and surrounding myself with high-level entrepreneurs, I can feel myself growing in every aspect of my life. It’s awesome. I’m seeing opportunities everywhere, where before I would be oblivious.

I feel happier in myself, I have more confidence in my abilities as an entrepreneur, and have a newfound love to help others on this path also.

My personal and professional life has improved dramatically. For example my mum visited recently and it was the first time she’d spent time with me since I had quit my job. I was not surprised when she told me “It’s amazing how much you’ve changed. You’re happy when you wake up in the morning, I remember when it was hard to get 2 words out of you”.

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Sandy Connery

Sandy Connery

By following the content and letting the real me come out, I now have a product in development and $15,000 in pre-sales and customers in three different countries. I know there is a community that’s got my back. I believe in myself and am not afraid to dare and fail; I’ll just dare again.

Orling Dominguez

Orling Dominguez

I have been able to create another “face to face” income source because in The Foundation you not only learn to generate ideas for software solutions, I am now capable of creating any type of business by simply paying attention.

Allan Povall

Allan Povall

It’s definitely one of the best online software courses out there. There’s no BS, no fighting, no angst, nothing. Everyone is just there to support one another. It’s quite impressive really.

Rick Richards

Rick Richards

Now I have a community of people who want the same things I do out of life and are willing to push me to go get those things.

Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett

Before I was in a scary, insecure place. I went from focusing on what could go wrong to focusing on what could go right and what I could learn when things do go wrong.

Esther de Boer

Esther de Boer

After 2 years with The Foundation… I don’t trade time for money anymore which is super awesome! I take lots of opportunities to travel with my family through home-exchanges and when needed I am able to manage my business while on the road.

TJ Barber

TJ Barber

Before The Foundation, I thought money was scarce and it’s hard to make a buck in the world. I would have to exchange my day to make money to support myself. Now I realize people are out there willing to give me money just to solve their pains and/or fit their needs.

Don Traxler

Don Traxler

I used to feel like being an entrepreneur was just a dream, but through The Foundation I have learned that it can by my reality. The Foundation helped me see that I was born to be an entrepreneur.

Eugene Ting

Eugene Ting

The biggest thing is the community and the people. I learn so much and feel so amazed and inspired by the people in the Foundation. I have my first paying customer in my SaaS product. I sold and started something from nothing! That says it all!