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We believe in entrepreneurs with the courage to start from nothing. Who aren’t born with special skills or silver spoons. Who fight for everything they create in the world.

No hand outs. No gimmicks. Just pure desire and hustle to create something meaningful and valuable for the world… and live an abundant life doing it.

We’re a community of entrepreneurs who believe that all businesses start by finding painful problems and solving them. And that living a life outside your comfort zone and your boundaries is the best way to grow your network, your bank account and who you are.

If you feel the same, this might be the ‘home’ you’ve been looking for…

What Makes The Foundation So Unique?

We focus on building businesses backwards to minimize the risk of getting started.

Instead of following the ‘traditional’ process of building a business by thinking up an idea, building a product and THEN getting customers, we start with the customer from the beginning…

We contact prospective customers to help us discover the most profitable ideas.

Then we validate the idea is valuable by getting customers to pay us to build it before the product exists.

Then we build the product and focus on scaling it.

By teaching people how to build a business backwards, we also help them re-wire the internal beliefs about how business works and what they believe about themselves.

This combination helps many new entrepreneurs make more progress in six months than they have in the past few years.

The method is broken into six phases over six months. Here is the outline:

It All Started With One Question…

The Foundation began when Dane Maxwell (Founder of The Foundation) was asked how he created so much value with his growing software businesses and was invited on Mixergy for a chat with Andrew Warner.

The interview went viral in days and soon hundreds of people were banging down Dane’s door asking him to help them do the same thing.

From that a private mentorship group of 88 people called The Software Roundtable was born. The pre-cursor to The Foundation, The Software Roundtable helped launch dozens of successful business using Dane’s popular Idea Extraction Method.

That summer The Foundation was born launching to classes of 336 and 600 people respectively.

Since then we haven’t looked back and we’ve been doing everything we can to help entrepreneurs start from nothing.

We’ve been testing, tweaking and refining our content to create one of the most comprehensive training programs for new entrepreneurs in the world.

We’ve built a community for over 1500 people from 40+ different countries. Our goal has always been to make a home for entrepreneurs starting from nothing.

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