Will You Still Want To Keep Your Job After You See How I Made $7,500 With Only 4 Hours Of Work Each Month?

Freedom is much closer than you think.


That’s it.

That’s how many people you need paying $50 to make $7,500 a month.  That’s $90,000 a year.

That’s $1,875 each week working 1 hour. That’s $1,875 per hour.

The average salary of a college graduate is around $50,556 a year, and that’s working a minimum of 40 hours a week.

That’s $972 a week, working 40 hours. That’s $24 an hour.

And what’s the average college cost?  $37,640.

The Average Return On Investment Of College...

134% ROI.  

That’s what you get on your first year out of college. After 4 years of training!

And keep in mind… that’s while selling your freedom for a paycheck. 2,500 of your waking hours each year, answering to someone else.

Nevermind at The Foundation we have 14 millionaires who started as employees, and they all paid less than $5,000. People now pay just $13 a day to be apart of The Foundation.

And instead of being trained for 4 years to earn $50,000 at a job.

Our average millionaire had a 7 figure business in 4 years.  

That’s a 20,000% return.

Without the debt of a university.

Compared to college… it looks like I’m running a charity with those numbers.

No. Just selling a highly valuable product.

Now let me ask you, if your life depended on it (meaning... if you want to live your own life), could you figure out how to get 150 people paying $50 a month?

I hope so.

Especially if you gave yourself 4 years to do it.

Here’s A Fun Screenshot Of The Backend...

I had my developer code a backend product to power the entire platform. Today you could run the entire business on any membership platform like wildapricot.com or the gammot of wordpress membership plugins.

Here’s How I Did It.

I sold highly relevant, targeted information to extremely hungry customers on a monthly basis via physical CD’s.  I conducted interviews with experts and I sent the interviews to Disk.com - and they mailed the CD’s to my paying customers every month.

NOW... Here’s What I Didn’t Do...

I didn’t come up with ideas, I just listened. I didn’t come up with any of the content, I just asked experts.  I didn’t pay for ads, I sent emails. I used less than $500 to start it (Enough for a domain and some email sending costs).  I didn’t have any first-hand-knowledge of the industry. And I ran the business on Skype alone.

Even a 16 year old could have run this business, if they knew how to do it.

Here Are The Detailed Steps I Followed...

First, I had to find a group of hungry customers. So I targeted real estate company owners. They are constantly searching for ways to grow their profits.

Today, I’d recommend you target a new niche industry you’d like to learn about… something that’s growing like iPhone Repair shops. I think iPhone Repair shops would pay for insider secrets to making money with their stores. But you’d have to test it and see.

Second, I had to find out what kind of information they were hungry for. Not casually interested in. HUNGRY FOR. So I asked what areas were of greatest pain. They told me recruiting agents, retaining them, and making a profit.

Third, I did the interviews… here’s an actual MP3 from the program.

Fourth, I found epic backing track music. (see next step :-)

Fifth, I made this janky ass crooked desk shaky lamp while nervous video...

Sixth, I dropped the fuckin desk, I got more confident and did this second launch video…

Seventh, I made this sales page… Click here to see it. (Note: Link is from WayBackMachine - site is not live today - I shut it down after 12 months or so because I got bored and liked SaaS better).

Eighth, I put together this sales video to sell the concept. 

Here’s The Flow Of The Final Sales Video...

  1. Use a good News and bad news opener: state the pain, but give hope
  2. Share the tip of the iceberg of insider information that can solve the pain
  3. List multiple solutions to the pains, plus extra revenue opportunities most of the industry doesn’t know about
  4. Use quotes from famous people and history from successful people that have done the same
  5. Make it exclusive.  This is only for positive, self driven people who are going to come in and crush it.
  6. Address resistance points: You can do this at your leisure.  If you’re not a match for the group, your money back.

Fill Out The Blanks For The 7 Question PDF To Start Your Own Video

Download the 7 Question PDF, or if you prefer a Google Doc, you can hit File -> Make a Copy

You’ll Need To Take Time To Learn A Few Skills… For This To Work...

If you devoted 90 days to training & learning the proper skills, you could have this business started.

Here’s What You Need To Learn:

    1. How To Connect - It all starts with one conversation in any industry. You’ll need to approach with confidence and make an offer to help. You’ll need to learn outbound email marketing, which you can learn just by googling it - or by joining The Foundation. First find the top pains of an industry to structure your interview around, then do your first interview.
    2. How To Write Copy & Make Offers -  You’ll need to develop the solid skills of copywriting, which means salesmanship in print. You can learn that at The Foundation, or by reading any of the 4+ star books on copywriting on Amazon.


  • Become A Facilitator - The fastest secret to money I know of when you’re starting out is to facilitate content between experts and people in need. Ask questions, structure content in a valuable way, sell it to people.

So let’s break apart these sections.

Step 1 - Connect

You can start by sending out an email like the one below to people who are speaking at industry events (for example). They are usually good experts.

Subject: Impressed, can I interview you?

Hey there, I saw your credentials and am very impressed. Would you be open to an interview? I’d like to feature you to [insert niche] around the USA. In return for your interview, I’ll share my other interviews freely of charge to you.

It’ll take 45 minutes, we can do it on skype, and you’ll likely get to meet some great people who reach out after hearing your wisdom.

Reply back and let me know if you’re interested and a time or day that works,



When they reply you can tell them you’re selling the information and you’ll promote them, and also share the other interviews you’ve done free. It’s a great value exchange for all parties.

Step 2 - How To Make Offers

Next you’ll need to learn how to make offers. To make bigger money, learn how to tie information to the end result it will bring. Not to the information.

Here’s what I did with broker/owners in real estate. I tied information to the end result.

Hey Mr Broker, would you like to be mentored by 12 of the top real estate offices in the country each year? Do you think that if just one of those 12 mentors gave you an idea, it would add at least one agent to your office?

What is one agent worth to your office? For most it’s around $5,000.

Well for $600 a year you’ll get mentored by 12 real estate brokers. Each month you’ll get mentored by one via a CD in your car. Each month a broker will take you by the hand and show you their top recruiting strategy, top retention strategy, and top profit center tactics.

And if you don’t find one epic idea that gives you a 10x return on your investment, I’ll give you double your money back - no questions asked.

So you see, by understanding copywriting, and the pains of an industry, I’m able to make information become a lot more valuable.

Step 3 - Become A Facilitator

This is another important skill to learn. It centers around the idea that you have value just as you are even if you don’t know anything. Because you can become an excellent, humble facilitator of value. You’ll need to learn to ask questions, listen, connect others, and serve. And facilitators get paid very well without knowing anything other than how to facilitate.

What’s The Process You Need To Think This Way?

You can build income streams as naturally as you breathe… it’s possible… it takes time... you’ll need to install 4 different personalities into your brain…

I call these the 4 aspects of self to building income streams...

  1. Self 1: The brain of income streams
  2. Self 2: The precious metals miner
  3. Self 3: The humble product creator
  4. Self 4: The gardener

You can learn how to build these 4 aspects of self here.

And you can listen to our free audio called “The Next 25 Years of Your Life” here.

Comment below with any thoughts or questions. Thanks for reading.

Big thanks to Matt Audette for helping me edit this article, think through it, and transcribe for me. It made all the difference!

PS. Full details about our new Foundation program are available here.