How to Unlock the Two Secrets of the Entrepreneur's Mindset

How to Unlock the Two Secrets of the Entrepreneur's Mindset

When was the last time you sat down and really thought about what was preventing you from reaching the level of success you dream of?

Today? A week ago?

Maybe longer...?

It’s those times of reflection that help separate the big winners - The people that are crushing their goals and able to recognize and capitalize on opportunities that others can’t see.

Great businesses exist because someone was able to close sales, manage projects and keep all the moving pieces of a business functioning properly.

But we could rewind even further to see that great businesses exist because someone developed the entrepreneurial mindset needed to recognize opportunities and get the stuff done needed to profit from those opportunities.

This is why one of the most important fundamentals we teach at the Foundation is developing the right mindset for success - But don’t get discouraged thinking this is a skill you’re born with and can’t learn.

new mindset new result

Sure...this will come easier to some of you than others - but anyone can learn it and once you master it this skill will become second nature to you and help unlock potential that you didn’t know you were capable of!

Now there is a LOT of content we could include on how to develop this mindset. We’ve simplified it down to the 2 most important areas that you can start focusing on today to see results:

  • Put on your green glasses - Increase your awareness of opportunities that are hidden in plain sight and learn to see abundance everywhere.
  • Fake it ‘til you make it - Copy the behaviors of high achievers until it becomes second nature to you.


Put on your green glasses

In the Foundation course we use the example of a friend who was riding on a train from Canada to the United States with his uncle after a fishing trip. While passing another train, this friend noticed his uncle counting the cars and asked what he was doing.

His uncle replied that over 100 cars in the passing train were empty. He didn’t think much of it until about a week later when he got a call from his uncle who had spoken with the train company and asked why they were transporting empty cars. Their response was that they didn’t have any materials to transport in those cars. A few calls later and the uncle had found other companies who needed material transported along that same route. As it turns out there was a big need that wasn’t being met and that led to cash in the uncle’s pocket.

This is such a great story because it shows how focusing your thought on solving problems for customers can lead to big profit. Entrepreneurs seem to always get hung up on developing a product, then building a business around that product.

This is wrong.

Having the mindset of success means that you are focusing on the customer’s needs and then building a product and business around those needs. We call it starting a business backward and it has been the source of inspiration for the most successful businesses we’ve either started or worked with through the Foundation.

This helps take the hard work out of product development and ensures that there is actually a market for your idea. Plus it’s a lot easier to provide value upfront for your customers if you are directly addressing pain points they are experiencing.

But learning to see abundance everywhere and thinking about the customer before the product are only the first stage of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Next, you have to learn to take action when you start seeing these opportunities… Fake it ‘til you make it

Here at the Foundation we say that instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s much more effective to copy the behaviors that set apart those high achievers from everyone else who isn’t accomplishing their goals and hasn’t reached a level of success they dream of.

We’ve studied the behaviors of some of our most successful students and have found that time and time again the same general similarities are there.

Take action.

It starts there, so say goodbye to procrastination.

The first, and easiest, thing you can do to start copying high achievers is taking some action as you start noticing opportunities. Think back to our story about the uncle and the train cars. It wasn’t enough to only notice that the passing train had over 100 empty cars. The uncle took action by calling the train company as soon as he could and asking why they weren’t hauling material in those cars.

From there he continued taking action and calling other businesses along that route until he finally accomplished what he had set out to do. It’s not enough to take one or even two actionable steps and call it quits. You have to make the conscious decision to continue taking action until you’ve achieved your desired result.

But a high achiever is more than someone who simply takes action…

A high achiever is someone who evaluates their actions and the results as a learning experience. Instead of viewing the results as either a success or failure, these individuals then begin making small changes in order to achieve better outcomes.

So as you begin acting on ideas and opportunities you need to get in the habit of reflecting on what you’ve accomplished and what can be done better or differently. There are times where we all get stuck in this process and the high achievers have learned to reach out and get help. Find the resources to get you out of those times and repeat the whole process… Conclusion

The only thing that should be separating you from the level of success you want in YOU!

base-jumper jumps from the cliff

Developing the mindset of an entrepreneur is one of the biggest subjects we cover in the Foundation because it literally means the difference between success and failure. It’s not easy to change - it won’t happen overnight - but little by little you can tweak the way you’re thinking so that you’re more open to seeing opportunities and abundance everywhere.

As that becomes second nature, and you start taking action and evaluating your progress, the whole process keeps driving you forward where others fall off and give up.

If you have any questions about how you can start shifting your thinking toward the mindset of success - Apply now and learn how the Foundation has been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you start profitable software businesses - with no tech experience.