How Carl Quit His Job & Started Three Profitable Businesses

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Learn How to Start a Successful Business by Hearing Carls Journey

Every day I woke up and went to work for somebody else, I felt like a piece of me died. I wondered, is this it? Isn’t there something more? I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I was never sure how to how to start a successful business.

Before building ClinicMetrics I had a lot of the jobs that everybody wanted. I was in a Leadership Development Program at Johnson & Johnson, I moved out to San Francisco, I worked for a few software companies and … then I ended up at Tesla in the time where they had explosive growth. I thought it was going to be perfect for me but each job as I got moved on to the next I honestly felt worst and I knew that there was something more.

By the time I got to Tesla it kind of clicked for me and I realize that, you know, really what it was was that I wanted to really be able to control the value that I’m creating and see myself creating value for the world and see what I’m doing and contributing and do it on my own terms. Do it when I want to do it and live the way I want to live and build something based on my own values too.