Top Producers Leverage Their Time. Here's Why You Should Too...

Top Producers Leverage Their Time. Here's Why You Should Too...


Your #1 resource is your time.

But how often do we evaluate where we’re spending our time and what that’s costing us?

That sounds like it would take...a lot of time.

However, the reality is that observing where we’re spending our time is the highest-leverage activity we can be accomplishing.

Matt Bodnar has made this a central focus at Fresh Hospitality, an investment firm specializing in restaurants and the technology that supports them.

After spending time working on Wall Street as an investment banker, Matt felt like he wanted a break from the corporate world and made some small investments in a few restaurant ventures his dad was involved with.

This sparked an idea that has grown into a hugely successful investment firm that’s comprised of multiple restaurant brands and custom technology platforms built to provide the exact metrics needed to measure success in this industry.

Most people shy away from restaurant ownership because of its high failure rate and the complexity of the business. Matt is a firm believer that these high failure rates are attributed to the accessibility of restaurants. Many people with little to no business experience will assume that since they can cook a great meal at home that they can run a profitable business.

It’s just not the same. This is where Matt has found his niche with Fresh Hospitality. They’re investing in the founders of great brands and bringing a ton of experience and support to help these owners rapidly scale their businesses.

By studying the successful traits of top-producing individuals like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, Matt has discovered that the ability to successfully leverage your time is the #1 thing you can be practicing today to accomplish more and discover greater success.

He practices what he preaches and the results have been outstanding. The best part...anyone can be doing it and everyone should be doing it.

Check out the latest episode of Starting From Nothing to hear the full interview with Matt and all his awesome advice and insight into how you can identify ways to leverage your own time better and bring more simplicity into your life.

In this episode you will:

  • Learn Matt’s insights into the successful traits of top-producers like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates
  • Discover the tools to start leveraging your time better today
  • Find out how you can get Matt’s free 4 steps to making better decisions

This is an awesome episode that I know everyone will get a lot of value from. Check it out and as always, be sure to let us know what you think and how we can help you crush your goals!

-Dane & Andy


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