What determines your timetable?

What determines your timetable?

This article was originally published in Amy Kauffman’s blog.

What determines your timetable? For anything. How do you allot time?

Do you get in the shower and plan to be in there 10 minutes? Do you not consider time and only look at a clock once finished? Do you not ever look at the clock and that’s why you’re consistently late?

Do you give yourself a certain amount of minutes to finish a given task?

Do you work until it’s finished regardless of how long it takes?

Do you only tackle something when you can complete the entire task?

This is for you to better understand how you operate. We should know how we operate as it relates to time and tasks. It’s fundamental to everything we do, no matter who we are and it’s one of the greatest points of conflict in relationships and leverage in business.

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