Announcement: The Final Foundation Class - Your Last Chance To Be Mentored By Dane & Andy Before We Leave

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After being quiet for the past year, some people have been asking us “What’s happening with The Foundation?” Today, we have two major announcements for you…

1) We’re hosting a Bootstrapped Software Summit with some of the biggest names online who will teach you how to start and scale a software by bootstrapping.

2) We’ve decided to host the Final Foundation class… one more chance for you to learn from us about starting and scaling a business to fuel your dreams.

We started The Foundation 5 years ago to inspire hope for everyday people to start Software companies.

We never imagined what would happen next…

Our first video was shared over 7,000 times across the web. And the business took off unexpectedly.  We were young pups doing our best to handle the growth of it all.

Over the next few years, we had normal 9 to 5 employees, college students, teachers, and even a lumberjack end up becoming extremely successful entrepreneurs. Starting all kinds of businesses. Some of the stars you see online now got their start through us.  

You can see a list of the success stories here. (This is just a small sample of our student pool).

And after 5 years, we have decided to move on to other ventures that are deeply calling us.

Dane has become a musician and songwriter, which is taking all of his focus and energy.  

Andy has started a software company helping entrepreneurs scale faster by building high performing teams.  

Before we move on for good, we wanted to offer you one last chance to learn from us.

This is your chance to do that. To download our brains, for 6 months.

It’s been an honor to help so many people over the past five years.

Thousands of students have taken our program.  We’ve had millionaires created from our training. And more students than we can keep track of are now traveling the world, making money from their laptop in ways they love.

The Foundation has been featured in major media outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, Inc, and more.  And we’ve been able to meet and share the stage with some of our original mentors who helped us get started in business.

It’s been an amazing ride.  

And, for the last time, you’ll get the chance to work with us like so many others have.  

We’re making the Final Foundation Class the most valuable class ever.

No class has ever received this much fire power. We’ll be doing two live calls every week to help you jumpstart your new life.  

Two times every week you’ll get to be live with one of us, for 6 months. 8 times a month for 6 months you’ll get access to our wisdom in business. We’ll give you everything we know to help you become successful in starting your first SaaS business.

If you’re interested, apply today.

Even if you’re not interested, we’ve wanted to create something amazing (and free) for anyone who wants to start a software company.   

In November, we’ll be hosting the Bootstrapped Software Summit where we’ll be interviewing some of the biggest names online to help you get started in SaaS, including Jason Fried (Basecamp), David Hauser (Grasshopper & Chargify), Nathan Barry (ConvertKit), Dan Martell (, and many more. You can register for that here.

This journey truly has been a gift in every way.  We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to impact so many people over the past few years.  We’re grateful for everyone who’ve put trust in us to help them get their start.  

Thank you for being on the ride with us. With love, Dane and Andy

PS – Here Are The Details For The Final Foundation Class:

  • The Final Foundation Class starts December 5th.
  • You’ll get weekly access to Dane and Andy’s brain for 6 months on group webinars to ask questions and get live guidance. (No Foundation class has ever had this kind of access for such an extended period of time.)
  • It will cost $4,999 for the 6 months. (full details coming soon, we wanted to give you the price in advance so you can start getting funds in place if you’d like to join).

We are really wanting to give folks one last chance to build their dreams.

We hope you’ll join us.

We love you.

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