How To Get The Software Summit Videos For Free (And A Recap Of The Event)


Wow!  What a week.  

In this post, I'm going to share the highlights from the Software Summit, how you can download the video recordings for free, and what you can do next to continue your journey of building a business you love.  

Let's dig in...

Simply put, the 1st Software Summit was a hit.   Some key highlights:

- We had over 27,000 unique visitors who tuned in to watch the interviews at some point during the Summit.

- Over 8,000 people opted in to learn more about The Foundation and get more of our free content

- Over 1,200 people joined our private Facebook group to connect with each other and chat with some of the speakers.  

- We had 30+ speakers who are some of the top entrepreneurs in the world help guide the attendee

- We had countless comments of people who loved these interviews....


The lineup + the attendees + the depth of the interviews all led to Entrepreneur rating The Software Summit as the #1 Event for Business Owners To Attend in this article.

Not too shabby for our first year. :)



What To Do If You Missed The Event (And How To Download The Recordings For Free)

Getting into this Summit, we didn't realize how much work it would take behind the scenes...   

Coordinating so many speakers.  Conducting all of the interviews.  Building a promotion schedule for it.   Building out a completely custom tech platform to host the videos.  

It stretched our team.  Big time.  

(I imagine this is why most people charge $100-300 for the interviews... to help recoup the costs of hosting the event.)

But we want these interviews to be free for you and anyone else who's committed to learning about bootstrapping.    

Instead of charging you, we wanted to find a way to help share more of these interviews with the world.

If you're game to help us do that, you can download the interviews for free immediately.

Here are three ways how:


1)  Apply to The Foundation

We're giving the interviews for free to anyone who applies to The Foundation and gets accepted.  

This is our little gift to help accepted applicants get started quickly.  

Now let me be clear:  you can't half ass the application and just fill it out with one word answers.  

The application has to be real.  If it is and if you get accepted, we'll give you a link to download all of the summit interviews for free.  

Simply go through the application here.  Take a screenshot of your confirmation page and send it to  

Step by step directions are here:

  • Go here.
  • Choose if you have a currently profitable business (see below). Then click next.



  •  Choose the best option regarding your current time commitment (see below). Then click next.



  • Describe why you are interested in joining The Foundation and if you are prepared to commit to the program upon acceptance (see below). Then click next.



  • Describe what skills you feel you lack right now to launch a profitable software business (see below). Then click next.



  • Describe your current income level (see below). Then click next.



  • Provide your name, personal email address, and choose an option regarding how long you’ve been following The Foundation for, where did you find us, and whether you would like to speak to a past student to see if you’re a good fit for the program (see below). Then click “Submit.”



  • Congratulations! You have completed the application. We will reach out to you shortly.


2)  Subscribe, Review and Share Our Podcast - Starting From Nothing

If you think you're not interested in joining The Foundation and getting mentored for the next six months, there's another way to immediately download the interviews for free.

We spent so much time putting this event together and we want it to reach as many people as possible.

If you help us spread the word, we'll give you all the recordings for free.  

It's three simple steps and will take less than 5 minutes.  

- Go to iTunes and subscribe to our podcast

- Leave us a quick review, sharing your thoughts about what you loved about these interviews

- Share the podcast on Facebook.

Do these three steps and take a screenshot of your subscription, your review and your share and send them to

Step by step directions are here:

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Once iTunes is open, click the button in the upper right corner (just below the search bar) that says “iTunes Store”. Make sure you sign in using your Apple ID and password. The “Sign In” button is in the upper left corner. (If you don’t have an Apple ID, you’ll see the option to create one after clicking “Sign In”.)




  • Next, click the search bar in the upper right corner and type in “Starting from Nothing” - then press enter.





  • Click the large Starting from Nothing logo in the middle of the page under the heading “Podcasts”.




  • Click the “Subscribe” button on the left. A box will display asking if you really want to subscribe. To confirm, click “subscribe” again. Congratulations you just subscribed to our show!



  • To leave a review, click “Ratings and Reviews” in the middle of the show’s page. It’s in between “Details” and “Related”.



  • Click the “Write a Review” button halfway down the page under Customer Reviews. Enter a title for your review, select the number of stars for your rating then write your review.



3) Do Nothing And Listen To The Interviews Over Three Months

The last option to get the recordings is to do nothing.  

Over the next few months, we'll be making these interviews live on Starting From Nothing.

You'll still get the interviews for free, it'll just take a few months to get them all.

(In this case, I'd still recommend subscribing to the podcast so you don't miss any. )

The drawback of this option is that the best interviews might not stream until January or February.  

But if you're lazy and don't want to help us share these interviews, this is an option for you. :P


How To Get More Mentorship And Guidance From Entrepreneurs Who've "Been There and Done It"

If you're wanting to take your business (and life) to the next level, there are a few things you can do to continue the journey:

1)  Watch The Top 10 Commandments of Bootstrapping - The last night of the Summit, Dane and I did a recap of the event, highlighting the Top 10 Commandments of Bootstrapping.   

If you missed many of the videos, this is the one to watch.  

It highlights all of the most important lessons and key takeaways from 30+ interviews.  

I dissected each interview down and figured out the most common patterns and trends among all of these self made, bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

There are 10 of them.   Watch this video to get the lessons.  

2)  A Free Course On Bootstrapping -  If you want to take things a step farther, join The Foundation's free course that will teach you how to start a business quickly.  

We'll teach key features every entrepreneurs should know, like

- How to Become Free

- The Four Pillars of Wealth

- Transcending Fear

- And more

You can get this course for free by signing up here.  

3)  Apply to Join Next Year's Class Of The Foundation

If you're committed to building a business that funds the lifestyle of your dreams, consider applying to join The Foundation.

The next class we're teaching will be the most potent class we've ever taught.

You'll get access to mentors 2x/week for six months to answer all of your questions about getting your next business off of the ground... fast.

Dane, me (Andy) and Andrew Warner will all be teaching in this class of The Foundation.

It's truly a rare, unique opportunity to be mentored by talented entrepreneurs who've "been there and done it."

Imagine what your life would be like if, for six months straight, you could get any of your questions about business answered 2x/week.

If you have any interest at all in taking this ride, apply today.

Someone will be in touch with you shortly to see if you're a good fit for our community or not.  

A Big "Thank You" To Everyone Who Participated

Lastly - I just wanted say a big "Thank YOU" to everyone who participated.

Thank YOU to our speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to share their wisdom.

Thank YOU to our team who hustled the butts off to make sure the event happened flawlessly.

Thank YOU to all the attendees to joined, listened the interviews and sent me comments, questions and complements about the quality of the sessions.

We're deeply grateful to help so many entrepreneurs get their start in business.

Thanks for being part of the ride.  

Much love,

Andy Drish