I Stopped Dreaming

I Stopped Dreaming

Handling the customer support of The Foundation, I noticed a very common thing when people send in their emails discussing their dreams. This was from a recent conversation I had with one of you and I believe this is worth sharing…

As a kid, you probably were fearless when talking about your dreams, of what you want to be. And looking far into the future brought that sparkle in your eyes. Deep in your young heart, you were thrilled with the vast possibilities the world has to offer.

But 20, 30 or so years after, things changed. You rarely talk about your dreams and when you do, you’re more focused on how impossible, unattainable or difficult they are to achieve. The reality of where you are right now and the gravity of your situation paralyze you. You start believing your limitations and so your default reaction is to just dream your future away, wish and hope for things to get better.

This is where many get stuck.

I receive these emails almost on a daily basis. Where people feel their dreams are just too far away from their grasp and there’s nothing they can do but hope and wait for the skies to clear.

Hope is essential, yes. But it’s not a very smart strategy to turn your dreams into reality. I used to just dream of starting a business. Now I have 2. What did I do?


The Day I Stopped Dreaming and Instead...

I started with calling my dreams, goals. Simply because I see goals as more realistic and reachable. And then I broke those goals down to smaller ones.

So here’s how I made things happen and I want to share this to anyone who’s willing to listen.

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My dream was to have my own business but I dug in and asked myself what’s my goal? Why do I want a business in the first place?

For me it was financial independence. Now how do I achieve that?

I broke my goal of financial independence into smaller goals which were 3 things:

  1. Not relying on numerous jobs for money
  2. Having my own source of income
  3. Investing.

Now each of these 3 “smaller” goals still seem too big. So I broke them down even further.

For Goal #1, two smaller goals appeared:

  • Review all of my employment opportunities
  • Find something that I can do in less time but I get more pay.

So I went over things in my head on what I can do. I knew it was time to step things up. I applied for positions I know I can do to companies that are willing to pay me for my skills, not time.

For Goal #2, the smaller goals were:

  • Get Goal #1 settled so I can have more time to spare,
  • Get rid of my limiting beliefs, shed the resistance and just go for it.
  • Learn everything that I can learn and apply them.

For Goal #3: I came up with 3 smaller goals:

  • Get Goal #1 settled
  • Learn what small investments I can start with
  • Save up for that amount.

Seems too simple right? (The real map is a big web of things in my notebook.) But what I found out after mapping things out is this:

There’s always something I can do today to get nearer to achieving my dream, or should I say, goals.

Every dream, every goal - starts somewhere. Your future starts with your today. And you need to start taking action.

You have to open your eyes to where you’re currently at right now and spot the things you can do today to get to the future you want. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort but taking action now is a far better strategy than hoping that somehow things will fall into their places.

If there’s one thing I want to tell every “dreamer” out there, it is this,

Anything is possible. You have a chance at anything you want to have. You can be this. You can do that.

Be a goal getter. Take action today.

Mad Love,

Tell me about your dreams and let’s turn them into goals. Email me at support@thefoundation.com.