So you’re interested in starting a business…

So you’re interested in starting a business…

This article was originally published in Amy Kauffman’s blog.

Or maybe we should start back another step. What are you interested in? A self-funded hobby A money-making hobby Productive entertainment Something to talk with friends about A go-to when there’s down time Making more money Having more impact Creating something Conquering a challenge Proving yourself [Fill in the blank]

I hear the phrase, “I want to start my own business.” That’s great!

Let’s get really clear on what you really want because “starting a business” with the real desire to create something isn’t the most cost effective strategy.

What do you really want when you say, “I want to start my own business?”

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Amy Kauffman

Amy Kauffman is a Foundation Alum, Founder of Givily, and coach with a bit of class and sass.