How To Get A SaaS Business Started This Month

How To Get A SaaS Business Started This Month

We’ve been really busy with stuff inside The Foundation, creating a life-changing experience for the students who’ve enrolled in the past year. Now that we’ve got a team that’s growing, the bandwidth is available for us to pump out more content like we did in the past.

In the next few weeks, we’re gonna be sharing with you some stuff we’ve been working on behind the scenes. We’ve talked before about the framework we use inside The Foundation: idea extraction, pre-selling, sketching the solution… But the thing is, we’ve never gone into that much detail about them.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see us dive deeper into these concepts. You’re gonna get some actionable stuff to build your SaaS business, right here on the blog.

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Here’s 3 things you should do now to prep for the next few weeks:

1) Create a folder on your desktop. Name it “My Business Toolbox”.

Put the downloads you’re gonna see on the blog into this folder. In the next few weeks, this should be the only content you consume on building a SaaS.

I challenge you to block everything out, and use just what you get from us. One of the biggest hurdles stopping entrepreneurs from getting started is being stuck in “preparation mode”.

The most common reason it happens is because there’s an infinite amount of books, courses, and blog posts out there. The truth is… you’ll never make a dollar consuming, but you’ll make all your money producing. So for the next few weeks, unplug yourself temporarily, and see what it’s like to just take action.

2) Leave a comment below, telling us what you want to know most about building a SaaS business.  

Where are you struggling the most? Finding an idea? Picking a market? Talking to customers? What burning questions do you have about starting a software company? Tell us in as much detail as you can, because we’re going to read every single reply.

3) Share this page with any friends or family you want to go on this journey with.

Business opportunities are abundant the way we start businesses, so there’s no reason to keep the info you’re gonna get close to your chest.

In fact, the more people you have on this journey with you, the better. The most successful entrepreneurs I know always have a rockstar peer group and network.

Talk to you VERY soon :-)

Thank YOU,
Dane Maxwell
P.S. Enrollment for The Foundation is currently ongoing. Click here and apply if you’d like a chance to join.

If not, that’s okay too :-).

The info coming your way will be enough for you to take action with. The perks of enrolling, though, is belonging to a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs, and a super strong support system....

And some more private, “highly-classified” content too ;-). Anyway, leave a comment below, and we’ll talk soon.