How to Start a Business The Smart Way From Nothing - The Foundation Method

How to Start a Business The Smart Way From Nothing - The Foundation Method

-- Don’t try and build a business until you read this --

Imagine what would it be like to build a lucrative online business that avoided all of the risks that cause 90% of new businesses to fail.

What would it be like to avoid all the frustrations, disappointment, and public humiliation of trying to build a business around an idea that was highly valued in your mind but no one else would pay for it?

Premise 1: Economics always teaches us to match a supply with the demand.
Premise 2: Good businesses fill a need in the market place.
Premise 3: Great businesses solve painful problems in the market place.

What most new business owners fail to do is find the real demand before they start. Too many think they have to create the demand; rarely does that work.

Do you know how hard it is to try and convince someone they want or need something when in reality, they don’t? Even if it’s “cool”?

Take this Real Life Home Example: Have you ever tried to convince your partner you need that 72 inch TV to watch football? Unless she loves football, it’s kind of a hard to convince her you need it. What smart business/sales people do is use what’s important to her and sell her exactly that! Don’t sell the thing she hates in the first place - a big screen TV and football.

Example Script:
“Hey babe, I feel like spending quality time watching movies with you on the couch this weekend.”

“Do you know of any new movies that you want to watch at home with me?”

Wait for positive response…

“I feel like I want more of a robust experience, though. I actually want to see more of what’s going on in the movie. This little TV we have isn’t doing it for me anymore.”

-- Wait for response…

“I love spending time with you while being captivated in the experience of the movies and thought it could be even better, so I found this really great TV that I think will do the trick.”

Overcome her inevitable objections. “Because it’s on sale until tomorrow and I found a way we can afford it. We can pick up your favorite movies and get a new release we both want to see together.”

Alleviate the risk of buying the TV. “Also, Best Buy has a 14 day return policy so if we don’t love it, we can return it. What romance movie would you like to watch on it first?”

-- Wait for answer and WIN!

If you study the method above you will see I’m using her values to sell her on the idea of buying a $6,000 TV, rather than selling her on getting a 72 inch big screen so I can watch football on it.

And, I’m using an assumptive close to engage her in telling me what movie she wants to buy in order to test out the TV. If she tells me the movie she wants to buy, she’s inherently agreeing to the TV. Easy close!

All I did was align a sales process with the decision maker’s demands.

Yes, this works... and you can use this when selling your products, too!

Isn’t it easier to sell your partner on something you already knows she wants?

Like the thing she’s been asking you about every day for months?

There’s probably not any “selling” to it… Just helping her get exactly what she wants. :)

This is where many businesses fail.

They fail to provide a product that their market REALLY REALLY WANTS and NEEDS!

So this question may arise for you: “How do I know what my customers really really want?”

You’ll learn EXACTLY HOW, but first...

WARNING: Before we dive deeply into the mechanics of business and how this successful process works, I want to warn you first. Building a lucrative business isn’t easy. It can be really fucking hard, but the challenge is amazing and totally worth it.

And YES, it gets so much easier -- it’s just like riding a bike!

We’ve taught thousands of people how to build businesses, and now we’ll share with you the secrets and wisdom discovered over the last 4 years.

Are you ready for the 6 phases to starting a business successfully? Here they are…

  1. Tune Your Mindset
    Find BIG opportunities to start profitable companies from scratch
  2. Idea Extraction
    Find & Select Profitable Ideas… Even When You Have Nothing
  3. Sketch The Solution In Front Of Your Potential Customers
    Show your solution up front to build trust and rapport with customers.
  4. Pre-Selling
    Get your customers to fund the development of your software so you have ZERO RISK.
  5. Build and Develop The Product
    Outsource the development of your software with the Pre-Sales money to A+ developers so you can live the lifestyle you desire.
  6. SCALE!
    Release And Launch to $1000/month and then go beyond! $5,000/month $10,000/month and our highest monthly income from this 6 phase model is $90,000/month.

DISCLAIMER: If you fail at starting a business following this method, it’s not because this method is broken. It’s something else.

If I gave you the instructions on how to ride a bike for the first time. Gave you a bike thousands of others have ridden before you. And you weren’t able to successfully ride it the first few attempts. Would you say the bike is broken? Maybe… but is it? --- Nope.

Would you say the teacher is wrong? --- Nope.

So, what’s really wrong? Why aren’t you riding the bike? -- You haven’t learned it through action yet.

So what to do? -- Follow the instructions and keep at it until you are riding free!
You will be flying before you know it!

Do you want an insider's lesson?… follow the 6 part process above and train your mind to see opportunity and you will find it everywhere.

And then...
Take action.
Take action.
Take action.

Keep going and don’t stop until you win.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not. The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” -- Calvin Coolidge 40th U.S. PRESIDENT

And lastly...

I don’t ever recommend people who are wanting to start a business to go out and pay $6,000 on a TV.


Because the value you get from that TV isn’t going to be worth the $6,000 you paid.

A TV is a depreciating asset, it loses money, and doesn’t help anyone be more healthy, happy, loving, joyful, or successful in life or business. TV’s are a mindset programmers and you are up to the will of the producer and media company who want to get you addicted to their shows.

Do they care if you want to start a successful business? No. Do they want you to step away from the TV to start one? No. They want to manipulate you into watching more TV, give good ratings, and tell your friends.

If you want to invest $6,000, do it somewhere you will get a Return on Investment.

The BEST PLACE to invest $6,000 is in yourself.

If you invest in your training, you will get a LIFE LONG return. The ROI is immense!

You are the best customer of your life. Build the lifetime value of you and you will be successful in anything you do.

Plus your partner will like you even more! She would rather spend time with you on awesome vacations than on that couch watching football or chick flicks.

Learning how to build a business is easy. Doing it the first time not so much. Having a community of people surrounding you, helping you, supporting you, picking you up when you are down, is extremely beneficial to starting a successful business. Most people say it’s crucial to have a support system.

If you found this post slightly helpful and want more training, we invested thousands of dollars into a course for you. It’s absolutely free. And you will learn more about the 5 steps to starting a lucrative business you can run from anywhere in the world.

If you want real freedom in your life. The freedom to do what you want when you want, this is for you.

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Our mission is to help 1,000,000 people start businesses and get free by 2020.
Free from their bosses.
Free from bad business models.
Free to do what you will when you want to.

That’s what we stand for and we stand here to help you.

Try out the free course and let us know how it works for you! :)