What's The Simplest Business To Start From Scratch? (In 90 Days)

If you’ve tried to start different businesses before but couldn’t make any of them work..

(Or work well enough to make it your full-time gig...)

Then THIS could be the most important thing you read today...

I get your frustration, and I want to help you...

I will show you a simple framework that will immediately reveal what went wrong.

(I also have a major announcement at the bottom of this post...)

First. Why is this important?

Doing something (specially something that didn’t work), and never learning WHY it didn’t work, throws away all of the effort.

It’s like straining your neck on a project for hours and then losing it without ever hitting "Save"...

It gets worse...

When you go through life experiences, but don’t fully capture the “learnings” from each experience… they tend to repeat themselves until you do.

Sadly, most people end up like Sisyphus in Greek Mythology.

Pushing that boulder up the mountain. Watching it go down. Repeat.

A never-ending loop of pain...

(Ever feel that way about business?)

We call this “The START Framework”...

Because it contains the CORE building blocks of a new business.

It’s as simple as A, B, C, D.

Before I introduce it... A WARNING...

If you are missing even ONE of these four elements, you will struggle in business… No matter how HARD you work.

(You’ll see why in a second)

Let’s dig in...

The START Framework

“A” is for Attitude..

That’s your mindset, your world-view, your belief system.

If you’ve followed me or The Foundation for any length of time, you'll know we’re huge on mindset. And for good reason. It can make you or break you in business.

“B’ is for Buyer Attraction..

That’s marketing and selling. Perhaps the most hyped, but least understood topics in business.

If you can’t attract buyers, you can’t generate revenue, and without revenue, you don’t have a business.

“C” is for Creating Value..

Value is created when what you’re offering is in alignment with what the people you’re serving want, need, and feel.

New entrepreneurs think their ideas are valuable, and they make every assumption about their market and customers.

Seasoned entrepreneurs know how to validate and refine their understanding of their customers. As a result, they're able to create value.

“D” is for Delivering Results..

The product, service, coaching, or whatever “it” is that you sell has to deliver results.

Real tangible results.

If your product is a superior mousetrap, then it better catch more mice.

And keep in mind, you don’t even have to be the one delivering the results.

(You could own a cupcake store but not bake the cupcakes yourself)

But you must know how to effectively drive the results your product promises.

I want you to think of a business you tried to start that didn’t quite work...

And I want you to identify which one (or more) of the 4 elements were missing...

(Remember, it only takes ONE missing piece for the whole thing to fall apart)

Common examples...

You found a great pain or idea that others wanted you to create a solution for, but you never took action?

-> “Attitude” is missing. A belief or fear held you back from starting.

You have/had a product that couldn’t scale past 1 customer? (Including if that one customer was you).

-> “Creating Value” is probably out of alignment. The solution was a fit for ONE customer. But out of alignment for the rest of the market.

You started a marketing consulting business but ended up with short-lived clients?

-> “Delivering Results”: Perhaps there was a failure in delivering your clients the results they hoped for.

You started an online store with good products and prices.. but no buyers?

-> “Buyer Attraction”: The marketing and sales piece was missing.

But... I have great news..

If you haven't been successful so far. There's nothing "wrong" with you....

You just never had a time when all four elements worked together in harmony... Once you do, things really start taking off..

Attitude: You’re approaching business with the right mindset and beliefs.

Buyer Attraction: You’re able to attract buyers and customers.

Creating Value: Your product or service are in full alignment with what your customers want, need, and feel.

Delivering Results: You’re able to deliver results that satisfy the people you serve.

THAT’S when business starts to get really fun.

… And you’re free from pushing the boulder up the mountain.

With heart,



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