27 Rookie Sales Mistakes

27 Rookie Sales Mistakes

This article was originally published at Selling on Purpose.

    1. Incorrectly wielding your tonality. Think about tonality in two categories: 1) Rapport Seeking and 2) Rapport Breaking.

    Rapport Seeking tonality is what it sounds like when you're asking a question. The pitch goes UP at the end.

    Rapport Breaking is a declarative statement. You are stating something. Stop using Rapport Seeking tone when you MUST be using Rapport Breaking tone. Everything should not sound like a fucking question. Because that makes you sound like a insecure, sycophantic rookie.

    2. Not setting a clearly defined agenda for the call.
    3. Not getting your prospect to AGREE to the agenda for the call.
    4. Avoiding the "elephant in the room" rather than directly addressing it (they said "no" to you in the past, you're not sure they can afford your service, you're not sure who the real decision makers are).
    5. Focus exclusively on discovering problems and not on the IMPACT those problems have.
    6. Believes that someone can logically be convinced so focus on "pitching."
    7. Living in a "me" focused world.
    8. Stinks of neediness. Thinks he "needs" this deal instead of just wants it. "Need" is a biological imperative -- food, water, air, shelter. You don't need a deal.
    9. Doesn't show up on time.
    10. Cancels last minute.
    11. Does not take CONTROL of the conversation.
    12. Talks about price WAY too early (this isn't hiding, this is understanding decision making. (Price is logical - they are not PREPARED to hear price until they have an emotional need for what you offer.)

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    13. Doesn't charge what he's worth.
    14. Can't say "no" or is scared to (and is also afraid to hear no).
    15. Doesn't value his time (let's meetings go long, holds meetings without the real decision makers in the room).
    16. Won't ask for a decision to be made, and then EXPECT that it will be made.
    17. Doesn't follow up enough.
    18. Acts "butt hurt" when a prospect says no.
    19. Stops prospecting when things are going well, only to run his pipeline dry.
    20. Wants to be "right" rather than moving the process forward (or moving on).
    21. Doesn't turn away prospects who aren't a good fit.
    22. Doesn't end a sales call early if a prospect isn't qualified.
    23. Is afraid to ask "why did you take this call".
    24. Doesn't record his calls and break them down afterwards.
    25. Doesn't have a pre-call ritual.
    26. Doesn't emotionally "anchor" his wins.
    27. Takes too long to do what he says he will do.

(I said "he" a bunch. I'm referring to all human mammals, not just men)

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