Dealing with the Thrilling and Excruciating Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship

Dealing with the Thrilling and Excruciating Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship

There’s fire in your veins. You see the future and it is beautiful.

It’s a future of your vision, where the world is a better place, you’ve given value to the world, made an impact, and solved people’s problems.

You have the great idea. You have the action steps set up. And now it’s all about execution.

So you get cranking. You constantly work and build the future, one step at a time. The fire in your veins fills you with energy, enthusiasm, and optimism – and brings you straight to a peak.

Suddenly at the peak, something stops you. The future you envisioned changes. Now you see everything going wrong – from not getting any traction, not getting any sales, to failing.

They told you that entrepreneurship was a ride. But they never told you it was the world’s scariest rollercoaster.


Recognizing the Peak and What’s Coming Next

Every entrepreneur faces this rollercoaster. The reason we’re entrepreneurs is because of the vision that we have, the vision we work tirelessly to turn into a reality.

“Make it happen at all costs, because it’s going to be worth it in the end.”

This mindset is the problem.

Just as society trains the average person to go to school, get a degree, and get a job to be stuck in for forty years, we as entrepreneurs are told and indoctrinated into being nonstop workaholics.

Which is fine, half the time. It works on the days when we are fired up, ready to go, and have the drive to conquer the world.

But on the days when your body tells you enough, the days where you see failure, recognize that you’re on the peak of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster – and continuing to work nonstop will tip you over the edge.

Keep working, and you’ll negatively affect your health, well-being, and ability to bring your vision to reality.

The truth is, we’re not told that it’s okay to not work all the time. We’re not told to let off when we feel extremely tired or stressed. We aren’t told that – but we need to recognize this.


Working Tirelessly is NOT a Badge of Honor

Forcing yourself to work long hours and to never stop, even when your body and mind are literally screaming at you to stop, can become part of your identity as an entrepreneur. All of a sudden, working nonstop becomes normal. We think the longer we work, the better we are and we wear this like a badge of honor.

It is not a badge of honor. And you need to stop thinking that it is.

How do you change this way of thinking?


Reconnect with the idea that the reason you’re an entrepreneur is to bring your vision to a reality. Not to work yourself to death. Work smarter, not harder. Be strategic and intentional, not just busy. Look forward and plan for the long haul – not the short sprint.

If it takes a few years to bring your vision to a reality, it’s not going to happen if you’ve burned out after the first year.


Ditch the Rollercoaster, and Trade It For A Hike

Imagine working on your next big project. You’re fired up, fueled with drive, and itching to make an impact. You have your plan drawn out, and you know exactly what you want to achieve.

But this time, what if you listened to your mind and body? What if you actually took some time for yourself, to rest and recuperate when your body needs it? What if this time, you recognize the peaks of the rollercoaster you’re on, and decide not to engage in a race to the bottom?

You’ll realize that you’ve ditched the rollercoaster you were on, and traded it for a hike. A hike where you’re progressing straight towards the top. A hike when, you’re out of resources, you take a bench and rest. Then, once you’re ready, you get straight back on the path to the top.

No falling, crashing and burning. Just breaks, to re-energize and re-strategize.

On your entrepreneurial journey, let go of the need to work nonstop. Recognize that you aren’t a robot and that you can work yourself to death.

Then take deep breaths, and a moment or two to step off the gas pedal rest and re-plan. These are the moments that will sustain your journey to the vision of your future.


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