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A frustration we hear a lot from entrepreneurs is, “how do you pick the right market to build a business in?” Here’s just a few comments we got from our last post, a few days ago.

(Appreciate the comments. Keep ‘em coming. We wanna do some Q&A posts in the future to address the most common questions.)

A lot of us get paralyzed at this stage, because we’re worried about picking the wrong market, and wasting all our time and effort down the road. We’re obsessed with getting it perfect the first time.

While I’m an action taker, and a strong proponent of “ready, fire, aim”… I actually sway on the side of being a bit careful when it comes to choosing a market too. This is a step you don’t want to gloss over, because it sets the foundation (pun strongly intended) for the future of your business.

The Intro Guide to Idea Extraction helps you pick profitable markets to extract ideas from.

In the guide, you’re gonna find out:

  • 7 criteria to evaluate markets for profitability. You’ll know whether or not a market is worth your time with a quick evaluation.
  • How Trevor Page filled his schedule with 7 idea extraction calls without cold calling. He extracted a few good ideas within the first three calls alone.
  • The 3 phases of idea extraction. You’ll understand the landscape of idea extraction at a high level, so you can sound like a pro on your calls, who knows exactly where the conversation should be going.
  • The exact words I use to start off idea extraction calls. Stick to a similar conversation path, and your calls will start off with momentum most of the time.
  • 5 of my “go-to” questions for idea extraction. You can almost always depend on these questions to get the ball rolling and ideas flowing with business owners.
  • The “state of being” you want the business owner to be in during calls, to help them get “primed” for filling your head with lucrative software ideas.
  • 2 tiny phrases that unlock the gates to profitable software solution ideas, during your idea extraction calls.
  • How to end your idea extraction calls on a good note, so that you can build a wicked relationship… and eventually a long-time customer.

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Andy and I wanna do a Q&A down the road to answer the most common questions :-). We’ve been keeping track of everything you’ve told us so far.

I appreciate you,
Dane Maxwell

P.S. remember — avoid consuming any extra info on building a business in the next few weeks. Be an action MACHINE :-).
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