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The answer: Pre-Selling.

Andy did it years ago. A quick case study of it is found in the download attached to this post. Keep reading below to find out more of what’s inside that download.

Before we dive deeper, let’s do a little thought exercise first.

Imagine you’ve selected the market you want to build software in, gotten business owners on the phone, and have done a ton of idea extraction calls. You have twenty people who are complaining about the exact same problem, and feel you may be onto a great software solution.

You think you’re onto a great idea. But remember, what’s the most dangerous word in business?…Guessing.

At The Foundation, we don’t guess. That’s why we believe business isn’t risky, like how most people see it. The whole “the greater the risk, the greater the reward” thing isn’t really our style. We don’t want you to “hope” your idea is a profitable idea. We want you to know with a level of certainty it’ll make you money.

And one of the best ways to do this, is to get money from your customers upfront before hiring a developer, getting incorporated, and all that other jazz. So today, we’re going to dive a little more into the concept of “pre-selling”. The art and science of having your customers pay you without having a product.

We’ve put together The Action Guide to Pre-Selling.You can access it by entering your email below and clicking “Get Access”.

It’s short, sweet, and way more than what I had when I got started years ago. Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The multi-billion dollar industry that uses pre-selling almost exclusively. Nobody notices it, but they’re doing it right in front of our faces.
  • The 5 elements of creating a Pre-Selling offer. Once you understand these, you’ll have the ability to defuse a bunch of the resistance your customers have for handing over cash.
  • How Andy used the 5 elements to start a $1000/month business in 2 short days. The business later scaled up to five figures per month.
  • The 3 forms of risk beginner entrepreneurs make when they skip pre-selling and go straight to development.
  • And more…

Enter your email below and click “Get Access” to get the guide.

Again, like the action guide to idea extraction, no cost. On the house. Brief, concise, and punchy. Why? Because we want you to take action.

I can’t stress how prevalent the “preparation plague” is. Ew…

After you read it, comment below with what questions you still have. We’re creating a bank we can use for a Q&A down the road. Andy and I are stoked to answer your questions.

(Side note: I’m betting you already more than enough get started. Or to move forward wherever you’re at in your business. Even if you don’t think so yourself. I believe in ya.)

Thank YOU for reading this blog post,

Dane Maxwell

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