The Powerful Weapons That You Need

The Powerful Weapons That You Need

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Last night I was talking with my private coaching clients about overcoming resistance. Occasionally when I'm talking, things start flying out of my mouth that make some sense.

When we're selling over the phone or Skype, we've got two weapons.

  1. The Words We Choose
  2. The Tonality We Use

My question is this - are you using your weapons wisely?

Let's start with the words we choose.

Our job is to paint a vision for our prospect with our words. And if I'm painting, I'm going to create a fucking Picasso (I save my stick figuring for drawing).

First, my message to 99% of people out there. Choose less words. Don't say 20 when 6 will do.

Word choices:
Option 1: The Cost of This Product is $1,000,000
Option 2: Let Me Share With You The Economics of this product. The engagement with me and my team is $1,000,000.

Cost triggers alarm in people's brains. They think loss. They think, oh shit. You know the phrase, "What's this going to cost me?"

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Does that ever SOUND good?

Option 1: Let me tell you about me, so you know who you're speaking with.
Option 2: Let me share with you the UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE I'll bring to our interaction together.

Now, tonality.

My main man, Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street), says that you've got to be three things -- insert dope Boston accent here ---

  • Smart as a Tack
  • Enthusiastic as Hell
  • Figure of Authority To Be Reckoned With

You've got 10 seconds to grab someone's attention on the phone. They are listening to your WORDS and TONE.

Quite simply. Don't be a wet noodle.

You know how some people communicate and their pitch always goes up at the end? Like they're asking a question?

That's a rapport seeking tone.

Use it in the first 10 seconds.

After that, start to drop it. No Figure of Authority communicates like a cry-baby-poo-poo-pants where everything they say sounds like a question.

Use statements. Use cadence. You know what you're talking about. Sound like it.


Words and Tonality. Your weapons, friends.

Editor’s Note: A few things were edited in this post.

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