Performance Secrets: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Energy

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Most entrepreneurs don’t ever talk about this, but it’s a major key to success. The most productive people in the world are absolute masters at this. What is it?

Energy Management.

You can have all the time in the world or the perfect schedule planned out, but if you don’t have enough energy, you won’t be able to follow through. You won’t get the things on your to-do list done, and you may not even be able to enjoy the free time that you have.

Here are 5 ways to manage your energy:


1. Prioritize Your Health & Well-Being

As entrepreneurs, we tend to be workaholics. But working more hours cannot come from sacrificing our health. Being healthy means making sure you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get enough rest and sleep.

Eating healthy is not as hard as it sounds but it takes a good deal of self control. And that’s where eating healthy starts becoming problematic to most. Start small. Be more conscious of what you eat. Start cutting down on your extra slice of cake, pizza, (insert your favorite sinful food here). Then move on to including healthy food groups in your meals at least once or twice a week. You have to let your palate get used to the taste of healthy meals. Start there. And lastly, don’t deprive yourself. Once in awhile, have that damn slice of cake!

Regular exercise is healthy for the body. We all know that. Plus it boosts your energy level. Take it from Richard Branson. He says working out gives him at least 4 hours of additional productive time every day. So find the time to exercise.

Working sleep-deprived is actually counter productive. When you lack sleep you’re not thinking clearly. You get irritated easily. You either don’t get the results you want or it takes you longer to get the job done. Your mind and body needs sleep to reset and re-energize. That’s a biological fact and there’s no getting around it.


2. Surround Yourself with People Who Bring Out The Best in You

Jim Rohn’s famous quote states that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

You need to be surrounded by people who will challenge you and make you better. You’d want people in your group with whom you can bounce ideas with in as many areas as possible, and people who know and are better than you in more ways than one.

Being surrounded by such people will not only energize you but also pull up your performance and elevate your thinking.


3. Seek Out Role Models and Mentors

Having mentors is crucial to success in entrepreneurship. Mentors can guide you on what to do, which path to take and give you guidance.

Find role models who have done exactly what you want to do and who have accomplished your goals within the timeframe you want them accomplished. They’ll be another source of motivation. Plus they’ll help get rid of your limiting beliefs. They’ve done it. So why can’t you?


4. Write Your Goals Down Everyday

When you look at your goals, you think of why you’re on the path of entrepreneurship and what all the work is for. But if you don’t look at your goals frequently enough, you won’t remember your purpose enough to take massive action.

Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. And look at them constantly. You’ll dream big, and act big.


5. Schedule Free Time in Your Calendar

You need to take massive action. Action brings results. And it’s second nature for entrepreneurs to get obsessive and just keep on working until things get done.

But, the thing is we’re not machines. We get tired, feel burnt out and get demotivated. We need breaks to re-energize and re-strategize. Get off the entrepreneurial roller coaster. If you’re really feeling burnt out and unmotivated, take a step back and take a bit of time off. Then get back to it when you’re re-energized.


Being an entrepreneur means being a master of delayed gratification, to work now so that you have freedom later. But you need to have the energy to keep at it until you hit your goals. What kind of results and lifestyle would you have if you were constantly energized?

Keep these five ways to energize yourself in mind, and you’ll walk the entrepreneurial path successfully. Commit to using at least one way to keep yourself energized.


Start these Performance Secrets now. Look at how you manage your energy. Which secret do you need the most right now? What action can you commit take this week to start maximizing your energy? Drop your commitment at the comments below.

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