[Interview] How To Build A Business More Profitable Per Employee Than Apple

[Interview] How To Build A Business More Profitable Per Employee Than Apple

If you'd like to know how one of the best idea extraction experts in the world creates companies out of thin air, then you'll love this interview...

In this interview, you'll hear how Hiten Shah used idea extraction to create a company more profitable per employee than Apple.

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His name is Hiten Shah. And he's the owner of KissMetrics and Crazyegg. Hiten is just ONE of the mentors and investors we've lined up to guide the Foundation. He will be mentoring our members and, if it makes sense, he'll be investing in some of their companies at the end of six months.

…but there's more…

We've also lined up Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Pat has over 50,000 readers and is one of the world's greatest experts on creating passive income online.

And then there's Travis Rosser and Kenny Reuter from Kajabi.com Travis and Kenny are an extremely rare breed because they deeply understand both direct response marketing and software development.

(That is why Kajabi powers over 2000 membership portals of some of the best marketers online.) On top of that, five of our past graduates will be guiding our members, too. You might recognize some of them…

Sam Ovens, Saba Rehmani, Ramu Tremblay, Troy Lavinia, Dave Lawrence, Tyler Foo, and Adam Ayer. When you join the Foundation, not only will you have me teaching you, but you'll also have access to Hiten, Pat, Travis and Kenny… and all of our coaches we've lined up specifically to support your growth.

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