You MUST Learn This To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Recently… I’ve been exploring why “getting what you want” can be difficult…When I was 22, I had complete clarity on what I wanted.

Passive income. Recurring revenue, so I wouldn’t have to trade time for money. I’d be able to spend my time doing things I wanted to do instead. Wake up when I want… travel without having to take “vacation time”… and enjoy everyday without stressing about bills or debt.

It was a grueling battle, but I eventually made it happen. My fuel was anger, and it was a very productive force that helped me get what I wanted. But at the same time, it was a very destructive and toxic force I don’t embody or encourage anymore.

And now, 9 years later... after building 7 successful software companies, and watching 1200 people intimately go after their dreams through The Foundation...

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Thank YOU,
Dane Maxwell