$90,000 In Pre-Sales - How John From Australia Did It

$90,000 In Pre-Sales - How John From Australia Did It

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Hi, I'm John.

In the last 5 months whilst being part of The Foundation I have developed 4 applications for 2 different niche markets that have generated $90,000 in fees for those products. Two of those products can be easily turned into a SAAS business.

I don't know how to write a single line of code I'm outsourcing everything from UI design to programming web development and cloud hosting. I do not have a website or a business card for this business it has all come from IE

I developed a niche client portal for a plumbing company cost to develop $2800 I sold it to the company for $18,000. I developed a customer service testimonial and 5 star rating system for a plumbing business. Cost to build: $1800. Sold it to the client for $15,000.

I developed a knowledge management system for an engineering firm. Cost to build: $3000. Sold it for $15,000. I've been commissioned to develop an intranet system with mobile application integration for a plumbing business. Cost to build: $7000. Sold it to the company for $35,000 with a $900 p/m support program.

I was referred by one of my IE prospects to a senior executive of the Australian Tennis Association to explore the idea of developing a mobile software application for club tournaments that can be sold on retainer based pricing model. I did a 2 hour IE call and have already priced the development cost of $12,000. I quoted $60,000 he is excited by the idea and says he has sponsors that will cover the cost.

These were relatively simple applications most have only taken less than 6 weeks to develop and test. all are working fine.