4 Little Things You Need To Do That Are Actually Big Things

4 Little Things You Need To Do That Are Actually Big Things

This article was originally published at Selling on Purpose.

Do The Little Things.

I've done about 400 sales calls over the last 4 months - selling consulting, info-products, and coaching.

It's been bitch slapping me in the face that the little things actually mean big things.

1. Know How To Answer A Phone Call
People are forming their perception of you in the first 10 seconds of your interaction. If you are receiving a phone call, do these little things:

  • Answer the call with a confident - Hello - this is [Insert Name here]. I'm baffled at the number of people who don't say ANYTHING when the answer their phone.
  • Tonality MATTERS. If you aren't in person with someone, they can't see your body language. They are picking up the words you say, but they are mostly picking up HOW you say them. Why answer the phone saying "Hello?" -- with a question mark at the end, like you are surprised. You've answered thousands of phone calls in your life. Don't sound so surprised that there will be someone at the other end of the line. Deliver a strong - Hello - This is Frank Mocerino. You know who you are. You know how to answer the phone.

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2. Get In A Quiet Place Free Of Distraction
If you're planning to have a phone call with someone, be in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Do you realize how hard it is for the other person to focus if it sounds like you're in a wind tunnel?

3. Set The Stage
Use an agenda to let them know: how long the call will be, what the purpose of the call is, and what the proposed outcome/decision will be at the end of the call. You've heard me say it before - time is the MOST valuable, non-renewable resource on the planet. SPEND your valuable time wisely.

4. Do What You Say
Of course things happen and you'll need to cancel calls. But don't be the person who sends someone a note 5 minutes before the call saying that you can't be there. You are wasting someone's valuable time -- time that they can never get back.

Anyone notice any other little things that matter?

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Frank Mocerino

Frank Mocerino is a Foundation Alum, Founder of Selling on Purpose, Starting From Nothing's awesome host and a professional negotiator.