The very first Foundation Scholarship Program

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Official Scholarship Rules

The mission behind our very first Foundation Scholarship Program is to make entrepreneurship possible for anyone. We stand for entrepreneurs who are starting from nothing and believe just about anyone can become a successful entrepreneur if they invest their mind, heart, and action.

We have created 3 scholarship categories that each represent a characteristic of our most successful students in The Foundation. You may only apply to 1 category to be considered for the scholarship.

For each category, we present a unique challenge. Once you select the category that fits you best, you will record a 2 minute video completing the challenge. The video can be shorter, but should not be longer than 2 minutes.

The videos will be uploaded to YouTube with the headline “The Foundation Scholarship 2015 – ‘Name of your scholarship category'”.

Ex: “The Foundation Scholarship 2015 – Action Driven”.

Submit the official scholarship form here. In the form, you will include your email address, your scholarship category, and the link to your YouTube video submission.

The Scholarship Deadline has passed. 

We will be looking for creativity in how you complete the challenge, how well you fit your scholarship category, your passion and energy that you bring, and the number of views that you get for your video. Get as many people to support you in joining The Foundation!

Using black hat tactics to get views automatically disqualifies you from the running.

The final decision for the winners of the scholarship is reserved by The Foundation.


Action Driven

Are you someone who is driven by action and energized by results? Do you live according to the analogy of “jumping off the cliff first and building your wings on the way down”? Do you learn best by hands on experience and are eager to try innovative ways to accomplish your goals? If so, this is the scholarship category for you! Challenge: Record a video of live idea extraction. Share a 2 minute video showing us your action driven side.

Influential Leader

Are you someone who loves to lead others to victory? Do you find yourself taking the leadership position in groups, with your team or in your daily life? Do you enjoy mapping out the course and facilitating all that is necessary to reach the destination? If this is you, we want you to take the lead and apply for this scholarship. Challenge: Record a 2 minute video answering the following question: “If you were given the power to lead and influence 1 million people, what would be your mission?”.

Committed to the Core

Are you someone who finds encouragement in the face of obstacles? Do you relentlessly go after your goals? Perhaps you have failed time and time again but your persistence never fades. You are committed to the core, and that’s why we want you inside The Foundation! Challenge: Record a 2 minute video telling us about your biggest failure, what you have learned, and why you haven’t given up.


Video Submission Deadline is Friday, August 21 2015.

Winners will be announced during the week of August 24 2015.

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