9 Reasons Why You Should Create a Facebook Group for Your Business

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This article was originally published at Namastream.

Did you make a Facebook Business Page so that you could easily spread the word on what you are creating and doing in this world? You probably imagined yourself opening Facebook each morning and admiring all the likes and comments on all of the beautiful and inspiring posts that you created, right?

But, more often than not, there’s no reaction at all. Nothing.

Posting on your Business Page turns into an exercise in frustration because no one is even seeing your posts. Honestly, a lot of people are frustrated and without spending money on Facebook ads, it’s a losing battle.

You are probably part of few Facebook Groups already, but you may not have thought of them as an option for your business. Well, we’re about to let you in on a little secret…

We believe that creating a Facebook Group is the key to building an engaged community of raving fans.

Here are our top nine reasons that you should create your own Facebook Group:

  1. You can actually engage with your followers.
You know all those likes and comments that you imagined would happen on your Facebook Page? Well, this will actually happen in your group (assuming you provide valuable content and conversation, which of course you will)! Facebook Groups are designed for commenting, likes, and overall engagement.

2. Teach.
You are the leader of your Facebook Group, so you get to decide what the content is comprised of. It’s a place for you to explain, motivate, inspire, and teach the content that you love. It’s where you serve your followers and can have a real influence in people’s lives.

3. Polls!
One of the amazing and ultra-valuable features of Facebook Groups is that you can poll your members. Ask them absolutely anything and your followers will respond. Use polls to learn about what your community needs or wants from you, find out what are they struggling with (so you can better tailor your offerings to be exactly what they need). Get opinions on logos or colors or anything else you need input on from your target market — for free.

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4. Stay top of mind.
Have you noticed that not even your mom or best friend see anything you say on your Page? It’s so frustrating. The exciting thing with your Group is that anything and everything you post in your Group WILL appear in your member’s feeds. The more you post, the more you show up in your ideal clients’ feeds. Simple!

5. Build Trust.
Your Facebook Group is a collection of private (assuming you created a Closed Group) conversations and no one, other than Group members, can see the discussion. There’s conversation that happens here that wouldn’t happen if members knew that the whole world could possibly be watching. It’s an opportunity for you to nurture your members so they really begin to know, like, and trust you. And when you’re building a business online, trust is absolutely necessary before anyone will ever take out a credit card.

6. Build your list.
Huh? Yes, you can build your list with your Group. If you have a free opt-in or free give-away that you give in exchange for a person’s email (usually this on your website), why not offer this to your Group? Create a welcome post and pin to the top with the offer (or post the opt-in as a frequent regular post).

7. Validate ideas.
Ever had an idea, but you weren’t sure if people would like it or want it? Use your Group as a testing ground. For example, if you announce inside your Group that you are thinking of creating a beginner’s video series demonstrating how to work up to a full headstand, gauge the response. If people are commenting ‘yes, yes, yes,’ you know you’ve got a winning idea. But, on the other hand, if there is not such a positive reaction, then maybe move on to your next idea and feel proud that you didn’t waste your time building something your people don’t want.

8. Collect your ideal clients into one place.
Where else in the world can you gather and interact with your ideal clients at any time of the day for free? Of course, you must give them your time and attention and offer them valuable content, however, being able to watch and learn from them is invaluable. It’s any business owner’s dream!

9. Announce your offerings.
Have you ever tried to announce a class or a new offering on a Facebook page? Not much reaction, right? Well, because your Facebook Group is full of devoted fans, when you announce something new, people are excited and they often purchase. Success!


Sandy Connery
Sandy is a Foundation graduate and the co-founder of two SaaS products, Connectable.biz and Namastream.com, as well as the co-creator of the membership platform Soulful.MBA which teaches wellness entrepreneurs how to build and scale online businesses.

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