Everything Is In The Frame

Everything Is In The Frame

This article was originally published at Selling on Purpose.

What is the purpose of your business?

Of course there are reasons that it exists. To make you money. To make your customers money. Because you wanted to be a salesperson, or an entrepreneur.

But, why does it exist? What does it help your customers do/feel/become/achieve?

I write the purpose of my business like this:

What I Help Customers Achieve + How I Help Customers Achieve It = Business Purpose

Example: I help purpose driven entrepreneurs and sales people AMPLIFY the impact of their business/message by helping them communicate more effectively through a measurable and repeatable system, based on psychology and the root principles of decision making.

So again - what's the purpose of YOUR business?

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Frank Mocerino Frank Mocerino is a Foundation Alum, Founder of Selling on Purpose, Starting From Nothing's awesome host and a professional negotiator.