The 6 Steps To Creating Sticky Content People Pay For

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How we create content. That sticks. That people pay for.

A past student Geoff asked how we create content for The Foundation, and I wanted to share the inside scoop here.

We hopped on skype and I taught him the following strategy. Mad props to my partner Andy Drish for discovering this framework while sitting at burning man in a tent 🙂

If you’ve ever wondered how to create sticky content, this should be helpful.

Geoff started off the call with a potent question…

If you had to start all over again… what would that process look like for developing content for a course?

My answer in one word? CO-EMO-CREATION.

CO: With someone

EMO: Based on emotions

CREATION: Writing from the co-emo place.

For my content… I lead every piece with what the person is feeling when they try to take the action I am teaching. Yes. Lace each piece of content with the feelings the person is experiencing while they take action.

This enables, empowers, and makes your content flow effortlessly.

For example, when I created the 3rd version of idea extraction… I went to our live chat room and co-emo-created it. I asked the chat room, what comes up for them when they think about doing idea extraction. Emotions Before, During, and After the action.

So when students said they felt like they might be bothering people before a call.

We put in the report…

You might feel like you’re bothering the person you’re talking too. If you are, this is normal.

So… all content I create tries to follow this principle. CO-EMO-CREATION.

Which is why you must have customers to talk to before you create the product. Paying customers. Like Geoff. Don’t build shiz people ain’t paying for in advance.

Thank goodness Geoff took The Foundation. He’s creating his first course now with the skills he learned. And he has paying customers in advance.

Geoff’s Product: Creating A 7 Figure Network – The Official Coaching Program.

Geoff created this course by following The Foundation framework. He asked his audience what they wanted, and what their pains were. They said they wanted to build a mentor network like he had.

Geoff used idea extraction to find clarity instead of sitting in doubt like many entrepreneurs do.

To create the outline for his product course, he used Idea Extraction. And did more calls with people he pre-sold, asking them “what’s important to you?”

Answers he heard were things like… They needed something around mindset. Background on me and who I am and why I’m credible. Are they worthy? Why would a heavy hitter talk to them? How can they identify who their current 5 top people are? How can they tap into their existing network? Specific things to say in face to face networking situations. Ways to continue building the connection after you meet someone for the first time. How to end toxic relationships for your current network? How to connect with people via email? And a system to manage their contacts and for follow up.

Geoff had a lot of limiting beliefs when creating the content. “I was feeling scared people weren’t going to like what I was putting out. Afraid. Afraid I couldn’t deliver. Uncertainty. Didn’t want to risk relationships with my top podcast listeners. Are these pieces long enough, am I adding enough value?”

So… what is this 6 step formula for creating sticky content that people pay for?

To the best of our ability, we use this framework for each piece of content.

  1. Story: Start with a story.
  2. Why: Then tell them why it’s important.
  3. What: Now tell them what it is.
  4. How: Tell em how it works.
  5. Example: Make it concrete with an example.
  6. Exercise: Give them an action to take.

If follow this framework, here is what happens…

Immediately your customer is pulled in with a story. Stories are the best way to grab attention. Their guard is lowered. They are present… and listening to your content. Next… after the story… you tell them WHY this story is so important… so you’ve built up all this value… before you ever get to your point.

At this point, the customer is thinking WHAT IS THIS THING?

So by the time you get to WHAT… and tell them what it is… they are so amped up, that when you tell them, it sticks and they retain it.

VERSUS… what the average content creator does… is just says their main point. But not the masters… they build up the value before they deliver it.

Geoff ended with a final question…

Any other tips to keep in mind to make sure this course just crushes it? How do you choose which content to keep updating?

My answer? Pay attention to where people get stuck. Pay especially close attention to where people succeed. Every small win you get, when a student emails you to share. Immediately interview them quickly, and post the content to all of your students. Your successful students will save your course and make it even more valuable.


If you’d like to see an example of our content, share this post, and we will post a secret video from inside our platform for you to dissect based on this framework above.

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