Business of the Month: by Phil MacNevin - Lift Your Business To The Next Level

Business of the Month: by Phil MacNevin - Lift Your Business To The Next Level

We celebrate each path to freedom taken by our students and alumni. Each month, we’re featuring the businesses that our students and alumni have created, together with updates, and milestones they’ve reached since their launch. Here’s our Business of the Month, - founded by Phil MacNevin.

Before joining The Foundation, I was working as a web designer for Eben Pagan. I had tried to start businesses before, but most of the time failed to even launch the product or service.

Joining the Foundation helped teach me some skills that helped me not only become more discerning in identifying products or services that people are willing to pay for (and prepay for), but being part of the community and having that accountability helped me keep focused on seeing it through to completion.

liftmedia I made over $1500 in presales on my very first product within 3 weeks of joining the Foundation, and that very early success kickstarted me on a journey that took me out of my day job and into a business that generated around $200,000 last year and on track to do $500,000 this year.

What pain does your business solve? Lift Media helps businesses increase their profits by optimizing conversion rates and increasing the lifetime value of their customers.
When did you launch? March 2014
How much did you pre-sell? $4000
What’s your current monthly revenue? $20,000 - $25,000+
Any major updates you want to share with the Foundation community? Since starting, I now have a team of 7 (not including myself). We are aiming to grow to $750,000+ in annual revenue this year. We have also sponsored 10 little girls in Tbilisi, Georgia and have a goal to donate $100,000 to socially responsible charitable organizations in the next year.

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