Business of the Month: Kataku Technology by Adam Kobler - Keeping Your Tech Running and Secure

Business of the Month: Kataku Technology by Adam Kobler - Keeping Your Tech Running and Secure

We celebrate each path to freedom taken by our students and alumni. Each month, we’re featuring the businesses that our students and alumni have created, together with updates, and milestones they’ve reached since their launch. Here’s our Business of the Month, Kataku Technology, LLC - founded by Adam Kobler.

Before joining The Foundation, I was a Jr. Network Administrator for a $100 million company in Minneapolis. While still employed, I worked hard every night and weekends on my business, Kataku Technology.

Tired and frustrated with this situation, I decided to join the Foundation where I completely reworked my mindset which resulted in the growth of my business and gave me the freedom to leave my corporate job. I now spend my days working on my business while travelling, meeting all kinds of awesome people and helping them grow their businesses while pursuing their passion.

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What pain does your business solve? Kataku Technology gives micro-businesses across the globe freedom and peace of mind by taking on the burden of maintaining your computer systems. We keep you running and secure so you can focus on what matters most, your clients.

When did you launch? February 2012
How much did you pre-sell? $700
What’s your current monthly revenue? $7,000
Any major updates you want to share with the Foundation community? Our Kataku Team Samurai will be running our second annual Tough Mudder to raise money for ALS research on July 16/17, 2016. Last year, we’ve raised and donated $2000 to the ALS Association. This year, our goal is to donate $5000.


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