Feeling Overwhelmed? Then You Need to Read This.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Then You Need to Read This.

You know the feeling of starting something new and getting completely overwhelmed. Whether it’s a new project or business, opening up that new shiny jar of ideas outbursts all those entangling new tasks - pulling you down like zombies trying to crawl up your legs. This is where failure first starts to creep in and can overwhelmingly stop us in our tracks. Sound familiar?

How do we push through this feeling and still come out ahead?

Being overwhelmed is an indication of lack of clarity on your goals. So, take a step back, clear your mind and ask yourself these questions:  

  1. What is your WHY?
  2. What are your personal goals - YOUR goals, not what other people tell you to focus on. But what do YOU want to focus on. (Is your heart set on SaaS? Do you need short term income or long term income?)
  3. Write all of these down. Make sure you are crystal clear on both your WHY and your goal. It’s got to be a “Hell yes”.
  4. Once you get that clarity, ask yourself - What is the one thing that you could take action on TODAY that could move you towards that goal?

Do it. Now.  

Mad Love,

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Drop your hacks in the comments below.