Alumni Spotlight: The Perfectly-Timed Series of Events and the Right Mindset that Led Amy Kauffman to Create Her SaaS Business

Alumni Spotlight: The Perfectly-Timed Series of Events and the Right Mindset that Led Amy Kauffman to Create Her SaaS Business

Not all our journeys are the same. We all have our own paths to creating a life we love! Such is the journey of each The Foundation Alumni. Once a month we’ll share these stories, straight from the source. Here’s our TF Alumni Spotlight of the month, Amy Kauffman, Founder of Givily.

It would be great if I had some heroic story of how I found The Foundation, but it/they actually found me.

Over coffee, I committed to my business-owner friend that I would build him a software platform to help manage his donation requests. He was overwhelmed with the chaos of all the requests coming in and needing to respond to preserve his reputation in the local community. He needed a more efficient way to do it. Cool idea. I definitely saw the need. “I'll build you something” led me to nine days of churning over exactly how I was going to do that without an ounce of technology knowledge, tech friends, or money to hire a company to build it.

Day ten an email crossed my inbox from Mixergy. Huh, interesting name. What on earth is Mixergy? Dane Maxwell. Short video on The Foundation. The video was probably four and a half minutes. I was in. That fast. I didn't care about the price tag. It was exactly what I needed to accomplish my goal. 6 months to create a software company, online, from the comfort of my home, nuts and bolts of it all, a road map for me to follow, and it wasn't going to take years? I was in.

I entered The Foundation October, 2012.

Now, I want to pause here because most people I talk with, or who message me about joining The Foundation are doing so because they're skeptical. I never was. When people contact me, I think people are wondering if it's a good idea because they're not sure if they're going to be successful after they go through the coursework The Foundation has to offer. I wasn't looking to The Foundation for success. I wasn't looking to The Foundation to create a business for me. That was on me. I was looking to The Foundation for information, know-how, best practices and short cuts. I got everything I paid for, and a whole lot more.

To the those reading this who may wonder if The Foundation will make you successful... Change the wonder. You make yourself successful. No book, no blog, no article, no person, no program, no course, none of it will make you successful. You make yourself successful. You decide if you're going to win.

So if you've already decided to win, want tested and trending knowledge, and an awesome community to support that endeavor, this is a great place to hang your hat.

If you're still deciding if you can win, you'll gain a lot from the knowledge and community, and be better off for whatever you choose to do after, but go through The Foundation with appropriate expectations based on where you are and what you're after. The Foundation isn't selling success. They're selling a better shot at success if you apply the principles and techniques they teach.

I digress. Mini-passion interlude there! Let's get back to the story.

Where were we?

Right, October, 2012.

On joining The Foundation:
I was not on Skype.
I had never been in a chat room.
I googled “SaaS” because I didn't know what it was.

In short, I was not a likely candidate to run a software company. CLEARLY.

BUT, I had hustle, discipline and a really clear vision of the future. (And a few people skills.)

40 calls into my market and I finally nailed the validation I needed to move forward to create a business.

It took me a year to get one pre-sale for my product. I got a few more pre-sales and then 12 weeks from that I had a beta version of my product (hired a developer). January of 2014, Givily went live. Real people using real software that I designed! THAT was unbelievable to me.

2016 05 Amy Kauffman1

I should close this out soon, but before I do, I feel like there are a few things I should say. I apologize because I have a lot of passion and purpose behind these words and in text they can be a little punchy.

Here's my heart...

I want you to win. I want you to have the life of your dreams. I want you to become all your Creator intended you to be.

I hope you anchor into The Foundation; the course work and the people. I hope you see this for the amazing opportunity it is.

I hope you go out and work for your success. I hope you experience the highs and lows of building something incredible. I hope you get to help people in the world with your ideas and solutions. I hope you give back to people who helped you along your journey.

I wish you all the success you're willing to earn.

Much love,

Amy Kauffman Headshot
Amy Kauffman is the Founder of Givily - a tool that helps the automation of corporate giving for brand-conscious companies, and coach with a bit of class and sass.

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