3 Reasons Why You Aren’t An Entrepreneur... Yet.

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If you are an entrepreneur at heart but haven’t made it yet… this is for you.

I’ve met many who are entrepreneurs at heart, but find themselves perpetually stuck.

It. Is. Pain.

After starting 22 different businesses from scratch and teaching 1,200 aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business from scratch at The Foundation, I’ve gained a unique perspective on this matter.

I’d like to share this perspective with you now.

If you desire to be an entrepreneur and you aren’t one yet, here are three reasons why.


1. Weak commitment: You’re focused on the lifestyle, instead of the daily process.

When I find myself surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, I find this fact to be true. All of them desire the freedom and lifestyle, and they’re focused and obsessed with doing the process daily to get there. Commitment to the process is what leads you to true freedom. You must commit to a regular process that propels you forward on your path of entrepreneurship. Too many people dream big, salivate at the lifestyle, and fizzle out when taking action. Daily. Action. When I started my first business, I locked myself in my parents’ toy closet and took action massively. It was entrepreneurship or death. I cold called for six months. I did whatever I had to do. Now I don’t cold call because I know better methods, which I teach. But back then, I did anything. I still remember my Dad coming downstairs to ask if I wanted to go outside and see the sun. I was so engrossed. And I love reflecting back to see how badly I wanted it.


2. No mentors: Not knowing what to do, not knowing the path, not knowing where to get guidance.

If you don’t have a mentor, you fly blind. Can you imagine flying a plane blind? If you don’t have a path, which way do you walk? How do you know if emotions like fear are guiding you in the right or wrong direction? What if you get the right answer to the wrong question, and lose everything… headed in the wrong direction? A mentor who’s been there and done that can tell you. They can show you the path. When I started my first business and had no one, my only mentors were the books I read. I read them daily. And I read close to 100 books on entrepreneurship. Books showed me the path. Then I had a mentor I drove 4 hours to see each month. Those days would be traumatic for me. Why? Because he ripped my thinking apart and showed me the truth. He helped ignite my mind. It was a love-hate relationship.


3. Paralyzing uncertainty: The kind where you freeze when you try to get started.

“I get excited to start my business, but when I sit down I feel like everything has to be good, right, and perfect. Then I start to doubt myself, feel overwhelmed, and my body shuts down in fear!”
Does this describe you at all? This is the resounding message to many students I’ve seen make the jump into entrepreneurship. Do you want to know the secret for breaking out of entrepreneurial paralysis? Here it is: there’s no such thing as perfect in business. Be okay with “good enough.” Be okay with done. Because in entrepreneurship, done is always better than perfect.

  When you stack these three reasons on top of each other, it has a compounding effect. We become immobilized. These reasons are the enemy. We must fight them together. There is little you can do.

I have taken the time give voice to these enemies so we may know them, and fight against them. These enemies can attack and take down the best of us. I’ve felt them all myself, and so to protect myself against them, I created a strategy.

And when we have all these three going against us, it can send many of us into a depression.

To get mobile again, correct all three. Commit to the daily process. Immerse yourself with mentors. Prioritize action over preparation and perfection.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for a while, these three reasons are likely what’s stopping you from becoming the entrepreneur you are.

I created The Foundation to help you, for those with the commitment, we can help you find your way.

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