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The very first Foundation Scholarship Program

Official Scholarship Rules
The mission behind our very first Foundation Scholarship Program is to make entrepreneurship possible for anyone. We stand for entrepreneurs who are starting from nothing and believe just about anyone can become a successful entrepreneur if they invest their mind, heart, and action.

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How Sandy got $12,000 in pre-sales without selling

In our last post, we shared the Action Guide to Pre-Selling.

It was short and concise. But we really feel it was enough to take action with. There was more advice inside there than Andy and I had when we both started. Over the weekend, we’ve gotten some emails from people with a few doubts about pre-selling.

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Announcement: The Final Foundation Class – Your Last Chance To Be Mentored By Dane & Andy Before We Leave

After being quiet for the past year, some people have been asking us “What’s happening with The Foundation?” Today, we have two major announcements for you…

1) We’re hosting a Bootstrapped Software Summit with some of the biggest names online who will teach you how to start and scale a software by bootstrapping.

2) We’ve decided to host the Final Foundation class… one more chance for you to learn from us about starting and scaling a business to fuel your dreams.

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7 Unlikely Secrets Troy Used Everyday To Start A Software Business & Sell To Multi Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Clients

4 years after the first Foundation… He sold to multi-billion dollar hedge fund clients. He built the product for free. He got the idea using idea extraction. He cut corners and built his app on top of Salesforce. He followed The Foundation process perfectly. He was in our first class of 88. Before The Foundation, before we even had a public website. Watch this video and have your mind expanded. And please… let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Meet Carl, Esther, & Josh – Get Their Complete Interviews

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MP3 – How Carl Built ClinicMetrics While Working Full TIme

MP3 – How Esther Built ShootZilla From The Netherlands

MP3 – How Josh Pre-Sold $22,000 Before He Built MySky

Note: This is not the GetMySky infopack. This is one of Josh’s failed ideas. He decided to drop it.

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3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Stop Doing to Experience Massive Growth

You’re the crazy soul who decided to forego the 9-5 lifestyle. You bet on yourself and your ideas. You take massive risks that most people won’t.

But here’s the truth – despite the fact that you’re a fish who decided to swim upstream, chances are, you’re still influenced by those around you who aren’t entrepreneurs. You’re still doing some of the same things that everyone else does. And it’s slowing your growth like the dreaded morning traffic jam.

You need to stop these. What are they?

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How To Find Profitable Business Ideas Without Racking Your Brain

A lot of us get paralyzed at this stage, because we’re worried about picking the wrong market, and wasting all our time and effort down the road. We’re obsessed with getting it perfect the first time.

While I’m an action taker, and a strong proponent of “ready, fire, aim”… I actually sway on the side of being a bit careful when it comes to choosing a market too. This is a step you don’t want to gloss over, because it sets the foundation (pun strongly intended) for the future of your business.

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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t An Entrepreneur… Yet.

If you are an entrepreneur at heart but haven’t made it yet… this is for you.

I’ve met many who are entrepreneurs at heart, but find themselves perpetually stuck.

It. Is. Pain.

After starting 22 different businesses from scratch and teaching 1,200 aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business from scratch at The Foundation, I’ve gained a unique perspective on this matter.

I’d like to share this perspective with you now.

If you desire to be an entrepreneur and you aren’t one yet, here are three reasons why.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Create a Facebook Group for Your Business

Did you make a Facebook Business Page so that you could easily spread the word on what you are creating and doing in this world? You probably imagined yourself opening Facebook each morning and admiring all the likes and comments on all of the beautiful and inspiring posts that you created, right?

But, more often than not, there’s no reaction at all. Nothing.

Posting on your Business Page turns into an exercise in frustration because no one is even seeing your posts. Honestly, a lot of people are frustrated and without spending money on Facebook ads, it’s a losing battle.

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How To Reverse Deep Limiting Beliefs & Transform Your Identity

Transform Your Identity
Do you know the one thing stopping you from living the life that you want?

No, you don’t. Otherwise you’d have it already.

After watching this video you’ll understand how to make a core change in your life that creates ripple effects in all other areas. Work will become easier when times are tough and you won’t feel like you have to push anymore instead you’ll feel like you’re being pulled towards your goals. There’s a hidden force that rules your mind, it runs your life. This hidden force bosses you around, dictates your behavior, tells you how to think and what to fear.

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The SaaS Cheat Code: How to Build a 50K+/Month SaaS By Using Existing Software (And Creating a Working Prototype Without a Line of Code)

Written by Dan Schwartz. CEO, InvestorFuse

Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems. -Dave McClure, 500 Startups
The following case study is for all the non-techy, on-the-verge entrepreneurs who are intimidated by the technical execution of your ideas.

I will explain, in detail, how we built a $50,000+/month SaaS company using existing software that’s available to everyone.

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Behind the Scenes of a $500,000/Year Business

Learn How to Start a Successful Business by Going Behind the Scenes of a $500,000/Year Business
My very first marketing email ever with no copywriting study yet done personally. I sent this from my parents basement. I distinctly remember my parents and I agreeing on a one year timeline that I could live at home. As my move out day got closer, I was so terrified I started marketing like a madman. The day I moved out of my parents house I made over $2,000 sending this email below to over 3 states of RE/ MAX brokers.

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Sam Ovens Case Study: How To Build A Web Based Product Without Any Idea, Limited Cash, Or Development Experience

(Because this won’t be accessible on Mixergy for long, Andrew agreed to let us post the case study here for you to watch.)

WAIT: Before you watch the video, read this…

This interview received over 130 comments on Mixergy, with many people saying it is one of the ‘best of all time.’

People are finally realizing they don’t need an idea to start a business… The just need to ask the right questions like Sam did.

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The Secret Language Of Millionaires

Learn how to Start a Successful Business by First Learning The Secret Language of Millionaires

Millionaires with total freedom live in their own foreign country. And if you get the opportunity to be around them for longer than three months you’ll start to pick up their accent, their unique language and their swagger.

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Performance Secrets: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Energy

Most entrepreneurs don’t ever talk about this, but it’s a major key to success. The most productive people in the world are absolute masters at this. What is it?

Energy Management.

You can have all the time in the world or the perfect schedule planned out, but if you don’t have enough energy, you won’t be able to follow through. You won’t get the things on your to-do list done, and you may not even be able to enjoy the free time that you have.

Here are 5 ways to manage your energy:

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