7 Uncommon Behavior Patterns Of High Achievers

  • http://ptrck.nl/ Patrick Plaggenborg

    Have a good idea if you’d like to continue your journey? You bet ya.

    This video tops it all. The most dense valuable pack of information yet, summarizing amazing insights from the most important interviews and videos shared so far. Now that’s teaching an abundant mindset by setting the example.

    It’s amazing to see how all alumni have also gained that perspective, and I can only imagine the impact of the many people who will in the future.

  • Christina

    Dane, how many of those Ohio shirts do you have? had to go through the video to make sure i wasn’t seeing things with the different colors…

  • Dario Philippe -#DarioInspires

    I actually believe I have what it takes to make it and I can totally get it done as long as I follow the “process”. My greatest FEAR is that I wont be able to afford being apart of the Foundation… this has kept me up all weekend.

    • Agnieszka Nazaruk

      I hear you Dario. I am the same. I promised myself to do whatever it takes to organize the money, plus being in such a money scarcity situation will make us work harder and faster – which is a good thing! Lets do it

      • Dario Philippe -#DarioInspires

        Thanks for the encouragement Agnieszka!

    • Carla

      Hi Dario, same thing here. I’ve had a few problems and I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford the Foundation fee. This is so upsetting… Well, in the worst case scenario we could create a group of people in the same situation so we can be accountable to one another. ;-)

      • Dario Philippe -#DarioInspires

        I agree Carla!!

        • David Webb

          Hey Dario and Carla, There are many examples of people who are challenged to find the fee for the foundation. Sam Ovens mentioned this while he was doing the foundation. He hustled to make it happen. Don’t let money be a limiting belief – go out and find a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

          • Nate

            Hey all! I’ve been a little nervous about the fees as well. David, I like what you’re saying about “making it happen”. How can we create enough value to get paid to make it happen. I’ve been getting on Elance and other sites like this to try and do some jobs for folks to be able to afford this (or something else). All the while, I’ve been developing skills that will be useful in the Foundation (contacting people, working with them one on one, offering as much value as I can, asking for money upfront, etc.:-)). It’s all been good experience, and helps belay some of the fears. Things have slowed down a bit on that end though, so I’d be up for the group Carla was talking about for sure!:-)

          • David Webb

            Hey Nate, I’m set for the fees etc but don’t mind listening in to what challenges you guys are having specifically. Find a way to connect with the others and I am happy to host a google hangout. I live in Sydney so time zone is AEST so if you are in the US, tends to work AM/PM your time suits my mornings. I can fit it in most days.

          • Nate

            Haha. I’m in Seoul, South Korea, so that could work well:-).

          • David Webb

            Nate drop me a PM at the email address in the post above

          • Patrick Clifford

            Hi David and all,
            I have the same concerns… I’ve been scratching to get by the last couple of years and am set to get out of debt in the next 3-4 months (realistically, with Christmas and all)… I’m concerned that the cost is crippling. Does anyone have any idea how much it is going to cost?

            Thanks everyone!

          • David Webb

            Hey Patrick, I suggest you wait two days – the launch is out then and all will be revealed from the foundation guys – the prices will be real – no point in continuing to speculate. The point on the cost is relative – to someone coming out of debt that will be a major milestone! Is $500, $1000, or $10000 a month crippling? If you invest all your efforts and desires in the foundation you might turn it all around to have $10k month revenue from SaaS.

          • Patrick Clifford


            I’m just excited and looking forward to getting started.

            If the cost is definitely beyond my means I will be back on here to connect to the others.

            Good luck everyone!

          • Grizzly Man

            Were you accepted?

          • Patrick Clifford

            I was accepted and I paid for the lowest level of the course…. here’s hoping it pays off!

            (hit me up if you want to know more)

          • Grizzly Man

            do you have personal email or pm?

          • Patrick Clifford

            You on FB?

          • Grizzly Man

            No sir, I’m the only person on the planet that isn’t. :-)

          • Chelsea

            Hey David,
            Are you doing the Foundation this year? I live in Sydney, too, and would love to organise some meet-ups with anyone local who’s doing it! We can be support, encouragement and a little mastermind group for each other!

          • David Webb

            Yes Chelsea, I am joining the Foundation. My email is in the thread – drop me a PM.

          • Dan Dodds

            Hi David and Chelsea, I’m in Sydney and also planning on doing the Foundation. Keen to make contact?

          • David Webb

            Send me a message to dabospostbox at yahoo dot com.

          • Chelsea

            Hey Dan, definitely!! Shoot me an email at camcrae@gmail.com. David and I were discussing potentially meeting up sometime next week- you should join us!

          • Ana Maria AniSam Samitier

            Hi David
            would love to joing meetups or conversations regarding financial challenges- am in US EST. Thanks

          • David Webb

            Hi Ana,

            I can put you in touch with others who are in this situation and ma be discussing it, but I am now focussing on the Foundation myself.

            I know others have found ways to use the publicly available resources that the Foundation team have shared for free and are crating their own SaaS businesses.

            And there are others who have made the commitment to joining by find ways to fund the first month.

            Let me know if you want to be put in touch with others.



          • Carla

            I can`t sleep over this, my head is spinning trying to figure out something so I can make this happen. But you are right, David, money is a limiting belief… I guess I should try even harder! I won’t give up. Thanks!

        • Bagus Wahyu

          Totally agree with you Dario & Carla! Now group has 3 members. Who’s next? :-D

          • Eli Pearlman

            I’d love to be a part of this group as well!

          • David Webb

            Google hangout in 30 mins to chat – drop me a line at dabospostbox at yahoo dot com

          • LeARnEr Hum

            Me Too :D, Let me join in on this :D. Btw what do you mean by drop me a line?

          • David Webb

            Google hangout in 30 mins – will discuss the money issue. Drop me a line at dabospostbox at yahoo dot com

      • David Webb

        Drop me a PM if you want to join a hangout to discuss you concerns… email in thread below

        • Carla

          Just sent you an email. :)

          • Jim Piety

            What’s even more concerning is whether you will even get in with their acceptance rate being so low. That’s what scares me.

            I don’t want my success to be dependent on whether I join the foundation. It definitely seems like a great program with fantastic mentoring and community, but the blog and their videos practically lay out the blueprint for SaaS.

            If you guys are still holding each other accountable and working toward your goal, I’d love to hear how it is going. It would be great to reach out to others who are working to improve themselves and their lives.

          • Carla

            The Foundation never ends, it’s up to you. We are still very unite and holding each other accountable, oh yes. What an improvement it was (at least for me)!

          • Jim Piety

            That’s awesome! Yeah, I’m just starting out and whether or not I get into the Foundation, I want to build this SaaS business. Is your group “accepting” others to join in the conversations and learn or do you know any groups that I could begin talking to? Thanks so much for the help!

          • theo

            I agree with you Jim, I don’t want my success to be dependent on wether I’m accepted into the program or not. I’ve applied 3 times and have been rejected 3 times. I’ve finally started to move forward on my own using the blueprint, concepts and freebies from the Foundation. Although it would be nice to be a part of the Foundation.

        • Agnieszka Nazaruk

          Hey I want to join as well> i guess I missed it but still would love to join future ones!

      • Kim Vigsbo

        Carla and others, I have been on the fence for a while, but looking into my finances again today I realize that I cannot afford to join The Foundation. I am very interested in joining a group of like-minded people and I do have several things of value I can add to such a group. Would one of you please reach out to me (kvigsbo@gmail.com)

        • Carla

          Hey Kim! I suggest you to take another good look at your finances. I too couldn’t afford the fee but somehow I managed to raise the money. If you saw my finances you would call me crazy but I’m positive this is a good investment. :-)

          • Anthony Miranda

            I’m so glad to hear this because my finances are bad at the moment but I’m taking the risk and pulling the money to make this investment on myself. Did you get accepted?

          • Carla

            Hi Anthony! I did. And you? The course already started and I don’t regret at all making this super effort to pay for the fee.

          • Anthony Miranda

            I just did. I’m having problems login in. I’m guessing they are just slam with last minute sign up.
            Looking forward to share this experience with all of you :)

          • Anthony Miranda

            wait, are you Carla Ferenshitz?

          • Carla

            LOL! Look at that Anthony!!! :D

          • Anthony Miranda

            haha! Like Steve Jobs said, sometimes you can’t connect the dots looking forward but you can always connect the dots looking back.

            Thanks! You’re comments inspired me to take action and join :)

          • Carla

            Love this thread! This is what made me go through with the decision of joining too, Anthony. It’s funny to read these names now because most of them are very familiar, but a year ago we had no clue.

          • kparker513

            Hi Carla I would love to join your group if you guys are still getting together. I have been searching for others that are familiar with the foundation and its concepts. Please let me know!

    • Patricia O’Sullivan

      Don’t worry guys. The Foundation follows the approach explained on http://www.SmartPassiveIncome.com so they have a money back guarantee. See http://thefoundation.com/disclaimer/
      Why not give it a chance for the first few months whatever the cost and if you are not getting results then reconsider. But don’t let money stop you now and forever regret the opportunity you threw away.

    • David Webb

      google hangout 30 mins with some other group members. drop me a line @dariophilippedarioinspires:disqus at dabospostbox at yahoo dot com

      • E.

        I’d love to join as well!

        • David Webb

          Where are you based? What is your name? What do you want to join?

      • manocreative

        I would love to join this as well, but I thought the pricing was suppose to be revealed today?

  • Roger Williams

    Dane, What is the difference between “idea extraction” calls and “cold calling”?

    • Jeremy

      You’re not selling anything, you’re doing research on “pain points” in an industry. Huge difference.

    • simon313

      Cold calling is just calling someone without any prior contact. You can cold call for idea extraction or for pre-sales.

    • http://JonathanNation.com/ Jonathan Nation

      Here is the difference:

      Cold Call – a style of calling someone
      Idea Extraction – a goal of a call

      I can cold call people to do idea extraction, of I could have a warm lead, or set up an interview, or walk into a store, or meet a buddy for lunch & do idea extraction in each of those.

      At the same time, I could cold call to do idea extraction, or to do a sales call, or to just ask a question.

      They are two separate terms that describe either the goal or prior relationship to a call.

      • Roger Williams

        Thanks, Jonathan.
        I am guessing (since I have no experience in this), that cold calling for idea extraction is just as ineffective as other types of cold calling. A warm lead is probably still the best.

        • http://JonathanNation.com/ Jonathan Nation

          I always strived fro having some hook so there was always some level of warmth, even if they are not expecting the call.

          It could be as simple as a referal from someone, a mutual friend on Facebook, I had read an article or post the prospect had written, I had used something form their business before or was involved in an orgaization that they were also involved with.

          Even walking into a business with nothing scheduled can work.

          And, I know people did have success just cold calling form a list, yet that is not what was taught. There are just too many ways get talking with business owners that take minimum work and tend to have better results than going down a cold call list.

  • David Webb

    Dane and Andy – This is a really valuable video with heaps of tips and actions. I like that it clearly outlines the ‘behind’ success elements that I can see are crucial to move forward confidently. I really like the idea of how community and a common purpose can help someone. So excited to become part of an action focused community.

  • Debi Schroeder

    Coming up with ideas has always been easy for me, making them come to life has never been easy. Several of my ideas were tackled by others successfully, making me even more determined to accomplish something that will change our families way of life and being able to give back to others.

    Knowing that The Foundation has the steps built to help us succeed gives us no excuses. “Excuses don’t count” is something I’ve told my kids when it comes to their homework. They are expected to complete it, ask for help if needed or reach out to others for help if we can’t. Taking that same mentality and using The Foundation’s steps and mentoring will help us realize our “WHY.”

    Clearly written goals with a strong “WHY” makes all the difference in the world. Going for a bigger house, more money, etc. can sometimes pull us down especially if our “WHY” isn’t solid. My “WHY” is to get my husband out of a job that is killing him. We both have a passion to help others in our community and elsewhere. However where we are at now does not allow us to do much to give back.

    My current goals to achieve my “WHY” are:

    1 – 5a.m. allergies are the worst! Getting up at 5a.m. 5 days a week to head into work for sometimes a 12 hour day, with lots of stress is nuts! I’m counting down the days my 5a.m. allergies will stop, soon to be followed by my husband’s. New Year’s Day will be a turning point for my ‘j.o.b.’ (just over broke) work days.

    2 – Completing the CashFlow Consulting course with Sam Ovens, and achieving 4-5 sales before the end of the year (1-2 this month). This will allow me to quit my job and focus on The Foundation, as well as paying for the classes.

    3 – Helping our youngest get through and stay on track with his school work. I homeschool him and did our other 2. He’s having trouble staying on track, and I blame that on my not being present during the day.

    3 – And my most important goal, which I have already spoken about is to have my husband retire from a 28 year frustrating and stressful job by Easter.

    Publishing your “WHY” and your goals gives you more accountability, which is why I just did so. The Foundation is going to change the way we do things with our lives and how we are able to reach out to our community.

    I believe this is the first solid “WHY” I have ever had in all my years of business experience and it is burning red hot, the coals are flamed and we are 1000% passionate about what the end result will accomplish.

  • YJ Tung

    Great video – the most powerful asset I see in the foundation is being able to surround yourself with like minded people reaching for the same goal. After reading Carl’s Why document, I see that I have the same fears as his and they are completely legitimate, and the support from the community really really helps overcome these barriers.

    This video really offers a great basis of traits to learn from. Thanks

  • Chris Taylor

    Fantastic video guys. Very clear and to the point while still attention grabbing! Can’t wait for Thursday :)

  • romanrandall

    Awesome video

  • Patrick Cannon

    I am most pumped about the group support- everyone helping and pushing each other will be tremendously motivating for all!

  • Myles

    Game On folks and times up—if the why is big enough the how to will come into focus. This is a marathon, not a foot race. Inch by inch its a cinch. Yard by yard too hard. I love the case studies, Carl-Esther-Josh overcoming to become—beating the odds and conquering their limiting beliefs and fears.

  • Pong Li

    awesome! thanks guys! this one is a good one! i’ve been pestering deon and carl to tell me how to become the best student!

  • http://www.feewise.com/ Ray Schmitz

    Excellent tactics. Thanks for exposing me to Peter Shallard, too.

  • Matt Davis

    Does anybody have information on how to price things before the product exists? I have a hard time asking for money for things that don’t exist yet. I could see asking for small amounts, but that won’t get a product built.

  • Derek Campbell

    Yess! Great Video! Anyone from Oregon Joining by chance?


    Really great Information. I’m typing these 7 steps and plastering it everywhere! lol :)

  • Neka Kerr

    I am so excited to start this journey. I can’t wait to get started and meet this community!

  • Peter Denbigh

    I can’t seem to find the “Why” documents this video refers to. When I Share on FB, it goes to Carl’s limiting beliefs documents instead. Any tips?

  • JPod

    Very excited, it’s the big announcement day. Looking forward to finding out the details and starting this journey.
    Anyone else from the Chicago area signing up?

  • Roman von der Goltz

    Good Morning to all of you

    Did I miss the enrollment day/email?

  • http://www.total-workout-routines.com/ Kimberly Ferrari

    I really need to focus on #2 and #7. The money is a scary thing for me but my husband and I feel like no matter what we will be able to come up with the fees, but that I need some serious changes to my mindset and my limiting beliefs. I have a really big fear of not only failing, but of having other people see me fail. But I am also afraid to ask for help a lot of the time even when I am struggling. I think that being a part of the foundation will be the best thing to happen for me in not only my business life but my personal life too. Even though today I am feeling very afraid. I want to come out on the other end of this thing with more confidence than I have ever known before. I am tired of living with self-doubt and fear, and I no longer want it to control my life.

  • Ken Trupke

    Great stuff, guys, thanks!

    Nice job explaining how to do the “20 Mile March” as an entreprenuer. I first read about the concept in Jim Collins’ book, Great By Choice. Definitely worth checking out.

    Also worth checking out is Simon Sinek’s TED talk (or book) “Start With Why”. Again, you guys nailed the core concept and made it real!

  • davidmartinez

    I’m successful trading time for money, very good at it actually. I’m afraid of straight up failing at a SaaS company, though I get hired to help SaaS companies succeed. I’ve definitely have some self defeating beliefs, I just don’t know what they are so I can crush them.

  • smcmrk

    I was wondering if you recommend listening to music during the 2 hours of work. Maybe some orchestra or instrumental.

  • Joshua Parmalee

    This is some great stuff and I’m really psyched. Don’t see a link to share on Facebook and get the additional info though!?

  • Rik

    Sometimes I really have the feeling that I really need a person that helps you push the last inch when you are on the bench press. This kind of motivation helps you go beyond the call of duty when times are not great or when you feel demotivated. I applied this kind of method during my studies and it worked great!
    With time and increasing self-confidence, I realized that I kind of forgot that mindset… I became a solo player which has advantages and disadvantages of course. But the spirit and motivation of a small team or a community are probably unmatchable…

  • Cristo Murray


    I watch this video every morning. A small dose of inspiration.
    Failure is needed in order to succeed. I think many people focus too much on perfectionism. The focus should be put on Actions and Moving forward.

  • Michelle StayingHomeMom

    I see you Dane in the Ohio shirt. Great stuff. very key points that I will implement to help with focus and time management

  • Kevin S Van Horn

    Where’s the “Reason Why” document? I shared this on FB, and got nothing.

  • http://www.aresarmorystudios.com Brandon Nicholas

    This is a great video! I have a question about the application of the philosophy behind the 20 mile march. I’ve heard of some businesses only needing a couple hours of week commitment to while others have committed 50+ hours a week. What are the common factors that lead to such a drastic difference in time commitment? Isn’t there that concern of burn out with 50+?