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Entrepreneurship is fun: Halloween Hugs

Before we get into the “meat of the post”, I wanna give you a heads up about some exciting stuff going on next week.

We’re gonna be hosting some livecasts with the past Foundation members we’ve interviewed recently:

Jennifer, Sandy, Lubos and Romina.

This will give some space for you to pick their brains about building a SaaS business from nothing.…


From Footwear Stores to The Foundation – with Sandy Connery

Sandy Connery was a Foundation student who started in November 2013. She was slightly unusual in that she was already running her own business, but after hearing Dane talking about the possibility of a passive income, she decided that she wanted to get involved with The Foundation. She has now developed her own app which has led her in this short amount of time to acquiring three customers across five countries and is using what she has learned here at The Foundation to grow her business.…